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I am a Southern DIY blogger and Designer known for fearlessly conquering anything and everything do-it-yourself. I aim to create unique designs by working through my thoughts, dreams, emotions, and tons of glitter! I believe in doing things that make my heart flutter and smile, and I live by my motto, “Life is simple and so should your style.” To learn more about me, visit or email me at You can also visit my Etsy shop at Make sure to check out my FREE PRINTABLES site My biggest accomplishment thus far is being a guest on the Martha Stewart show, yes she smells good. I love my dog Ceaux Ceaux, pens,the smell of Christmas, GOLD, Dr. Pepper and blogging. BTW: I bleed glitter, all shades.

With Fall right around the corner my peeps from Michaels asked me to come up with a Fall project using these amazing craft pumpkins. When I went to Michaels I was so excited to see the different craft pumpkins in the store! I wanted to create something fresh and modern that anyone could create as well. I purchased 1 13″ craft pumpkin by Ashland in Cream and two 9″ craft pumpkins.

diy pumpkins

SUPPLIES: Craft Pumpkin | Mod Podge | Craft Brush | Moss | Craft Paint | Glass Glitter | Glue Gun | Fabric Fusion | Scissors  pumpkin supplies

Step One: Paint your pumpkin and set aside to dry. I recommend painting a second coat.

♥To kick off fall in your own home, visit and check out the variety of craft pumpkins available – there is every color, shape and size you could ever want! blue pumpkin

Step Two: Get your coil of moss (purchased from Michaels) and cut a piece to hot glue to the top of your pumpkin. Make sure to hold your moss in place until your glue is completely dry! green pumpkins

This is what it will look like when it’s dry. How precious!  whimsical pumpkin

I used this amazing Fabric Fusion to apply some glitter details. This stuff is typically used for fabric but today I will show you another way you could incorporate it into your crafting world!
fabric fusion sheets

Step Three: Cut your sheet of Fabric Fusion into thin triangles, peel off one side then apply glass glitter to the side that is sticky. Don’t worry once the glitter is on the sheet it will NOT come off! decorate pumpkins

Step Four: Carefully peel off your sticky side of glass glitter and apply the top portion of the triangle to the bottom portion of pumpkin stem then slowly stick it all on the pumpkin.
aleene's peel and stick sheets

I am so in love with this part! It adds a nice elegant look to my pumpkins and it literally took a few minutes! Much easier than glue! glass glitter on pumpkin

I love how translucent it looks once it is on the pumpkin. If I close my eyes I can see this in my own version of Alice in Wonderland, RIGHT! turquoise pumpkin

glass glitter pumpkins

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XOXO, Jade

There are tons of ways to DIY your own craft pumpkin for your home, a party or even as a gift.

If you’re looking for something a little bit different, Michaels recently started selling these fun half pumpkins, perfect for fall décor wall mounts and fun signs.

If you’re in need of more fall décor inspiration be sure to look at the 49 other DIY pumpkin projects from the rest of the Michaels Makers – they are fabulous!



As I sit in our new newly built room I have two windows open out of the 8 and there is an oddly cool breeze coming in. This is not normal in Louisiana at this time of the year so the only thing I can come up with is the 1) world is ending, or 2) mother nature is just in a really stellar mood. This cool weather makes me really makes me hungry for this. I have been debating on when I should start posting Fall projects. Somehow in my head I believe every year that there is a “right” time to start but this year I will start now. Why? You can blame it on this cool breeze, pumpkin creamer and my marshmallow candle burning in our bathroom.

This project is easy in my book and I think that it’s something even kids would enjoy doing.  I have a fabulous set of milk glass dinner ware that I break out when friends come over however sometimes I think it would be fun to dress up plates to represent a certain occasion or holiday. I purchased my glass plates from Walmart for a couple of bucks and my decorative paper from Tuesday Morning. Seriously for under 10 bucks you can create a bad ass table setting and let’s not forget how much fun they are to make. Wait till you see what I did with these spoons, they go perfect with these plates! fall decoupaged plate

Let me tell you now that all of the links below are affiliate links. What does that mean? Well it means that if you order anything I posted I get a SMALL percentage of moolah. By doing this you are helping me buy more glitter and glue to make awesome project for YOU!  So, THANKS I love you to the moon and back!

Supplies: Glass Plate | Mod Podge Sparkle | Brush | Decorative Napkins | Glass Goblet 

FYI: I didn’t put a glass goblet in here but I ended up using one to go with the plate! You will do the same thing with the cup as the plate.

fall craft projects

So the other day we went eat at Jason’s Deli and once we finished stuffing our faces with greenery we decided to check out Tuesday Morning. Now, this kinda store was designed with me in mind but I try to stay OUT of it because my brain tells me to get everything in it. One thing I was shocked to see was the variety of paper napkins. Not just your boring stripes but FANNN-CEEEE (say it out loud you will feel superb) napkins. I think I may have stood in that section for about 20 minutes. I contained my excitement and bought only two packs. Now that is control.

