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I am a Southern DIY blogger and Designer known for fearlessly conquering anything and everything do-it-yourself. I aim to create unique designs by working through my thoughts, dreams, emotions, and tons of glitter! I believe in doing things that make my heart flutter and smile, and I live by my motto, “Life is simple and so should your style.” To learn more about me, visit or email me at You can also visit my Etsy shop at Make sure to check out my FREE PRINTABLES site My biggest accomplishment thus far is being a guest on the Martha Stewart show, yes she smells good. I love my dog Ceaux Ceaux, pens,the smell of Christmas, GOLD, Dr. Pepper and blogging. BTW: I bleed glitter, all shades.

Today it’s all about Halloween Party Ideas, YO! Let me tell you I am full of ideas thank to my BFF Martha! It’s kinda crazy because I started celebrating Halloween (here on the blog) in September and I should start tackling Christmas but I can’t seem to divorce Halloween yet.

I enjoy all of the quirky, spooky and mysterious qualities of Halloween. Fact is, I have been thinking of what “theme” I will use this year for my Christmas tree. I ran across this and it has me completely confused. So can I have a Halloween tree, or is that against Santa’s rules? Help me out y’all! Remember this black and white party I threw last year?  I would like to go back to that ASAP! It was such a fun party that I had by myself, haha!

So here are a few snippets of how you can decorate any space for a quick and fun spooky party!


Halloween Party Ideas Are you scared yet? I know I am! TeeHee…

I mean, I almost can’t deal with these 3 dimensional skulls. I love them so much I think if I add a santa hat to them they might just stick around a bit longer.

Santa is pretty old right?

halloween party table ideas Not into Halloween too much, that’s ok! These cute Chalkboard Treat Bags fit right in with a little splash of Fall decor as well. Look closer and you can see this chic spider web table runner.


halloween diy You can make these skull flags for any party in 10 minutes, literally. Check out how I made them at the bottom of this post. After all you can never go wrong with paper flags especially since Martha made it super easy for everyone with her triangle paper pack.

Did I mention they already have holes punched in them! This is a “shake your head moment”….

paper skull mask'

halloween party decor

halloween table party ideas skull Not into mixing Fall pumpkins with your Halloween decor… No problem!

Just add clear glass, a vintage tea set and voila! If you don’t have a tea set you can add tons of clear glass and fill them with spooky little spiders and that will do the job.

Did you notice the bats flying like crazy on the mirror!

paper flag banner diy To make the flags you will need this pack of pre cut triangles from Michaels. Hold on y’all….They have different prints on both sides! Wahooo!! Since the holes are already at the top all you have to do is pass string or twine through them then hang up! I used black silk ribbon to mine.

If you don’t own silk ribbon then you are missing out! It’s heaven. Seriously. Go get some.

BLACK AND WHITE THEMED HALLOWEEN PARTY Come check out how you can throw a quirky Alice n Wonderland Halloween themed party here!

Halloween Decoration Ideas halloween spiders Remember how easy it was to make these glittered spiders! Kids love them.

Check out my collection of spooky Halloween projects!

Click the links in my post or find all of these Martha Stewart Halloween supplies and more at your local Michaels, or order online!

*Martha Stewart Bat Window Clings
Martha Stewart Skeleton Skulls
Martha Stewart Lace Gothic Table Runner
Martha Stewart Chalkboard Treat Bags

This post is dedicated to my BFF Martha Stewart who personally sends me boxes and boxes of goodies each month and in return I create FABULOUS goodies just for you! Did you know I was a 12 months of Martha blogger! Check out all of my posts here. All opinions are completely mine… Pinky Promise!

Don’t forget to connect on social media! Make sure to use use the hashtag #JADERBOMB on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook so I can keep track of all your awesome creations! HAVE A GLITTERY DAY! 


