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I am a Southern DIY blogger and Designer known for fearlessly conquering anything and everything do-it-yourself. I aim to create unique designs by working through my thoughts, dreams, emotions, and tons of glitter! I believe in doing things that make my heart flutter and smile, and I live by my motto, “Life is simple and so should your style.” To learn more about me, visit or email me at You can also visit my Etsy shop at Make sure to check out my FREE PRINTABLES site My biggest accomplishment thus far is being a guest on the Martha Stewart show, yes she smells good. I love my dog Ceaux Ceaux, pens,the smell of Christmas, GOLD, Dr. Pepper and blogging. BTW: I bleed glitter, all shades.

I am always excited when Summer rolls around. It’s always fun to break out fun and whimsical colors that bring a new life to our space. Some people think they need to break the bank to make fresh changes but today I will show you 10 Summer Home Decor Ideas! Make sure to come here to see other fun things you can do for the Summer!

10 Summer Home Decor Ideas

You can give your porch a new look by simply painting your door. Making this one change can give your home a completely new look and feel.
Source ♥

White walls make me very happy personally. I realize that some of you are scared of having bright white empty walls. Fear not, this is the perfect way to add tons of color in pillow cases, wall decor, lamps and flowers. This look is very crisp and clean and screams SUMMER!
Source ♥ 79ideas-colorful-inspiration Porches are the first thing I notice on a house. A nice wrap around or a quaint little nook makes me feel happy on the same level. This is the perfect time to bust out those fun paper lanterns. Simply and easy porch transformation!
Source ♥

There is nothing better than having an open bar in your home 24-7. I especially love having these during the Summer. Having friends over and enjoying the nice weather goes perfect with this! You can purchase a mini bar or use something you already own and transform it with a little spray paint.
Source ♥


This time of the year is the perfect excuse to swap out those dark wintery curtains and replace them with fresh white sheers. Even if your walls are a darker color these will go with anything! They look especially romantic with a small breeze flowing through them.
Source ♥
The easiest home makeover for Summer is BRIGHT plants! Believe it or not you can get really creative with pots and flower colors. Terra cotta pots are very reasonable in price so you could purchase tons of them and add in vibrant flowers.
Source ♥


Have a swing on your porch? Want to “Summer-ize” it? Grab a fun blanket and some pillows and in no time you will create a cozy spot to relax at the end of your day or early in the morning. On another note, place a little table in front with trinkets that make you smile and your nook is now complete!
Source ♥ RMS-cobbcottage_shabby-chic-porch-swing_s4x3.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.960 Adding a hammock in your back yard will force you to go out and enjoy it! I promise!!! You can add lights around the hammock to create a complete serene spot to chill out. Don’t forget to throw some cozy pillows and a blanket on it. You never know when you will want to get close to someone special.
Source ♥ OutdoorStringLights_zpsb52ba8d4 Add curtains to your porch or outdoor cabana to add privacy. Not only that but this softens up your outdoor space making it great for gatherings! A cozy porch is the best!
Source ♥ bringing-the-indoors-outside

Wanna take things a bit further to show your love of Summer?! Grab that perfect turquoise color and slap it all over your porch floor! Don’t worry about this color being a problem for fall because oranges and browns look great with this shade! Christmas… Add tons of whites and you will have the perfect snowy porch!
Source ♥ f8961a0bfd745396af3320523530bd08

I hope you enjoyed my roundup! Make sure to come back on Thursday to see my Summer “Fashion Roundup”…Huge hugs from my computer to yours!

P.S. Let me know in the comment section which picture above is your FAVORITE!

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What happened this week! Well a lot happened this week and I am still trying to recover and get some rest. We all know that is not possible if you live in my world. Don’t get me wrong we have a FUN and EXCITING life that I wouldn’t trade for anything but we are ALWAYS tired! (hehe)!!!

We had a show this weekend in Shreveport and it was a blast. It was supposed to rain the entire weekend but we got really lucky! Texas isn’t so lucky right now! Have you seen all the flooding going on there? It’s pretty sad… We are feeling it now and the rain will not stop! Hope you enjoy my week in review!