Below is one of the packs I bought. Look at these dang designs and colors. I mean I want a tapestry, bed cover and curtains like this asap. I could sew some together but… our cat might tear them up in a day or two.

decorative napkins

First things first. Lay your paper town down like sooooo, flip your plate upside down and trace with a pencil. Be careful not to tear the paper.

Then cut that baby out!

trace on paper napkin

Voila! A perfect circle of happiness.

fall colors

I can’t stress to you how much I love all of my turquoise glass. I kid you not this was all free. We have this rad glass place near us and they let us take the glass that is in the driveway. Yes, the whole driveway at this business if full of beautiful turquoise glass. Imagine what it looks like during the day… Just like Edward Cullen.  turquoise sea glass Moving on, take a craft brush and spread your sparkle mod podge on the back of your plate then quickly place your cut out on the plate. If you do it quickly you can gently move the napkin around to adjust it.

No worries bunnies, if your napkin tears just put a small piece there and mod podge right over it! Nobody will ever notice!

decoupage plate

Time to dry… I let it dry over night to make sure it is100% dry and in the mean time I burned candles to the bone.

Every year we go to this festival in Shreveport and some of C’s friends hooks us up with the best candles. They are almost as good as Bath & Body’s candles. Incase you are wondering, these are my favorite Fall scents as well.


I am super pleased with the way the plate and cup turned out! Makes me that much more excited for cool weather and having friends over.  I think you will flip out when you see what the sparkle mod podge looks like once it’s dry…It’s like seeing cotton candy for the first time and not the kind in the grocery store.

Did I mention if you don’t want to eat on these plate they make the best home decor. Grab a few plate stands and put these awesome plates on them, add a few decorative items around it in a cluster and BAMMMM you just deco-RATED yo space! Gotta run yall, it’s almost 2 am and this chica needs her beauty sleep.

easy fall projects

Huge hugs from my computer to yours! See you in the next post. ending1

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Happy Tuesday! I’m ready to talk about a few things that are on my mind. First things first, I just realized this morning that I might not EVER catch up on laundry. I mean, I wash what seems like every other day but it seems I always have a pile of “clean” clothes piled up on the sofa ready to be tucked away in their cozy spot. I just don’t know if I will ever figure out how to tackle this ongoing project. Suggestions, leave them in the comment section. I may just end up worshiping you if you can help me. Good news is I use this when I wash my clothes!

I don’t know about you but I like to organize anything that has multiple colors. Call it OCD I call it “I like to see”. Seriously for some strange reason if all of these pastel crayons were mixed together I would have a mini panic attack inside of my body. Just saying I also do this with my books .


So, Sophia Webster is really aiming to win over every girl in America…I am not sure if my heart exploded when I saw this or if my heart exploded when I saw this. Seriously!

Lidewij Edelkoort nailed it with her 20 design trends for 2015.

Love Hocus Pocus, here what Bette Midler has to say about “Hocus Pocus 2″…

I am just wondering why these faces are “turning” up on bodies across the world….Is this normal?

closeup of pen

I am not really sure why I love this picture so much and why I forgot I took this. If you are like me then you LOVE pictures of things close up and personal. Let’s see if you can guess what all of these are! Pretty amazing.

I always love taking pictures of my palette since I use them for years! Check out what this photographer did, amazeballs!


Well that is all folks. I am not off to conquer the world and possibly laundry.

Huge hugs from my computer to yours… P.S. Tips on laundry are welcomed, seriously.

xoxo, Jade




Howdy Ho Monday! I thought I would be happier to see you. Seriously we need to work on our relationship because I really think we have a lot in common and this relationship still has a chance! Don’t we all feel this way about Monday? Honestly I used to dread this day but now I try to look at it as a “fresh” start to a new week, kinda like the 1st of the year – hehe.

So last week I created some pretty stellar mugs, hand painted mugs. Now I know you are thinking you can’t create these but I pinky promise you can! They have a few different ways you can paint on ceramic and I have literally tried them all. Remember when I made this. These were made with Sharpie markers and were fairy easy but the markers I used in this tutorial are SO MUCH easier and the consistency is a lot better.

