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I am a Southern DIY blogger and Designer known for fearlessly conquering anything and everything do-it-yourself. I aim to create unique designs by working through my thoughts, dreams, emotions, and tons of glitter! I believe in doing things that make my heart flutter and smile, and I live by my motto, “Life is simple and so should your style.” To learn more about me, visit or email me at You can also visit my Etsy shop at Make sure to check out my FREE PRINTABLES site My biggest accomplishment thus far is being a guest on the Martha Stewart show, yes she smells good. I love my dog Ceaux Ceaux, pens,the smell of Christmas, GOLD, Dr. Pepper and blogging. BTW: I bleed glitter, all shades.

Today we are getting all urban country making a Stencil 1- Deer Stencil Table Liner using my best friend Ed Roth’s banging stencil line.

Check out these rainbow coasters I made using some of his stencils with Plaid! OH WAIT: Check out this ginormous yarn bombed deer that will stare at you till you are blue in the face. Literally.

Ed Roth Stencil 1_jaderbomb

Not only does he have the cutest face on the planet but he gives the best hugs in the world.

Now if you know me then you know I live in the South, specifically Louisiana which means everyone here loves a good deer in their life. I sometimes pretend I am living in New York with the sounds of horrific traffic in the background and the only chance I will see any deer is by using a stencil like this. I guess I’m not the kinda girl who likes to eat them or hang them on my wall as “decor” but more power to those that do. Today I am showing you how to use this stencil in a spectacular way. So put on your boots because we about to get COUNTRY, urban country that is. On another note check out this business that really is called “Urban Country”. It’s legit.

 Stencil1 has collaborated on DIY events with high-profile brands, like The Gap, Converse, Sharpie, and Etsy, to engage their customers and grow their base through interactive, creative, hands-on experience. Ed is an engaging host who knows his stuff and is equally comfortable in front of a crowd and a camera.

Stencil 1- Deer Stencil Table Liner

YOUWILLNEED Ed Roth Deer Stencil // Book // Craft Paint // Glitter // Craft Knife // Scissors // Tape // Pouncer // Fiskars Paper Punch
Step ONE: 
Tear out a few pages from a book. You can use any book that you have laying around but for some reason I always crafts with pages from Twilight. I guess I am still a die hard fan. Yes. I still dream of turning into diamonds like Edward did. Go ahead, judge.

You can rip the pages out or use your crafting knife to get a nice fine line. If you don’t have one just grab your trusty pair of scissors.

Step TWO: Get your paper punch and punch those pages till they can’t be punched anymore. Notice I am only doing the sides of the sheet. It’s kinda like edging your hairline or your yard. I think. I don’t edge either of those so it’s just a guess.

Step THREE: Line the pages up on top of each other and tape them down on the back side.

book page paper punch
Step FOUR: Grab your deer stencil and place it on the bottom of your “book sheet table liner”. Grab your dauber and pounce your little heart out with your color of choice.Continue doing this until your get to the end of your liner.  I liked the masculine look of orange or I just thought it’s was sorta “Urban Country” looking. While your paint is still wet sprinkle a little bit of glitter on top and let it dry till the cows come home. That is about 20 minutes.

Or if you are impatient like me you could blow dry that baby.
book page table runner deer head stencil


Note cards are always fun to make which is why you have to see what I made on some precious rainbow cards!

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 Burlap Canvas Display As part of the Michael’s Makers team I will be creating crafty challenges each month. The challenge this month was to choose a product from the raw bar and and I chose the burlap stretched canvas to create a  Burlap Canvas Display.

Next month Michaels Stores is releasing a new line of products called Raw Bar and guess who got a little sneak peek, ME! I can’t wait for you to see this line so be on the lookout starting on August 8th because it will be available in all Michaels stores nationwide.  Michaels created the Raw Bar because customers requested raw surfaces that are unfinished and easily craft-able.

The Raw Bar is made by materials that are completely inspired by nature and some of the surfaces include wood, metal, canvas, chalkboard, cork, and burlap. Are you in mad love yet?