I have to start by saying I am loving my friends new app Rhonna Magic! I love her original app but this one is super fab! You can put layers over each other and it’s magical! Here is a sample of what you can do!


This is the festival we were at this past weekend! If you know anything about Louisiana then you know our LOVE for crawfish! This festival was dedicated 100% to these mudbugs! Just curious, what are your thoughts on these babies??? Also have you checked out my honey’s art? Check it out here because I am positive you will find something you will LOVE!

IMG_5163 If you follow me on social media then you probably saw this super rad shirt I made for the I Love to Create Blog! Click here to see how I made it and what products I used! You really need to see all of the projects I created for them!  tie dye I am a BIG supporter of Tie-Dye so anytime I see happy people with shirts like this on I politely ask them to take their picture! How cute is she!


So I just recently found out I was borderline diabetic…. I know big thumbs down considering how much I love to eat gas station food! Let’s not forget my LOVE of soft drinks especially an ice cold fountain drink. So at the festival they had this booth that sold the best chocolate covered strawberries and Candice saved me ONE of hers. Her LAST one. How sweet huh!

I didn’t eat it though. Wanna know why? Because I had already secretly eaten a WHOLE FREAKING STICK OF SOME. Hey this crap of not eating sugar is hard but I made her think I was STRONG by not eating her last one – haha! Guess the cat is out of the bag now…

chocolate covered strawberries

P.S. I checked my blood sugar level after I ate the strawberries and it made me feel like this (see below)…

So this picture really isn’t a big deal but for me it is! I have been looking all stinking over for a comfy and cute pair of garden shoes, seriously. I have had no luck until Target decided to win my heart over. These shoes are slowly making their way into my “daily” life more than I would like to see happen. They are the most comfortable garden shoes I have ever come across. Did I mention they were only 12 bucks!

Thanks Targer. Love Jade.  garden shoes

When we came home from the show dad was cooking yummy pork steaks for us. He knew we would be to tired and boy were we happy. As soon as I got home I threw these babies on and went strait to the garden. Can you believe in just a few days we had this many surprises waiting for us!

I can’t wait to use my tomatoes tonight to make the best homemade salsa eva. Don’t worry I will be sharing it on the blog soon, very soon!

Cucumbers…well those will get huge hugs from balsamic vinaigrette.

Edamame…those will get huge hugs from my mouth.

I know in a past blog post I shared with you that we added on to the house. It’s like a chill out, office, relaxation room all in one. Obviously it screams happiness! If only you could smell this room through the computer! We put all cedar and it smells like heaven. More pics to come of all the details, we are just waiting to complete it.

Remember my glittered feather tutorial? These are them hanging in the room.  IMG_5230

Also I wanted to share that even though it’s not Christmas you can still rock out your decorations. I got hundreds of these mirrored balls for the studio tree last year and I figured I would display the big ones all year long. You should see how gorgeous these look when the sun hits them in the afternoon. All that’s missing is disco music and a strobe light.
disco ball diy

Make sure to check out my latest YouTube video! I show you how to apply glittered tattoos to your body! It’s SO much fun!

Last but not least. C signed me up on a tennis league. I know I am thinking the same thing you are thinking. Two nights ago I had my first match and although we lost me and my partner put up a good fight. I didn’t do as bad as I thought I would do and C said I will be good once I start playing more. I only messed up 2 of my serves so that made me happy!

My goal is to possibly whip her ass in tennis one day OR just be as good as she is. She said I looked good on the court (meaning my cuteness and clothes – haha) so I will take that as a plus.

Did I mention my tennis bad is LEOPARD….

Well Jaderbugs that is it for this week. Hope you are having a happy and bright week! If you have any suggestions on sweet things I can eat now that I can’t eat too much sugar please let me know in the comments section or private message me! Huge hugs from my computer to yours… ♥

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new name

Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins – Paris Hilton

Happy Memorial Day Jaderbugs! Today I will be showing you how easy it is to glitter feathers!!!