I love painting on mugs because they really make the best gift. You can personalize them in so many different ways and it’s the perfect project for kids! Click the link at the bottom of this post for the FULL tutorial. On a side note I am super stoked that we are about to be grazed with “FALL’S” presence. Last year I made these and I think I will make a dozen more! Don’t forget to SHARE this post so the world can be filled with happiness and color!
how to paint mugs

painted mugs


I hope you enjoyed this project and it inspires you to make your own! The possibilities are endless with these babies. Don’t forget to SHARE! See you in the next post! ♥,Jaderbomb


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Since the new season of American Horror Story is about to start I wanted to finally sit down and share with you something pretty dam awesome. Sure the word awesome can mean many different things but this my friends is AWESOME. Now, this all happened at the end of this past season but the universe spoke to me and it’s finally time to share.  Actually my friend Kaelah inspired me to post today since she is posting about her trip to Mexico that she took MONTHS ago and finally is posting, so THANKS FRIEND!  My partner is an artist and if you are from Louisiana you would know exactly what I mean. She recently got commissioned to do a piece for Kathy Bates for American Horror Story. I just had to share this with you! Daina Daigle one of the hair artists ( who lives in Louisiana) worked on the set the entire season of Freak Show. She is a very talented artist as well and she is the one who commissioned my partner Candice to do this wrap gift. She even won an emmy for American Horror Story: Coven! Can you imagine how excited we were when we found out. STOKED. We had NO idea when the piece was getting delivered we would literally meet Kathy Bates but you know how I am with the Universe, I make shit happen. At least in my head I do, hehe. If you believe in the law of attraction then you know that is the first step to making things happen. I am not sure if Candice was more excited about the piece or the fact that this is my favorite show in the world and she knew how stoked I would be. So let me begin by telling you about the day from beginning to end. Enjoy!

photo We left early in the morning for New Orleans. There is a sneak peak in the back seat of the piece! We got a coffee and tons of gas station junk food and hit the road. We blasted the best music and sung loud while enjoying the sun shining through the sun roof. The day was already perfect. Daina told us to text her when we arrived in New Orleans to get the “address” (pinch me- the address)… The fact that we would have the address to where they were filming was surreal. We finally got near the set and we realized we needed diesel – story of our life. Now you would think every gas station on earth would have Diesel but no, we went to 4 gas stations and none had it. I kept telling Candice we were gonna run out of diesel and not make it to the set. I think we were laughing and freaking out at the same time. While riding around for about 20 minutes desperately searching for diesel we ironically passed by the house from American Horror Story – Coven. Can you imagine the excitement when we realized this! Obviously we had to get out and take a picture.

american horror story coven

I told Candice the stars were lining up for us that day! I mean how freaking ironic is that. We had to take a quick pic and post!

american horror story coven house

After our impromptu photo shoot we finally arrive without diesel. We figured we would rather get to the location than use our last 5 miles (per the car) looking for some. I told her we would deal with that issue after we were done. I mean worst case scenario we would have to ask Jessica Lange for a ride to the gas station.

We get to the gate where Daina told us to go and the lady there was waiting for us. She just let us in and when that happened my heart started to beat so fast I thought I was having a heart attack. Candice was so nervous she just kept laughing which made me laugh, then we both realized we had NO idea what we were laughing at. I get out of the car first and the first person I see walking about…10 feet away from me is Jessica Lange. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. I wasn’t sure if I should run and jump on her, you know those big bear jumps or just walk by her without making a big deal. It’s just Jessica Lange, no big deal. WTF! So I am quietly trying to get Candice’s attention by “Pssss’ing” to her, which I am sure Jessica heard. She finally looked at me in the car and I may have given her a look like a man with a gun was in back of me while pointing my finger to the back of the car. Visualize that for a hot minute. Yeah.

We spoke to her for a hot minute and gave her a print, however she didn’t want her picture taken. In her exact words “I don’t do pictures”. So I was left with NO other choice than to “sneak” one. I will however keep that one private because I do respect peoples wishes, sometimes…hehe! She was extremely nice though and talked to us for a while. See below, we are rebels. I love that me and C are on the bottom of the print!

american horror story freak show We finally met up with Daina and presented Kathy with her wrap gift. She is seriously the nicest woman in the world! She even shed some tears. Ben Wolf was so sweet to us, RIP…

kathy bates american horror story

Here are a few shots of us with some of the cast and artists on set.  cast of american horror story freak show

Ma Petite…let’s just say I wanted to put her in my purse and bring her home with me. She laughed the entire time and of course it made us laugh! The day we were there she and Kathy was on set, even though they had “died” in the show. I did catch on to this and immediately I knew the final episode was going to be great because that meant they were coming back! ma petite american horror story freak show

Amazon Eve was simply amazing. She was warm and welcoming and super stoked to get a print. Rose on the skate board was so genuinely nice as well!
american horror story freak show set