You will need:
♥Canvas Burlap
♥Cork Ribbon
♥Chalkboard Spray Paint
♥Miniature Easel
♥Wooden Spools
♥Glue Gun

I know what you are thinking when you see this cork ribbon, “where has this been my whole life”… I will say it’s not thick enough to stick a tack through and hold something up but it’s very pliable and easy to work with. It’s truly the perfect “natural” touch to add to any craft you are working on! DSC_0479

I purchased this miniature easel from Michaels and they are so precious.  DSC_0485

Step ONE ♥ Spray paint your easel and wooden spools. You might have to spray one side and wait for it to dry before you move on to coat the rest.

Step TWO  ♥ Once your wooden spools are dry you can add a dab of hot glue to one side of the spool.  DSC_0489

Step THREE  ♥ Carefully place the wooden spools on the top two corners of your canvas. These can be used merely for decoration or you can hang trinkets from them. Very versatile.  DSC_0487

I love the contrast of the black chalk paint against the burlap canvas. It’s very natural and shabby chic.  DSC_0491

Step FOUR ♥ Tear off a piece of cork ribbon. You will flip when you feel how awesome this ribbon is. I can see little girls already with cork bows in their beautiful hair.  DSC_0496

Step FIVE ♥ Once you cut a decent length of ribbon off of the roll, you will fold it up a few times like below. You will then get your scissors and cut directly in the middle.  DSC_0497

Step SIX ♥ Turn your burlap canvas over and place your cork ribbon along the back side to figure our how long or short you want your hanger to be.  DSC_0498

Step SEVEN ♥ Once you decide on the length of your ribbon add a line of hot glue down the back side of your canvas and quickly place the ribbon on top of it. Careful not to burn yourself! Or if you do just yell really loud and you will feel MUCH better!  DSC_0500

This is what your canvas will look like once you are done with the ribbon.  DSC_0501

Step EIGHT ♥ Make sure your easel is sprayed completely with the chalkboard spray and once it’s dry add hot glue to the back side of the easel.  DSC_0502

Step NINE ♥ Place the easel directly in the middle of the canvas. How cute is this! DSC_0505

Step TEN ♥ This is optional but I added a little clothespin that is a part of the line at the very top of the easel. I’ll tell ya, hot glue is like magic ♥

Now we can hang things from the spools, clip something with the clothespin or open up the easel and place a picture or anything that makes you happy on it.  DSC_0507



I think this would be so cute in a bathroom, bedroom, office space or in a spot where you want to display cute things.  burlap canvas display


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July Challenge: Raw Bar

“Hip Hop Hooray, Hoooo” for the DIY Leather Cuff we are making today… Right about here you can insert a big old turquoise rock in my mouth. For some reason I am listening to sad, sad music on my computer but that song is BLASTING in my head. It’s probably because Marisa Pawelco’s die cuts are amaze-balls!


I am all about buying leather cuffs because let’s face it it’s easier and most of us don’t have the patience to sit there and cut a perfect line on leather. Remember when I made this one! I think Marisa though of all the impatient people out there when she designed her line with Sizzix!

♥→Today I will show you how to use an awesome crafting tool and how to create the most unique leather cuff using it.

DIY Leather Cuff If you are like me then you are totally in love with this turquoise rock! Let’s get started.
you will need
Scraps of Leather \ Brush \ Adhesive Bling \ Scissors \ Yarn \ Fabric Paint (optional) \ Sizzix Sophisticate Machine Only \  Sizzix Originals Die: Chained \ Sizzix Originals Die : Fashion Cuff

Hey! If you want to purchase any of the items I used in this tutorial you can click on the links above and get them all from the SAME spot! They are affiliate links which means you are helping me buy more glitter and gold to make you happy crafts!

leather cuff supplies The Sophisticate machine comes with a few parts that you will have to assemble, but don’t worry it’s simple! sizzix marisa pawelko

1. Insert the handle into the side of machine
2. Use the screw driver that came with the machine to secure screw inside of the handle
3. Insert the rubber cap that covers the hole

VOILA! Pretty simple huh! sizziz die cut

On each side of your die cut machine you press where the sticker is and the sides will flip open.  marisa pawelko sizzix machine

These are the two die cuts we will be using today.