In this month’s Michaels Makers post I will be showing you how to make homemade halloween costume for dogs. This costume was super fun to make. Not to mention my dog was in the best mood during the entire process, as you can see on her cute little face. When I Michaels told us we had to create a Halloween costume my mind went nuts! I started thinking of so many different things but the one thing that made complete sense was elsa and my dog. So the two got together and they are now living happily ever after. This costume is really easy and I know you can do it! Let’s get started! homemade halloween costume for dogs

Check out Michaels’ Halloween Market lookbook or Halloween Pinterest board for some project favorites, including costumes, personalized pumpkins, porch décor and more. 

YOU WILL NEED… Headband | Yarn | Glue Gun | Fabric Fusion | Blue & White Felt | Tulle in Shades of Blue


STEP ONE… Take your tulle and cut strips the same size. This will vary depending on how big or small your dog it.
STEP TWO …Pass the tulle around the headband and tie a not. Make sure to make the ends even on top before tying the knot.  1 STEP THREE…To make the hair you will wrap your yarn around the back of a chair like below. Put hot glue on a piece of felt then wrap it around the yarn in the middle. This will secure your yarn so it stays in place. When you are done take the yarn off of the chair and cut the “loop” to create two long pieces of hair on each side! It’s that easy.  YARN WIG TUTORIAL STEP FOUR …Time to make the neck tie. I figured I would man up the elsa costume a little.  Cut your felt in small strips.
STEP FIVE…Cut small pieces of fabric fusion and place them on the ends of the felt. Add a second strip of felt directly on top of the fabric fusion to create one long strip of felt.
STEP SIX…To connect the neck piece I added two small pieces of white felt on each end to connect under the body of the dog.

frozen crafts

For the hair of elsa, I realize she has a braid but Ceaux Ceaux (co-co) wanted long luscious locks! P.S. To secure the hair I took two pieces from each side and tied it under her chin. Voila! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Make sure to check out the other costumes created by the other Michaels bloggers.

Click here to see all of the projects I created as a Michaels blogger! Homemade Halloween Costume for Dogs can be fun if you get created using products from Michaels!


Don’t forget to enter this amazing sweepstakes to win $250 from Michaels!

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Happy Monday Jaderbugs! With Halloween right around the corner everyone is looking for pumpkin decorating ideas, including myself. It amazes me every year how many great pumpkin posts are out there so I always try to decorate pumpkins that are different and fun! I had these gilding sheets from Martha Stewart that I never put to use so I figured this would be the best time to do so. I have tried many different gilding techniques and I can honestly say I am in love with these sheets. Check out all of my pumpkins decorating ideas here! If you love glow in the dark then you don’t want to miss this one!


pictures of pumpkins


Don’t forget, you can order all of these supplies by clicking on the links above! These are affiliate links so by doing this you are helping me buy more glitter and fairy dust! *Mucho LOVE

pumpkin supplies

Put gilding adhesive into a bowl

pumpkin pictures STEP TWO…
Apply a think coat of adhesive onto your pumpkin

halloween decor STEP THREE…
Wait for your adhesive to get sticky (you will feel it) Grab your gilding sheet and apply the silver side directly onto the pumpkin

halloween decorations STEP FOUR…
Take your sheet and simply press it down onto the pumpkin. Notice I am wearing my gloves for this step. You really don’t have to press too hard for this part. I also like to stick the entire sheet down and use my brush to apply a little pressure to the pumpkin.

pumpkin decorating ideas STEP FIVE…
This is what you will be left with on the pumpkin. It’s like magical shimmer dust. I don’t know about you but this kind of stuff excites me. It reminds me of of those stickers I used as a kid where you would use a popsicle stick to rub it off! Remember?

silver and gold pumpkins

I am excited to share with you the #TrickYourPumpkinsweepstakes that will be going on Oct. 4 through 31 for a chance to win a $250 Michaels gift card and Plaid products each Friday throughout the month of October. 

fall decorating

I hope you enjoyed this post and you make ton’s of fun spider pumpkins! HASHTAG LOGO

Don’t forget to connect on social media! Make sure to use use the hashtag #JADERBOMB on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook so I can keep track of all your awesome creations! HAVE A GLITTERY DAY! ♥, Jade


I am excited to share with you the #TrickYourPumpkin sweepstakes that will be going on Oct. 4 through 31 for a chance to win a $250 Michaels gift card and Plaid products each Friday throughout the month of October. 