Once we gave everyone their prints we just spend the rest of the day hanging out on the set. I won’t lie it felt surreal. Only because it’s strange watching something on t.v. every week and then to see the true location, props and cast. I can’t stress enough how awesome Kathy was! She didn’t feel like a celebrity when we were there, more like a sweet mother! She photobombed our planned picture!

kathy bates freak show

Everyone on the set got prints like I said earlier but Kathy got a custom 3-Dimensional piece. We made an extra one for us and brought it for everyone to sign. She wrote the sweetest personal note to us on ours.  freak show fx

Everyone remembers the WHEEL OF DEATH… Well folks here it is! Yes I know, I am still flipping out looking at these pictures. I wanted to get strapped to it for a video but I figured that might make me throw up and this was NOT the day for that. Agreed! wheel of death american horror story freak show

It was truly amazing seeing all of the tents inside this huge building. It felt like we were in another era and it was so strange because on television they look like they are outside when in reality they are NOT! They did have an outdoor set they used when filming certain scenes but for the most part they filmed in here.

Here is my honey looking cute as can be.

freak show set

If you watched the show then you know Jessica had her own quarters/tent. I think this was my favorite part of the day. Candice laughed the whole time because I literally walked all over touching everything I know Jessica touched and sitting on her sofa and chair! elsa freak show jessica lange

Finally when it was all over we decided to go downtown and have a celebratory drink! We deserved it right.

new orleans freak show

I would say this was one of the best days ever for both of us.  jaderbomb and candice alexander

You know we had to make a quick stop at SAKS! All I am saying is there is a beautiful Louis Vuitton store in here……… ♥ christmas in new orleans

If you want to purchase a print of the design just click HERE and you can order one! Trust me it’s a one of a kind piece! Make sure to view it because it’s worth seeing up close!

Until next time! Huge hugs from my computer to yours!



Hola! Jaderbomb here showing you how to make aTerra Cotta Coaster. Seriously I can’t stop. I actually gave all of these away already but that is because I love to give things I make to my friends! I finally got to meet Aunt Peaches (if you don’t know her you must click the link to the left). She got a few of them. I wonder what she is putting in them…. Let me know in the comment section what you think.

So it’s already time for school. I don’t know about you but I am super excited. I’m so excited I almost bought myself school uniforms to wear to the studio. Don’t get me wrong, I love when lil one is home over the break BUT I also love when he goes back to school. I think he is ready as well.  I think it’s smart when kids make back to school gifts for their teachers. It’s a nice way to suck up, plus you want to get your kids on that teacher’s good side, right?!?!?

Check out this cool Back to School gift that is quick and easy to make. I also did a Back to School haul on products that will make your life easier once school starts!

I simply love how easy it was to make these coasters and you can use them for so many things.
*soap in them
*paper clips
You can pretty much go to bed in them if you want! Wanna see how I made them, let’s go!
terra cotta coaster diy

You will need: Terra cotta dish | Tim Holtz word stickers | Chalk Paint | Brush | Mod Podge | Ice Resin | Love 

tim holtz stickers No lie, I fell in love with these stickers the second my hazel eyes saw them. I really had no idea what I would use them for but I knew I would use them for something. I keep a journal on me 24-7 so I knew I could use them in there as well!

inpirational stickers

The first thing you want to do is paint your terra cotta saucers. I like white for everything. It feel clean and crisp. I just painted our bedroom so stay tuned for a blog post showing you how it came out! paint with chalk paint Once your paint is dry, place the stickers that you like in the center of the saucer. I had no idea what mine would say I just peeled off the ones that I liked!

terra cotta gifts When you are done with your stickers apply a coat of Mod Podge to them.

mod podge projects

When they are dry, cut out some circles out of a cork board then hot glue them to the bottom. This will protect things you put them on. Hey, they also sell bags of round corks so that is a better option.  mod podge crafts We will now coat the inside of saucer with Ice Resin. I am in love with this product. For one the way it is packaged, it makes it easy to use just what you need and save the rest for a later date.

ice resin projects Squirt each side at the same time so equal amounts come out. I am using a glass candle holder that I only use for Resin.

Tip: If you don’t use the whole amount add some glitter inside the candle holder, mix and let dry. Eventually you will fill the whole thing with resin and it will be so cool to look at!

how to use ice resin

Once you mix the resin thoroughly pour some in the saucer and move it around so it coats the center of saucer. Place on a flat surface to dry. It’s that simple!

resin projects I am SO in love with them. Like I said earlier I gave them all away except the one below. This one was for my honey ♥


coaster gifts

I hope you enjoyed this project and it inspires you to make your own! The possibilities are endless with these babies. Don’t forget to SHARE! See you in the next post! ♥,Jaderbomb


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Howdy Hoo Jaderbugs! Happy Friday!!! You know it’s been a hot minute since I featured anyone here in my colorful online home. Hot minute = a few years… Needless to say I had to think long and hard about doing it again and I am not sure why. Shoots I could have people write sponsored posts for me but where is the fun in that! We all know I am all about fun.