So we just recently added on to the house and built this rad room! The inside is full of nice cedar wood and let’s just say it smells like heaven. Every morning we wake up and drink coffee while watching the birds eat their yummy food. This room was supposed to be a “hang” out room however it now has turned into my night time office. I love it really. I go in there and zen out. There was a few things missing in this beautiful room like…. COLORFUL GLITTERED FEATHERS!!! What is a girl to do? You guessed it, I had to break out the colorful feathers and yummy gold glitter. These are really easy to make and in no time you can bring a room from blah to BAM!
Let’s get started. Oh warning these babies are addicting. I am now about to add a strand of white feathers with gold glitter to the new room. It fits our boho lifestyle and just like Mc.Donald’s says “I’m loving it”… BOHEMIAN DECOR

you will need Rainbow Feathers | Colored Twine | Mod Podge | Craft Brush | Gold Glitter  diy feather banner The first thing you will do is slather some Mod Podge onto the top of your feather!

party banner diy

Next sprinkle your choice of glitter on top of the Mod Podge! If you want to save your glitter place a piece of paper under your feather.
glittered feathers

Once all of your feathers are dry you can start tying your twine around the tips. Tip of advice: Make sure your feathers are facing the same direction when tying the twine around them.  shabby chic feather banner

VOILA! We have the gaudiest batch of glittered feathers you have ever seen in your life!  What does that word mean…. Google it!

I know my friend Aunt Peaches would drool over these and she would probably wear them in her hair! Seriously. I am totally pleased with the way they came out and if you are anything like me then you like lot’s of the same things all together to form on cluster of awesomeness. Enjoy y’all!

how to glitter feathers

BOHO FEATHERS Hugs from my computer to yours!! XOXO

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Howdy Hoo Jaderbugs! Today I felt blah so I decided to light a few candles and BAM, just like that I felt mucho-betta! But then I remembered how a while back I made these cute Duck Tape Tassel’s that I put around some candles. Now I am not kidding…these sticky tassel’s truly made my candles smell so much better. Ok not really but you get the point! Now let’s get STICKY! Remember when I made this Duck Tape Caddy….. the only thing it’s missing is wheels.  make a tassel These are all the products I used to decorate the candles but you can use any color tape you want. The main products you will need are DUCK TAPE (duh) and scissors. The rest are like side dishes at a fancy restaurant.

I do however recommend using duck tape scissors made my Fiskars. They cut through this sticky madness like budduh.  DSC_0380


1. To start off you will need to cut a piece of duck tape about 10 inches long. You don’t to measure to a “T” but about that length will be good. Make sure you lay this first strip sticky side up.

2. Now cut another 10 inch strip and place it directly over the first strip. Sticky on top of sticky. Once you stick these two babies together you can trim the edges.

3.Fold your strip in half now. This is not the length of your tassel. If it’s too short you can make your next one longer and if it’s too long you can cut it before we move on. Boom chaka laka!

4. Kiddo’s time to get your parents involved and if you are and drunk adult do the same! With your strip folded in half start cutting little cuts in the long side of your tape. Make sure to NOT cut all the way to the top!!! Snip away until your whole strip is fringed like it’s ready to go to a festival. If you like tag’s check out these I made with some decorative tape.

duck tape fringe How cute would it be to have an amazing duck tape fringed skirt.

5. Start rolling your fringed strip from one side to the other until it’s all rolled up like the picture below. Once it’s all rolled up take a SMALL strip of duck tape and start wrapping it around the TOP of the tassel.

If you notice I placed a small piece of twine at the top of my tassel right before I was done rolling it up and securing it with my small strip. This is what my tassel will hang from.  duck tape tassel how to make a tassel And just like that we have a hot diggity cute as can be hanging tassel. You can put this on a gift, hang from your car mirror, tie around a picture frame and so much more sha.
candle tassel I know you are gooing and gahhing huh. This fridge I covered in tape also made me gooh and gahh…. Check it out here easy diy tassel Hope you enjoyed this super sticky tutorial. What kind of tassels do you plan on making? Any suggestions of what they can be used for? Leave them in the COMMENT SECTION below! I am always looking for new tricks and trades. Until next time…


Hey there! Join me on Instagram and Pinterest to keep up with my most recent projects and sneak peeks! Plus you will get bombed with loads of bright, whimsical and inspiring pics! It’s like an open invitation to the BIGGEST craft party in the world! Have you seen these glitter projects I made?