P.S. Do not remove the foam and be careful because the metal inside the rubber is really sharp.
Said no one who sliced their finger trying to “dissect” the chains.
marisa pawelko die cuts

You have two cutting pads that come with the machine and you will need both every time you cut something.
marisa pawelko

To start you will lay out your leather scrap and place one of  the cutting pads on top. With a pair of fabric scissors cut as close around the pad as you can. This does not have to be “perfect”, we just don’t want too much hanging off the edges.
cutting leather

This is how you will layer everything before we start inserting it into the machine.
1st layer: Cutting Pad
2nd layer: Die Cut of choice
3rd layer: Leather
4th layer: Cutting pad.

It’s like a crafty sandwich. Speaking of sandwiches, I think I want one with chips smashed on it.
leather crafts

Keep it all together nice and neat while inserting into the machine. The great thing is it’s convenient for anyone regardless if you are right handed or left.

Shoots, you can even do it with your feet if you want.  making leather cuffs

This is what it will look like when you run it completely through the machine. How amazing! It’s like a slice of heaven on a platter. Check out how precise it cuts and those dots…PERFECTION. easy leather cuff

diy leather cuff

I love how detailed all of her die cuts are. Check out the chains! I have so many ideas just looking at them.
chain die cuts

I am also in love with the negative space in this leather. You can even use this as a stencil now. leather diy

I am using shiny lion brand yarn for my string. I love this tan color. If you don’t like the way I am attaching the yarn you can simply tie a knot or put a chain on the ends. It’s really so versatile.  7.jpg

chain link die cut

I am dressing up my black leather cuff with a sheet of blingy bling that you can cut then stick on anything.

Are you drooling yet?! I am.

bedazzled leather cuff

fun diy crafts easy cuff diy For this cuff I attached one of the leather chain cut outs on top of my plain leather cuff. This will make any arm happy, for real.   fashion blogger

chained leather cuff

chain cuff tutorial

bedazzled cuff

MARISA PAWELKO LEATHER CUFF DIE CUT I hope you enjoyed this tutorial because it’s so stinking cute. Make sure to check out Marisa Pawelko’s site because she super cool.

From Sizzix:

This Sizzix Blog Hop is totally spectacular! Are you ready for some really rad projects? Hop with us today to check out who has been making what with Marisa Pawelko’s line of unique and snazzy Sizzix dies from The Modern Surrealist collection! Her designs will put a little sparkle and extra pizzazz into your day. With the versatile Sizzix Originals dies and the Sizzix SophistiCut Machine you can make fun and easy jewelry, add some perk to your fashion, brighten up your space with a little lively décor- and whatever other exuberant crafts you can imagine up!

Hang out with these designers, see what awesomeness they’ve made, leave them some love and join us back here to share what goodness there was to be had:

Jennifer Priest @hydrangeahippo
Tiffany Johnson @iheartart
For this Sizzix Blog Hop featuring the Marisa Pawelko line of Sizzix products, The Modern Surrealist, Sizzix will ALSO be giving away this scandalous prize of over $150 retail value! It includes these phenomenal items: Sizzix SophistiCut Machine, Trucker Cap Mini Card, Big City, Fashion Cuff, Cheetah Overlay, Lush Lips, Sunglasses

Enter your email address below for a chance to win these fabulous Sizzix products!

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I am a huge fan of anything Tie-Dye! If you don’t believe me check this out! I am always running across cool techniques that I feel everyone should see also. Which is why I created this AMAZING roundup! If you are like me then you will be so inspired after seeing all of these tutorials.

♥It’s like a bowl of 10 different ice cream flavors all put together. What you don’t like ice cream? It’s ok cause you will like this ice cream! Hope you enjoy. Don’t forget to SHARE this post all over your social media sites because everyone needs to get inspired to be creative. 35 AWESOME Tie-Dye Tutorials

large-final 1. Spice up your wardrobe with this Powder Dyed Shirt
// via Jaderbomb

DIY-bleach-tie-dye-text 2. This shirt would look fabulous with a pair of leggings or some skinny leg jeans. Bleach Tie Dyeing
// via Swell Blog

denimtiedye81 3. Why be boring when you can sport a Tie Dye Denim shirt
//via Honestly WTF