I meet so many people in my daily life and I feel like there is a moment, a hot moment where I think to myself “Goodness gracious I wish the world could meet this amazing human” so with that said you will finally get the chance to meet the people who “I” think are amaze-balls.

So the stellar person who I wanted to kick off this new thinga ma jig on the blog is none other than… AUNT PEACHES <—— click her to go directly to her blog because why not! I have been knowing her for a while now but in the last year I can say she has truly become a real friend of mine. Maybe even sorta like my long lost twin sister. Shit, I wish she was my sister cause she is cool as all get out, literally! So let’s give a WARM welcome to PEACHES!
Feature Friday - Aunt Peaches

question 1 
I was starting to do some web design at work and wanted a sandbox to test stuff online – a blog was a great way to stick my toe in the water without messing things up on the job. Then when I was trying to figure out what to blog about, someone asked me, “What kinds of blogs do you like to read?” and my web browser history was VERY clear in telling me how much I loved reading craft/art/creative bloggers. Now I’m one of them! Now I’m trying to put back more than I take away by sharing my ideas and absorbing the same from others. Full circle!

question 2 
Winters in Chicago are LONG, so I have recently spent an embarrassing amount of time binge watching television series on Netflix. It’s horrible! (And awesome!) In my defense, I’m often making something with my hands (for the blog) while watching. I’m productive in my sloth.

question 3 
What a question! You’d have to ask my readers, but I like to think that my blog is colorful and interesting without any interest in looking pretty or perfect (sound familiar, AHEM, Jade!). I would much rather be interesting than pretty. I read somewhere, “Perfection be damned, the joy is in the doing” and that’s how I like to approach everything. How I blog, how I work, how I live, how I eat. Even if I’m just making a salad or walking the dog, I want to enjoy the process. There is beauty in everything if you know how to look for it.

question 4 
Well you know I‘m a Jaderbug (ha!)…and I have a small circle of creative blogging friends. I used to be obsessed, no – I mean OBSESSED, with a Swedish blog called Chez Larson, but she shut it down last year. Heart = Broken.

question 5 
Since I don’t have kids, and my blog content can include pretty much anything I want, it’s easier than you might think. Sometimes friends will come over and help me make stuff, which is awesome because I get to socialize and develop blog content at the same time. Sometimes I wish quilting bees were still popular – I love it when folks can hang out and create things at the same time. I wish I lived closer to some of my blogging friends so we could start one.

question 6 It would be awesome if blogging was my only job. It’s still freelance graphic design, which isn’t bad, but even small jobs soak up a lot of time and creative brain juice that I would go a long way towards boosting the blog. Then again, sometimes I think it’s smart to diversify. Ten years ago I had never heard of blogging as a job, and with technology changing, who is to say what blogging will be ten years from now?

question 7 I lucked out. Within my first month, Design*Sponge featured one of my paper flower tutorials. I had only told a handful of friends as readers at that point, and suddenly I was getting hundreds of hits a day. Granted, that first traffic bump didn’t last long, but it provided me with the positive feedback I needed to want to make blogging a regular habit. Since then, blogging has brought me countless opportunities and the most amazing friends. Starting a blog was the best thing I ever did for myself.

question 8 It’s got nothing to do with money or accomplishments or even happiness – I call the Ideal Groundhog Day. You know the movie Groundhog Day where Bill Murray lives the same day over and over again? So, it’s like that. Pretend genie in a bottle granted you a wish to live one ideal day doing anything you want, but the catch is you have to do it everyday over and over. What would you do? Some folks might say they’d sit on the beach in Hawaii and drink daiquiris all day, but I suspect they’d get bored of it pretty fast. What would you do if you had to design a day to live 100 times in a row? What would it look like? What would you do? Who would you talk to? How would you make money? Would you really need to have millions of dollars? Where would you find inspiration? It’s a pretty cool mental exercise. Anyway, a couple years ago I wrote down my Ideal Groundhog Day, and I’m proud to say that I’m pretty much there. It’s not ideal, and my goals change all the time, but yeah. I have it pretty great. This is a long way from where I was just a few years back, so my daily gratitudes are plentiful.

question 9 Weird people. I know I’m supposed to say “nature” or “old movies” – and those are great – but, no. Weird people. Weird people have the best stories and, usually, the best attitude. If you can’t draw inspiration from a weird person, something is wrong with you.

question 10 This is important and I have never read it anywhere – There are two kinds of blogs; blogs that are written for the audience and blogs that are written for the blogger. Both have perks, neither is wrong. But you need to decide that from the beginning. If you write for yourself because you want to share ideas and show people what you are doing, that is great, but it’s going to read inauthentic (at best) when you switch topics to feature a trend, or start running banner ads, or taking sponsored posts. If you want to write for your audience, you have to identify whom you want to write for and what they want to hear. Because “birds of a feather flock together” there is a good chance your interests and your audience’s interests overlap a good deal – figure out that sweet spot then hit it again and again and again. Whatever you do, don’t try to be someone else. Nothing good will come of it. There is nothing wrong with being aspirational, but the last thing the internet needs is one more person pretending to be what they are not. Nothing is as boring as someone trying to be someone else. Life is too short! Get out and dance!