Today the topic of “convo-sa-chion” (say it like you are in fraannce) is Henna Inspired Body Tattoos. Now I know what you are thinking. Who in the world really wants to parade around wearing a fake tattoo, let alone one completely saturated with glitter… Well folks you are looking at her – or her screen. I am also certain there are TONS of people out there who would like to do this for a fun occasion, birthday party, concert or just a fun weekend out and about. Let’s not forget the KIDS!!!

These are not meant to fool people, y’all! It’s meant for PURE FUN. When I Love to Create sent me this pack I got super giddy inside. Don’t get me wrong I love all the ones they send me but the “henna” inspired pack won over my heart. Check out this really cool blog centered around “Henna”…

Henna Inspired Body Tattoos You are totally getting excited already huh! Buy YO KIT HERE! I love all of the stencils you get in the package. Just imagine an arm with ALL of them!


  • Nontoxic and cosmetic grade
  • Glitter tattoo lasts up to 5 days with proper body care
  • It’s only $19.99!!!

P to the S… All the the items in the picture below come wrapped up nice and neatly when you buy it. I mean why would they come messy?! (Insert an eye roll to myself) temporary body tattoo

Step ONE: First things first I’m the realist. You will need to figure out where you want to put your dazzling tattoo.  how to do henna Step TWO: Make sure to flatten your adhesive sheet onto you skin. We don’t want any wrinkles now do we!

If you notice I have this baby wrapped all the way around my arm and it shows no sign of coming off. The sheets are super sticky so they will conform to any part of the body, even those hard to get spots. (I feel like that last sentence is from a commercial but I can’t think of what. Leave a comment below if you know!) henna paints Step THREE: Apply the body glue over the spots where you will be putting the yummy glitter. I know I don’t have a darn picture of me applying the glue. Shame on me, hehe! Let me warn you now, this glue is really strong, it’s cosmetic grade!

Step FOUR: Time to grab the small detailing brush and start splashing or dabbing glitter all over your glue. You will see once you start applying glitter how great it works.

(Let me just tell you this…I tried to rinse my tattoo off a few hours later with soap and water and it would not come off! I literally had to scrub my arm. So it’s good if you want it for a few days)

If you plan on doing this on small kids you could use a little alcohol  to help get it off.

how long does henna stay on Step FIVE: Once you applied the glitter time to gently pull off your adhesive sheet. Please take your time, I’d hate for you to tear your beautiful sheet.

Next, brush off the excess glitter with your large dusting brush. VOILA Y’ALL!  GLITTER TATTOOS HENNA TATTOO  I hope you enjoyed this fun tutorial. Please stay tuned this week I have some fun projects lined up! You can’t lie these glitter tattoos are calling your name! I knowwwww….

Big ole CAJUN hugs from my computer to yours!!! 


Michaels is celebrating every occasion this summer with gifts for Moms, Dads and teachers, and parties to celebrate birthdays, graduation, and the 4th of July! Today it’s all about Graduation Party Decor!

As a toast to the last Michaels Makers post of the season, we created gifts, baked treats and threw parties for each of the six holidays this summer. My challenge was “how to decorate for a graduation party.” I think graduations are so awesome because a person is moving on to a new important part of their life and what better way support them with a graduation party!

The good news about today’s post is that you can use the decor I created for a small child, high schooler or someone graduating from college!  What I love about the products is you can mix and match with ton’s of different colors and create different looks to fit a person’s personality. OH –by the way, happy EARTH DAY! Let’s get started!

Celebrations Creative 2 For today’s post I wanted to use colors that are happy and bright. Turquoise and Yellow can be used for any gender or age and I think it will make everyone smile. Everything I used today was from the Celebrate It line at Michaels.

If you are not familiar with this line it is AWESOME!  They have so many different generic items in every color you could imagine -making it easy to mix and match everything. Are you stoked yet!?


These little chalkboard easels were from the $1 bins right by the registers. I saw them and thought they were perfect to put all over with sweet notes on them.

You can write inspirational notes on them or you can put them by all of the food with food names on them. If you are having a sit down party you can put them at each table with your guests’ name!