4. This Swimsuit Cover Up will make any head turn at the beach.
// via Applepins

Tie-Dye-Firework-Napkins 5. These Tie Dyed Firework Napkins are so gorgeous you could sport them all year long!
// via Freutcake


6. I love the ombre dying technique in this Tie Dye Beach Bag , but let’s not forget how fabulous the gold is!
// via MintedStrawberry

embroidery1 7. Whether you are filling in space on your walls, looking for that perfect gift or just in the mood to craft then these Indigo Dyed Embroidery are the perfect thing!
// via Lovely Indeed

8. I look the look of a these Tie Dyed T-Shirt Bandanas
// via Prettylifeanonymous.blogspot

tiedye61 9. Why shop in the store when you can make your own Bleach Tie-Dye blouse
// via Honesty WTF

howtomake-rainbowsocks 10. Rainbow Socks, it’s what all the “cool” kids are wearing!
// via I Love to Create Blog

pillows2 11. These Sharpie Watercolor Pillow Cases are so modern and chic
// via DIY Design Happens

12. This Neon Tie-Dyed Lamp shade will give you that extra pop of color in any space. Great craft for the kids also!
// via Jaderbomb

DSC_0124-1 13. I love adding pops of color to my hair. These Permanent Tie Dye Marker Hair Ties will surely do that.
// via HeyWanderer

79d5ef760e384694a59f01f713f4ceec_retcust11_107 14. How amazing is this Tropical Twist Tepee. Your kids will love it and adults can have just as much fun with it!
// via I Love to Create

shirt 15. Learn how to make this Green Spiral Tie Dyed Shirt and you will never be fashionably late!
// via Calico Skies

SunburstJeans1 copy copy 16. Sunburst Jeans are completely in this summer so why not make your very own!
// via Gina Michele

17. Do you have left over tshirts? Because if you do then you can learn how to do Finger Knitting with them. Warning this is addicting!
// via Jaderbomb


18. I love how Chic this Tie Dyed Summer Scarf is. Throw on a pair of jean, white shirt,this scarf and you are sure to turn ton’s of heads.
// via The Zen of Making


19. Tie Dye Denim jeans will look good paired with any blouse. I think everyone should have at least one pair!
// via Swellmayde

indigo1 20. Shibori Dyed Kitchen Towels are very chic and modern. I can see these as curtains!
// via Lovely Indeed

navytiedye1 21. This Bleach Tie Dyed Swaddle Blanket is the perfect gift for a mom to be.
// via Say Yes

Watercolor_Poppies-8 22. You will never walk around with a plain tote once you see how easy it is to make this Watercolor Poppies Tote
// via Whimseybox

7c166e6e-1487-4d8e-8995-42610ebb29a9retcust12_064_c 23. Splash of Style Tie Dyed Pillows are great to make for every occasion. Easy and affordable.
// via I Love to Create

modelshot 24. What a bold fashion statement when wearing these Tie Dyed Galaxy Shoes
// via Swellmayde

Legs031276752s 25. I promise these Tie Dyed Leggings will make you feel so magical when you wear them!
// via The work is getting to me

BlueTieDyeShirt_zpsc2273841 26. Pleated Fabric Dyeing is the new and upcoming thing kids!
// via Gina Michele

Z0A6589_v2 27. Indigo Dyed Sheets and Hand Towels will make you sleep so much better, wink wink.
// via The Sweetest Occasion

IMG_7693 copy 28. I love that I can finally put all my sharpie markers to a good use while making a Sharpie Tie Dye shirt. How unique!
// via Alisa Burke

29. Tie Dyed Sheets and Pillow Cases
// via Design Love Fest

tote-bag-pastèque6 30. Watermelon Tie Dyed Tote ‘s are back!
// via Madame Citron

Spray Painted T-shirt 31. Get creative and make a Spray Painted T-Shirt. You will be shocked at how you can dress this up!
// via ohsoprettythediaries

tie-dye-beach-cover-up-photo2 32. Make this Tie Dye Beach Cover Up for the beach or as a summer dress. This would look great with a pair of nude heels.
// via Trinketsinbloom

chambray9 33. This Bleach Dipped Chambray Shirt technique is so amazing.
// via See Kate Sew

6a00d8358081ff69e201630117f14d970d-800wi 34. Chic Summer Dyed Shirt will brighten up anyone’s mood.
// via A Beautiful Mess

IMG_2377 35. Looking for an easy way to “Revamp your bed sheets“. You don’t want to miss this great tutorial!
// via tutsplus


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Today I will be showing you how I made this “Waterproof Duck Tape Beach Bag”.  I created this for FISKARS and you can get the full tutorial by clicking on the link above. 