Follow Aunt Peaches here: Instagram – Facebook – Twitter – Pinterest 

I hope you enjoyed meeting my rad friend! Make sure to hop on over to her blog and check her out! Stay tuned because I will be doing this on the first Friday of every month. I wonder who is next… Hmmm ♥


As you all know I got asked again this year to be a blogger for Michaels and I got to kick off the new year by meeting all of my fellow Michaels Makers from all over at the Michaels Makers Summit 2015 last week! What a wonderful trip to beautiful Santa Rosa!


We took four amazing classes (weaving, watercolor, paper flowers and image transfer) – all taught by Michaels education partner, Creativebug and great news – each of the classes are available online for FREE on until 8/22 (you can re-create one or all of our summit projects)! If you are not sure what Creativebug is, it’s a subscription-based website that brings people inspiration and know-how to realize their creative potential through hundreds of online video classes. I will say it’s TOTALLY worth it!

In case you haven’t met all 50 of this year’s Makers, check out each of our blogs and bios here! Follow along throughout the year and feel free to create projects with us by sharing on Instagram using #MadeWithMichaels. Time to take a online tour of where I spent the week ♥ flower crown The first night we got there we went on a super fun road trip to the Long Meadow Ranch  for dinner. When we got there we were treated like queens, literally. We even made crowns – FLOWER CROWNS! I think the best part of this trip was getting to see all of my friends that I never get to see!  green ray bans

Just saying “Hi” through green colored glasses…

After dinner they had a table filled with marshmallows, graham crackers covered with chocolate, milk and sticks to roast S’mores! I have to confess something to you…I never ate a “REAL” marshmallow until this trip. Have you? If not you need to get some, not the ones in plastic bags from the store…


smores group

Some of my homies: Lia Griffith, The Project Girl, Aunt Peaches and myself!

The next morning we all got up early and took a beautiful ride to The Ranch Above – the location of the Summit. We literally drove all the way up to the TOP of a huge mountain. The view was unlike anything I have ever seen before. We didn’t know what to expect but I will tell you from the second we got out of our cars we were all so amazed. The Michaels team went ALL OUT!

The pictures below are stunning. This was the first thing we saw before entering the house. We were greeted with water bottles as we passed through an arch of DIY happiness.


One thing about bloggers is you will always see us taking pictures of anything and everything. Seriously, we can make trash look like treasure as long as we have the right light and a good angle… HAHA!

We walked in and looked like a heard of paparazzi however we didn’t see celebrities only DIY DECOR!  californa san fran bloggers yellow candle holders

The Michaels Makers Summit took place at this stunning house that overlooked heaven on earth. I won’t dare leave you out completely which is why I wanted to share some pictures of the inside of the house. I think we all wanted to stay.



I can’t help but LOVE this picture! It was time to make s’mores over the fire and this is what bloggers do behind the scenes… 8 I-phones taking the same pic to quickly post on social media!

Creative Bug really made the trip memorable with fabulous teachers turned into friends and great projects that anyone can do. I won’t lie my favorite class was weaving with Annabel Wrigley. We will be friends forever!

I honestly never thought I would like weaving but I am totally addicted… I can promise you will too! how to weave

Weaving with Annabel Wrigley. She teaches more than a dozen classes on Creativebug, ranging from weaving to kids sewing. Follow Annabel on Instagram @littlepincushionstudio


Image transfers with Courtney Cerruti. She works at Creativebug, in addition to teaching dozens of classes on the site. Follow Courtney on Instagram @ccerruti

flowers Paper flowers with Livia Cetti. She is a renowned floral and still-life stylist, as well as a premiere paper-flower artist. Follow Livia on Instagram @thegreenvase

Watercolor with Yao Cheng. She is a watercolor artist and designer known for her simple, bright and expressive watercolor style. Follow Yao on Instagram @yaochengdesign

homemade granola

winery in sanoma california

The last morning was spent sipping champagne on top a mountain talking with Michaels CMO.

last day

P.S. I think my favorite part of the weekend was seeing everyone’s beautiful moments captured at the event on social media using #MichaelsMakers!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Don’t forget to link up on social media!!! See you in the next post!