Post your pumpkin project on Instagram using hashtag #trickyourpumpkin, #sweepstakes and tag Michaels.

If you are having trouble figuring out all the different ways to keep this sucker up all year long then you and I are on the same page. It’s funny because when I started doing the rainbow pumpkin I really fell in love with it until…the matte black one was born.

…There is something sleek and sexy about an all black pumpkin, don’t you agree!

Spider Pumpkin

What You’ll Need (You can purchase all of the items I used in this post by clicking on the links below. These are affiliate links so ordering from them helps me buy more glitter and glue)

spider pumpkin diy

I love this glitter. It has a matte look to it and it goes perfect with the shiny spiders!

vintage glitter

The first thing you want to do is place the spider on your finger, add mod podge to the end then sprinkle glitter on top.

glittered spiders

Once your spiders are dry, grab a pair of scissors and cut the ring section off.

spider diy

How gorgeous are these spiders…

halloween tutorials

Start applying the spiders on the pumpkin by adding a little hot glue to the back of them, then placing on the pumpkin. That simple. This is all we are doing with the cream pumpkin.


For the matte black pumpkin you will start by spraying the pumpkin with Krylon chalkboard paint. Make sure to do this in a well ventilated space.


Take your black spiders and repeat all the steps from the cream pumpkin. Once all of the spiders are glued on spray your pumpkin again with the chalkboard paint.


Here is a quick tip: Remove loose strands of hot glue with a heat gun, or a blow dryer. It heats up the thin strands then they magically disappear.

DSC_0561 DSC_0571 DSC_0566

matte black spider pumkin

I hope you enjoyed this post and you make ton’s of fun spider pumpkins! HASHTAG LOGO

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Today it’s all about Glow in the Dark Pumpkins. I have always loved Halloween so I figured I would get a little creative with my pumpkin decor. I don’t know about you but I am over carving pumpkins, which is why I resort to artificial ones. For one, they last a heck of a lot longer (heller, saving money 101) and they are simply gorgeous the second you purchase them. Have you seen my pumpkin roundup, if not you have to check it out. It’s 20 fabulous ways to decorate your pumpkins!

I get all of my pumpkins from Michaels and right now they are 50% off! I know, I think I will go back again today and get more. This tutorial is good for everyone to do. It’s the kind of project that just makes you feel good! Plus creating is a good way to release anger and and it relaxes you in the process! For the full tutorial click on the link below! Come check out all of my past Halloween crafts here.

Glow in the Dark Pumpkins CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL TUTORIAL!!!


Don’t forget to connect on social media! Make sure to use use the hashtag #JADERBOMB on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook so I can keep track of all your awesome creations! HAVE A GLITTERY DAY! ♥, Jade

DIY Glittered Acorns are on the menu today. I found this little bag of acorns and miniature pinecones at Michaels and I had to pick up a few of them. Call it an addiction but anything “little” has to come home with me!

Now they were simply perfect with it’s natural colors in the bag but I wanted to add a little flare to them, so I added glitter! You can never go wrong with glitter.

If you love to decorate for Fall this is the perfect accent to your decor. You can sprinkle them around your pumpkins, put them in bowls or eat them. Either way they will work out fine for you! Let’s get started. DSC_0426 You will need: Bag of Pinecones and Acorns | Glitter | Decoupage  Brush
You can purchase all of the items used in this post by clicking on the links above. These are affiliate links so thanks for helping me purchase more acorns and glitter, yo!  DSC_0406 Step One: Lay out your goodies and stare at them for a minute. Worship them because they are simply that adorable.
DSC_0407 Step Two: Grab the glitter of your choice and shake them like a salt shaker. Preferably on top of your head. I am using Martha Stewart glitter in Florentine Gold & Wintermint.  DSC_0410 Step Three: Get your bottle of decoupage and roll it on a flat surface to wake it up. We need to make sure everything is mixed together well inside of the container.  DSC_0411 Step Four: Apply a small amount of decoupage on your brush and add it to your acorns and pinecones. While wet sprinkle a little glitter over the glue. Hint: I like to place a sheet of paper under my items to catch the glitter, then I can pour it back into the bottle.