DIY CHALKBOARD SIGN I put yummy mints in these bags for the guests. You can dress them up with miniature clothespins and a tag saying congrats!  EASY DIY PARTY DECORATIONS I also found these darling black and white striped lanterns in the $1 bins also. I think black and white can be added to ANYTHING and they go great with my color theme. You can hang these from the ceiling or place them on your table settings like I did. The possibilities are endless! GRAD PARTY DECOR For my graduate banner I used turquoise doilies from the Celebrate It section and placed adhesive glittered letters in the center of them.

Use a hole puncher to add a hole at the top of doily. This will make is easy to add string to them.
GRADUATION DECORATIONS I think every party needs a book for your guests to sign. I picked up this book in the Celebrate It section and added this cute 3-Dimensional sticker to the top of it. This sticker was also in the Celebrate It section. I am so in love with this book!
GRADUATION PARTY I love that Michaels offers twine in so many different colors, this yellow really makes my banner POP! GRADUATION PARTY For drinks I picked up these cute vintage looking milk glasses and added a strip of adhesive glitter tape around the center. You could take this a step further and add letters with a name on them. I wanted them to be really simple and elegant. When done add a paper straw to them and VOILA, instant cuteness!

Wanna make your guests really happy, let them take a glass home with them as a party favor along with their bag of mints! HOW TO DECORATE A GRAD PARTY I love favors and when I saw these cute boxes I had to have them. They were too plain so I added adhesive spray to one side then sprinkled with turquoise glitter. You can also add a small piece of twine to tie everything together.

HOW TO MAKE PARTY BOXES We all know my love for tissue paper pom poms. I bought a few colors but I stuck to my teal and light green for this party decor.  HOW TO MAKE TISSUE FLOWERS HOW TO MAKE TISSUE POM POMS PARTY DECORATIONS DIY PARTY FAVOR BAGS I hope you enjoyed this post! I had a blast creating this party decor for you! Love you all and see you in the next post…


in other news

  • It’s never too early to get started on your next party or celebration – has more project ideas and instructions for you and your kids to make this year – check out projects for Mother’s Day , Father’s Day,graduation, birthday and even summer. Let’s celebrate!
  •  The Celebrations landing page will be live this Sunday, 4/26
  • Click here to see ALL of my posts I created for the Michaels Makers program.

Happy Painted Neon Socks Day! It’s been a hot minute since I made an appearance on the blog and I promise that was temporary! I have been so crazy busy lately and I am now back in the groove of things! It’s kinda funny how life can get so overwhelming, but in a good way! Check out this NEON DUCK TAPE bag I made it would go perfect with these socks!

I have this “SLIGHT” obsession with socks. Anytime I go into a store and I run across socks with prints I go nuts. I am not sure why because you will rarely find me wearing tennis shoes. I am a Birkenstock kinda gal so the sock things is kinda odd. Yes, I have a drawer full of neon, colorful, printed, patterned and anything else you can think of socks.  Which brings me to THIS post. I found this pack of socks at……Michaels! Yes, Michaels. I was kinda shocked at first but I can’t lie my insides kinda had a party inside when I saw them. I immediately grabbed one of each color as fast as I could. I am really proud of myself that I didn’t grab 3 of each color, seriously! I knew I wanted to jazz them up but I wasn’t sure how.

These pretty babies stayed in my studio for a hot minute… ok they got lost in my studio but when I finally ran across them my insides had a party all over again. That day I was into my Tulip Dimensional paint so the Universe answered my design question for me. I realized this was something anyone can do, especially kids. Let’s face it – kids love to create! Adults do too! Let’s get started so I can show you how to enhance your socks in 10 minutes!


you will need Plain Socks | White Tulip Slick Paint | Black Tulip Slick Paint 

You can click on the links above to order all of the products I used in this tutorial.

P to the S : These are affiliate links which mean when you click on them and order your products from Amazon you help me feed all of my baby chickens. Seriously. So, thank you! Plus I am totally making your life so easy, right!

neon socks

I could tell you this project is super hard but I would be lying. It’s actually super easy! I wanted to create very subtle geometric designs on my socks so I only did the top part of them…. They turned out fabulous and unique. Every time I wear them I get stopped…well not really BUT I have had a few people ask me where I got them. Remember, I am a Birkenstock chica so you won’t really find me wearing socks!