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Today I will show you how to make a MOSAIC METAL ARROW!

Lately I have been experimenting with different mediums but I can honestly say I have never really entered the world of “Mosaic’s”… I had mixed feelings about the actual process however I was stunned by the way it came out. Did I know it would look so beautiful in the end – ehhhh I had an idea but I think I shocked myself a little!

I am so used to creating whimsical projects that literally go off of my emotions. This one was a little different. I actually had to think it out and process exactly how I was going to get it done. I think that is called a “Plan of Action”, haha!

Michael’s asked me to do something rad with something from the Studio Décor line, one of their favorite brands and now mine as well! So here you have the infamous Mosaic Arrow Tutorial by Jaderbomb!
BOHEMIAN-DECOR2 you will need

♥ Studio Decor Metal Arrow
♥ Glass Metal Glue
♥ Mosaic Grout
♥ Mosaic Stained Glass

hot to mosaic a mirror

I simply love the way this rustic arrow looks with nothing on the inside however we all know I have to have color in my life so let’s go mosaic! Metal Arrow

Step One: Carefully take out the mini light bulbs inside of the arrow. One thing I noticed when I went to Michaels is they have tons of replacement bulbs for all of the items from Studio Decor. You don’t have to loose sleep over where to get the bulbs if they go out or break!  LIGHT BULB PROJECTS

Step Two: Lay out the box of broken glass on a tray to sift through the colors. This will make it easy to pick out the colors you specifically want.

P.S. Michaels has boxes of solid colored stained glass if you are not into the multi colored look.

mosaic glass

Step Three: Before you start I found it smart to just place a few piece of glass on the arrow to figure out a good starting point.

If you are quick with your eye you will notice I told you earlier to take the bulbs out but in the picture below I still have the bulb!! LOL

It’s a learning process okkkk!


Step Four: Open your glass glue and place some on one side of the glass. There isn’t a wrong or right side. Something I learned was you do NOT need a lot! The first few I put way too much glue and when I placed it on the arrow and applied a little pressure it just came out the sides…Not good!

I applied my glue strait from the tube but you can use a toothpick if it’s easier.

how to glue tiles down

This is what it will start to look like one you begin putting more pieces of glass. I will tell you that I wished I would of taken out my glass bulbs like I instructed you in the beginning. One little piece of glass can crack that bulb in these stages.

At least I will know what to do next time!


Step Five: Once you are done with applying all of your glass let it dry over night. I wanted to make sure it was completely dry before I added grout to it.


I love it without the grout, right! How I haven’t done this before is beyond me. I feel like I am going to be mosaic’ing the you know what out of everything soon!

The really cool thing is you can break porcelain or glass that you like and use that instead of getting store bought glass.


When you open the grout it will look a little wet and gooey. You do not have to mix it too much. I just used a paint stick and mixed the water that was sitting on the top but that was it.


Step Six: Get a plaster scraper or something flat and start spreading grout throughout the pieces of glass.

Warning: I thought this process was going to be easy and fast but…it turns out it takes a lot of grout to fill those tiny spaces.

When you are completely done with the arrow let it dry for about an hour.

easy grout projects

Step Seven: Wet a paper towel (durable one) and start rubbing off the grout that is sitting on top of the glass.

steps to grout

Step Eight: Put tiny pieces of paper inside the slots where the light bulbs go. We don’t want any grout or water to get in there.

This step is…. let’s just say you will have plenty of time to think about things. I think I may have let mine dry a little too long so follow the directions!

how to grout

This is what it will look like when you are done. I noticed some of my grout had rust stains pop in and out throughout the arrow. Not really sure how to prevent that however I sorta like it.



I hope you enjoyed this fabulous tutorial! Make sure to head to Michaels while the AMAZING sale is going on! Don’t forget the sale starts Sunday!

♥It was so fun helping Michaels celebrate their Big Brand Sale, which launches next week, and getting to create a project using one of my favorite brands,Studio Décor!
Studio Décor offers so many timeless and beautiful framing choices from marquee letters and signs, to classic tabletop and wall frames, and is only available at Michaels.
♥And the best part? Poster frames are on sale from 8/2-8/8! Just check out the Big Brand Sale landing page for more details.

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How to paint pencils

Ladies and Gents…Please welcome to the stage Jaderbomb! I think I need to have more introductions here don’t ya think! Today I will show you how to make painted wooden pencils. I think these are great for holidays, parties and any other special event. You can typically find wooden pencils at places like Target, Marshall’s, Ross or World Market. It’s a super easy project that adults and kids can do in minutes.