Just like saving whales, we need to save the glitter.  DSC_0416 DSC_0420
DSC_0427 DSC_0428 I love the way they came out. Did I mention this is the perfect craft to have your kids do? Seriously it takes about 10 minutes to do them and it dries really fast. I think I will make rainbow ones next. What cha think! See ya in the next post Jaderbugs!


Don’t forget to connect on social media! Make sure to use use the hashtag #JADERBOMB on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook so I can keep track of all your awesome creations! HAVE A GLITTERY DAY! ♥, Jade


I am so excited to share with you these 20 Amazing Pumpkin Tutorials. Fall is here and it’s that time of year to break out the pumpkins and show off our best designs. For many it’s a time to experiment and see just how creative you can get with decorating your pumpkins.  Make sure to share this post all over with your friends and family because they might need to see some of these pumpkin babies! I guess it’s appropriate for me to say, “Happy Fall Y’all”…

Jaderbomb Template
Lace Pumpkins Black and White Pumpkins via Jaderbomb

paper-pumpkins1-682x1024 Paper Pumpkins via MadefromPinterest

final Chalkboard Pumpkins via FairGoods


Shabby Chic Pumpkins via PerfectlyImperfect


Glittered Monogrammed Pumpkin via UnOriginalmom


Chalkboard Word Find Pumpkin via Thistlewoodfarms

Sequined Pumpkin via Jaderbomb


Coastal Pumpkins via SandandSisal


Pumpkin Cake Toppers via Jaderbomb

DIY Pumpkins with Realistic Looking Stems from Anderson and Grant

DIY Pumpkins with Realistic Stems via AndersonandGrant


Rainbow Pumpkins via Jaderbomb


Batz Pumpkin via Itallstartedwithpaint


Geometric Thread Pumpkin via Jaderbomb


Painted Rock Pumpkins via ByStephanieLynn


Funky Fresh Rock Magnets via Jaderbomb


Charlie Brown Primary Colored Pumpkin via Jaderbomb


Donut Pumpkins via StudioDIY


Thankful Pumpkins via EclecticallyVintage

No Carve Pumpkins
via Freutcake


Big Black Pumpkin via Sweet Paul 


Don’t forget to connect on social media! Make sure to use use the hashtag #JADERBOMB on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook so I can keep track of all your awesome creations! HAVE A GLITTERY DAY! ♥, Jade

Halloween is my favorite holiday as you all may know. So I teamed up with Fiskars to create a fun Halloween project just for YOU!

Sometimes I want to be a kid again. I tried it last year but I think everyone knew I was not a kid. Dammit. I lost a little weight in the last few weeks so maybe I will have a good chance this year. Last year I dressed as Frida Kahlo and boy did I look just like her. The guy at the grocery store thought I was a “geisha girl”…

Epic fail. How could anyone not realize who I was!? Moving on.

Sometimes when everyone is buying Halloween costumes they might find it difficult to find a matching treat bag to sling on their arm. I am making things super easy for you this year by showing you how to create your very own using Duck Tape! When you get to the Duck Tape isle in whatever store you are in you will realize just how many options you have to choose from. It’s like being in a sticky candy store. If you love bags check out these glittered lunch bags.

So head on over to the Fiskars website ( See below the picture) and get the full tutorial. You won’t believe what I used to make these bags with, besides Duck Tape. Did I mention the bags are filled with glow in the dark stickers. Yes indeed!