On a whole other note my better half signed me up for a tennis league. Yes. A tennis league. I am not sure why I am telling you this but I guess this will be the perfect opportunity to show off all of my snazzy socks. I am so glad she has more faith in me than my socks do, haha! I am however super stoked about all the tennis clothes I will be wearing. I guess if I don’t play that good the least I could do is look cute on the court right… Stay tuned I will keep you updated, or I will NEVER mention this again. #fml

NEON GREEN SOCKS I kinda fell in love with each pair but I absolutely love the pink with black and white stripes. Leave a comment in the comment section telling me which pair is YOUR favorite.  DIY SOCKS

Since I love NEON so much I thought I would share with you this neon fashion roundup I did a while back. Yes I still love every single thing in the picture below even though this post was done a few years ago.  Neon Statement

in other news

  • Check out I Love to Create’s new website! It’s cracking and you can check out my page on the blog dedicated to just MWAHHHHHHH HAHAHAHAHAH (yes I am saying this in my best austin powers voice)
  • I got asked to continue my contract with Michaels to be a Michaels Maker!!! Can I get a Wuhhh Wuhhhhhhh (that would be Jay -Z baby)

I hope you enjoyed this post! See y’all tomorrow where I will be showing you my last post for this years Michaels Makers program! I will give you a hint… You will see lots of black, teal and yellow!


Don’t let fear of change cause you to hesitate. Toss someconfetti in the air & CELEBRATE! Good things are coming!

Everyday should be a CELEBRATION, a Confetti Bottle Celebration!  Who cares what you celebrate as long as you are making memories and having a freaking blast! This year I am making it the best year ever! You know how that is, you have a bad year and then you make it a GOAL to make the next year fabulous! Let’s face it, we have ton’s of holidays and birthdays to get happy about and I have the best diy project for you today.

I won’t beat around the bush because that’s not who I am. Sometimes you have to do something “last minute” as a gift and why not make it a FUN bottle of wine! I am totally into making someone smile and feel super duper good! This project is great for kids, trust me… I asked my inner child and she LOVED it! You only need a few materials to succeed at this craft! Let’s get started gang…

You will need:
♥ Wine Bottle
Confetti (any kind)
Mod Podge
Craft Brush

P.S. Not sure of different ways to decorate Easter eggs yet? Check these out!

confetti tutorial

Now, if you have never dressed up a wine bottle like this no worries because it’s kinda like coloring for the first time. Somehow once you get started it will all seem like something you have done in a past lift, hahaha!

Step 1: Coat a section of the bottle with Mod Podge
Step 2: Pat a handful of Confetti on that section
Step 3: Move on to another section

Easy HUH!

You might have to do these steps a few times because some of the confetti will fall off but once you start adding multiple layers it will come to LIFE!

I am totally in LOVE with this bottle. I got the confetti that had EVERY STINKING HOLIDAY in it. You know what that mean??? That I can do 10 of these babies and have them laying around for that last minute gift grab.

fun confetti crafts

When you have it coated with confetti enough, brush on one more layer of Mod Podge directly on top of the confetti. This will seal it all together.

To cap it off I put a cupcake liner on the top of the bottle and tied it with some silk ribbon.

new years bottle diy

new years bottle Now if you get cray cray and decide to drink strait out of the bottle be careful not to eat any confetti!

Happy Celebrating! HUGE HUGS from my computer to yours! xoxo, Jade

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First I want to show you my snazzy Parisian Party Decor.

Stephanie Hamen shows us how to use the awesome Mod Melter

Cathy Attix shows us just how easy it is to use fabric markers to create a beautiful and elegant ballerina t-shirt.

Mark Montano teaches us how to create some Game of Thrones inspired dragon eggs.

Megan teaches us how to make a neutral and beautiful Easter egg topiary.

Margot Potter’s video is very helpful, showing us how to use the Mod Melter.

Cathie and Steve share a super cool project with summer in mind – decorating a cooler with Mod Podge!