♥I will tell you that it’s a GREAT day today! It’s my son Tahner’s birthday. I truly can’t believe that he is already 15 years old. I never understood that saying “cherish the memories because time flies”…Boy do I get it now!

Since when does my cute kid choose his friends over me, ugh! I will honestly say I am most proud of my little human that I created. He emits joy, happiness and always knows how to put a smile on my face. I think I will just leave out the typical sassy mouth every day now and then… ♥

As you know I just came back from Sanoma California this weekend. Michaels Craft Store took all of their bloggers out there to wine and dine them and let me tell you they didn’t miss out on ANYTHING! Stay tuned because I will have a blog recap of the entire trip. I can’t stress enough how amazing this trip was and the location. Follow me on Instagram to see more pictures of the fabulous trip!

I do have some other exciting things in the making that I wish I could share right now but I can’t. (Insert sad face)

Painted Wooden Pencils The things you will need for today’s project is a pack of wooden pencils, acrylic paint and paint brush. I have done these pencils a few times before I realized that the thinner the paint the better it goes onto the pencils.  painted pencils supplies Step One: Paint the end of the pencil with the color of your choice. Of course I have to stick to my roots and paint every color of the rainbow but you can paint them all one solid color.

red painted pencil

Step Two: Carefully place them on a ledge to dry correctly. You don’t want to place them on anything they will dry and stick to. Paper is a NONO…

teal painted pencil


how to paint pencils

I hope you enjoyed this quirky little project. I had fun making them and I absolutely love they way they look just being displayed in my studio! Make sure to check out my post about all things PINK FLAMINGO!

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My love for Pink Flamingo Fashion is real -real as the sky is blue. This season these pretty pink birds have been popping up everywhere from skirts to bed sheets. I’m not sure if they are considered classy now since they are making their way into runways all over the world.  However I still have mad love for the good ole pink flamingo sporadically popping up in random yards next to water fountains that don’t actually work.
♥I can honestly say my love for this pink bird goes way back to 4th grade. We were in Destin Fl and my parents told me to pick out the design I wanted on my air brushed tank top. Yes I said it.. Air Brushed Shit!!! I can vividly remember standing there trying very hard to find the “right” design that would fit my personality. Then there was that moment of relief. Me and this bird on a shirt made eye contact and it was over after that.
♥Can you believe I still have that tank top hanging in my closet AND I still wear it. I am not sure I should be bragging about that! Stay tuned for follow up of me with shirt! ((HAHA))
♥I was so sad when I heard that Donald Featherstone passed away this June at the ripe age of 79. If you don’t know who this iconic person is he is ONLY the inventor of the iconic plastic pink lawn flamingo.
So Donald, this post is for YOU…
Pink Flamingo Fashion

Photo Courtesy of: People

Elegant Pink Flamingo Skirt

Photo Courtesy of : Nordstrom

I don’t know who wouldn’t want to wear this fashionable skirt by Alice + Olivia! They obviously know “what’s up“…

flamingo shoes vans

Photo Courtesy of: Urban Outfitters

If you think your have ugly feel then I have the perfect thing for them! Flamingo Shoes by Vans. I applaud you Vans, I applaud you.


Photo Courtesy of:

I know you are thinking you can’t pull this off but rest assured… You can! I can think of so many different tops to put with this fabulous and fancy skirt!

Pink Feather Skirt

Photo Courtesy of: Pop Sugar

Now ladies…If this skirt doesn’t scream FLAMINGO then I don’t know what will! See you don’t actually have to wear a printed flamingo in order to get the point across! This skirt is fabulous!

Pink Flamingo Slippers

Photo Courtesy of : Asos

I know it would not be appropriate however I would probably try to wear these out in public. I can’t imagine someone wanting to lock these up in their closet! FYI: These are OUT OF STOCK but I am checking daily for that next shipment to be up!

Pink Flamingo Watch

Photo Courtesy of : Kate Spade

I would love to keep track of time with this one of a kind watch. It remind me of my Micky Mouse watch I had when I was in middle school that sang “It’s a small world after all” over and over!

Pink Flamingo Tank

Photo Courtesy of: The Fancy Pants Report

Nothing screams FASHION like this tank top! Listen here is a fact… Everyone can pull off wearing flamingos. It’s that simple. So don’t run in the other direction when you see a cute shirt in the store!

I hope you enjoyed my pink flamingo roundup! Go share with the world now!!!

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in other news

* I will be attending the Michaels Makers Summit this week in Sanoma California and I can’t wait to share with you all of the details! Check out all of the Michaels Makers HERE.

*Come read my interview for Michaels HERE.

* Have you seen my yummy Cajun Salsa Recipe? It’s defintely worth trying!

*Looking for ways to decorate your home for Summer, come check out this post!




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