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it truly inspires you!  HASHTAG LOGO

Don’t forget to connect on social media! Make sure to use use the hashtag #JADERBOMB on Instagram or Twitter or Facebookso I can keep track of all your awesome creations! HAVE A GLITTERY DAY! ♥, Jade



This is a different post than what I normally post but I truly want to share this amazing person and story with you. Sue Doyle is my best friend and trust me if there is a definition of an ANGEL it’s her. Her niece passed away due to cancer and she has been a true inspiration to everyone around her, daily. Here is her story…


Taylor Suzanne Gettinger was born February 5, 1990…the cutest redhead you’ve ever seen! She was my baby sister Kathleen’s oldest child of three and only daughter.
Taylor came into this world, unique, quirky, funny and always independent.
Never ever as a family do you expect to hear from a Doctor, your daughter, niece, or sister has cancer…especially when that young girl is only 15 years old.
Taylor was initially stunned, but from almost day one she took on cancer like a warrior, she named her brain tumor Gary, and told the world she’d kick Gary’s Butt…and for 4 1/2 she did just that!
Unfortunately at the age of 19 1/2 Taylor succumbed to her brain tumor and we lost her forever.
It is inconceivable to imagine life with out her, but unfortunately that’s exactly what we’ve had to do for almost three years now.
This Sunday, September 14th myself and 5 friends will walk in the Make A Wish foundation’s Super Hero Walk in downtown Chicago.
I am Tayor’s Aunt Sue, her biggest fan, and I truly miss her every day!
When Taylor was 17, Make A Wish Foundation, IL granted Taylor and her family a 10 day trip to Rome. They paid for all of their passport fees, got the entire family of 5 new luggage, paid all of their travel expenses, and then on top of all of that, gave them spending money for their trip.
This walk is my chance to say thank you and give back to this amazing organization.
My goal was to raise $1,000.00 and I’ve reached just about $675.00 as Team Taylor, $550.00 individually. I have 8 more days to reach my goal!
I have a facebook page: Taylor’s Heart Gallery in her memory. A portion of the proceeds benefit ARTS: A Reason to Survive, serving children facing catastrophic situations.


Here is another story I wrote about Sue and her amazingness!

Check out Sue’s facebook page that she created for Taylor!

So please come and make a donation, here is the “Make a Wish” page!



DSC_0380 This month’s theme for Michaels Makers is Fall Home Decor. Fall is my favorite because the weather is changing, the leaves on the trees are changing, even food tastes better. Today I will show you how to dress up your table with a punch of Fall, surely this will make all of your guests excited! All of the materials I am using today come from Michaels. I hope you enjoy it!


DSC_0355 These pumpkins come in different colors so you don’t have to spend time painting them, my kinda pumpkin. They are on sale right now at Michaels so go grab a few. You can do so many different things with these pumpkins. The best part of these pumpkins is they will never rot! So you can bedazzle your hearts away and save them for next year.
DSC_0357 These Martha Stewart pumpkin sleeves are phenomenal. They are made from a stretchy mesh material that can cover a pumpkin in no time. The best part is you can take the sleeve off when you get tired of it, leaving you with a blank canvas! DSC_0358 I love the lace design on this pumpkin sleeve.
DSC_0359 To make our chalkboard pumpkin, tape off the top part of your pumpkin. I am using tape from Martha Stewarts line.  DSC_0364 Once you have it taped off you can spray paint the bottom portion of your pumpkin with chalk board spray. Make sure you do this in a well ventilated spot. DSC_0367 Add some E-6000 to the top of your pumpkin and place the knob on the top of it. This will make your pumpkin look a very classy. DSC_0370 On one of your plain pumpkins we will apply these lace removable stickers to them. It adds a pop of class to them.  DSC_0360 DSC_0361 I am placing these adhesive dots on top of each lace sticker. The great thing is you can purchase these in multiple colors. Did I mention this whole sheet is only $1.  DSC_0372 On your chalkboard pumpkin, grab your Sharpie and write whatever inspires you on the top portion. This is a great time to grab your favorite quote or poem. Don’t forget to grab some chalk for the bottom part.  DSC_0375 DSC_0379 DSC_0380 DSC_0381 DSC_0382

Want more Fall inspiration, check out Michaels’ Fall Market lookbook! Check out the Michaels Fall Ideas Pinterest board

There are all sorts of easy fall and holiday themed projects for your whole house on Michaels’ Fall Project Page.


Don’t forget to connect on social media! Make sure to use use the hashtag #JADERBOMB on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook so I can keep track of all your awesome creations! HAVE A GLITTERY DAY! ♥, Jade


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