Stephanie Hamen shows us how to make this fun DIY Decor Tape Display Board for Hazel & Ruby !!!

Aunt Peaches teaches us how to create coffee filter tulips.




Today I am super excited to show you my Parisian Party Decor!!! This was a fun post because I used my favorite colors pink and black/white stripes. If you know me then you know this is right up my alley. As a Michaels Maker, Michaels challenged me to create something “Paris” based and the fabulous news is you can ALSO win a TRIP TO PARIS!!!!

Don’t forget to enter the contest too – you can upload to the Paris site HERE or share on Instagram using #SpringtimeinParis #Contest beginning on 3/1.


You will need:
*Apothecary Jars
*Glue Gun
*Rubber Stamps (paris themed)
*Ink Pads
*Plain Labels
*Scrapbook Paper
*Wooden Letters
*Adhesive Spray
*Trinkets to put on Jars


The first thing we will tackle is the letters. I love this craft because you can spell out ANYTHING and dress up ANY space! Grab your scrapbook paper and letters!
1. Place your letter on your paper and trace it out.
2. Carefully cut out your letters
3. Grab your adhesive spray
4. Spray your letters then carefully place paper cut out on top


michaels maker

Next will be the antique stage of the letters. Now they look snazzy just the way they are but I wanted them to look a little worn!

You will grab your ink pad (your choice of color), I use the sepia because it looks naturally old. Rub the edges of the letters and a little bit inside the letters.

You will do the same thing for the labels. Once you are done with your labels you can start to add whatever rubber stamps on them as you like.  2

paris cradft

To dress up my jars I added these decorative knobs. To apply add a little dot of hot glue then smack that baby down!

Cut a piece of ribbon and wrap it around the neck of the jar. Adhere with a drop of hot glue.  3


I am truly happy with this project! The ideas are endless. You could spell out TONS of things and have TONS of jars filled with lovely candy and adorable handmade labels. I purchases all of my materials from Michaels and I know you will have a blast doing them!

  • Now it’s your turn!  That’s right, you can enter to win the trip of a lifetime to Paris too. How? By creating your own Parisian-inspired art, floral, baking or paper crafting project and uploading a photo HERE through March 31. You can also share your project on social using #SpringtimeInParis #Contest
  • What do you win? A four-night trip for two to Paris, 1,000 euros, a VIP tour of the Louvre, private classes including sketching, floral arranging, baking and more!
  • If you need a little Paris inspiration to get you started, take a look at some of the Springtime in Paris projects on·       Now it’s your turn!  That’s right, you can enter to win the trip of a lifetime to Paris too. How? By creating your own Parisian-inspired art, floral, baking or paper crafting project and uploading a photo to through March 31. You can also share your project on social using #SpringtimeInParis #Contest.

XOXO, Jaderbomb
Don’t forget to enter the contest too – you can upload to or share on Instagram using #SpringtimeinParis #Contest beginning on 3/1.

Happy #thursdiy y’all! I just know you will LOVE all of these projects featured today! Don’t forget to SHARE the love! These Flashy Projects will make all of you smile from ear to ear!

I am totally in love with this cute arm knit cowl scarf – I love this thing so much and I think I need about 10 of them! HINT HINT (Maybe one in every color of the rainbow….)

Learn how to make an awesome beaded necklace chain that is absolutely gorgeous. Yes, I totally need 2 of these hanging around my neck. Just think you can put glitter or small mementos in this baby too!

Mark’s fabric plant is one that even I keep looking fresh and happy! I think paper flowers and plants add a BOHO whimsical feel to any space and FYI these are great for any kid’s room!

Cathy’s Miu Miu inspired top is so great! I wonder what this would look like with red, yellow and blue! This is great for all ages!

Aunt Peaches upcycles some bright Mardi Gras beads into a stunning mosaic. She won my heart with this craft since I am from good ole Louisiana! REPRESENT!

I made a  trendy denim craft project as part of my Michaels Makers series! Yes this is a line of stuff that you HAVE to check out at Michaels!

You also need to check out this painted Leopard Bag! I can just visualize this in SO MANY COLORS! I also think this would be a GREAT kids project!

HUGE HUGS! XOXO, Jaderbomb ♥

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