I know what you are thinking. Is it “wine” or “beer” proof. I have not officially tried it but having a bag this cute on my shoulder I would assume it would hold anything that could possibly be dear to my heart. That would include BEER and WINE.

Yep. I am from the South. Yep when you spill any wine or beer we literally call it “alcohol abuse”. HEHE!

This bag was so much fun to make and I am totally digging the big pink and white stripes. It’s bold, bright and beautiful. I will say this, I see ton’s of other bags in my near future. Duck Tape’s neon colors are the best thing to make a bag with and they always look great paired with a clean crisp white. ENJOY!
Waterproof Duck Tape Beach Bag DSC_0775 Wanna check out my other projects I created for Fiskars? Clickity Click HERE!

DIY-PHOTO-CREDIT- Photography: Jaderbomb// DIY tutorial by: Jaderbomb // Craft Supplies: Duck Tape and Fiskars  // Sponsored Post for: Fiskars


Don’t forget to connect on social media! Make sure to use use the hashtag #JADERBOMB and you might see your stuff on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook. HAVE A GLITTERY DAY! ♥, Jade



Duck Tape Organizing Caddy I don’t know about you but I absolutely love mini organizing stations. Sometimes a good one can be hard to come by which is why today I am going to show you an easy way to create a duck tape organizing caddy. One that can go in any space,literally. The one thing I love about this caddy is you can choose the exact design or color of Duck Tape that you want! You can use this for a craft station, wrapping station, art station or a toy station. Let’s get started!

You will need:
Wooden Stool ( I am using a natural color but you can paint them if you want)
Duck Tape (your choice of color)
Fiskars Non Stick Scissors
Trash Bag (any color)


duck tape caddy The great thing about this crafts is choosing the colors you want! The Duck brand has so many options now I am certain you will not get stuck in that department.

I will tell you if you are a duck tape fan these scissors are a must. They glide through the tape without sticking and we all know that makes our crafting a dream come true. Fiskars created these scissors specifically for The Duck Brand. They come in two different sizes and you won’t regret getting both sizes!

duck edition fiskars scissors

DIY VINTAGE BOTTLE LABELS Step 1: Cut the sides of your trash bag and lay it out on a flat surface.
Step 2: Lay your stool on it’s side. It does not matter which side you work with initially.
Step 3: Grab a marker and trace out the “inside” of the side section.
Step 4: Reverse the stool and trace the same section like below.
Step 5: Cover the entire section of your outline with duck tape. It’s ok if the tape runs over the outlines.  DSC_0958 This is what it will look like when it’s done completely filled.

duck tape crafts Step 6: Flip your trash bag over. You will still see your sharpie line even when flipped over. Kinda cool huh! duck tape crafts Step 7: Grab your Fiskars duck edition scissors and cut along the lines.   duck tape pouch

duck tape fashion Step 8: Fold your cut out in half. This is the start of a bag that will hang on the stool.
bags made with duck tape
Step 9: Place a strip of duck tape along the side of the bag leaving enough hanging over the edge to fold on the other side.  duck tape bag

Step 10: Cut off the excess along the “bottom” of the bag. DO NOT cut the top pieces off.
fiskars duck edition scissors
These are the top straps. Because there is some sticky tape exposed we will use this to hang the bag onto the stool.  plastic bag crafts hanging basket diy

If you want to make a large bag do the same thing. Lay the stool out sideways and trace out the top and bottom section, twice.  stool ideas Fill in the space like you did earlier for the small bag. how to make a bag Cut out your pieces making sure to not cut the sections in half. We want this bag to be long! We are doing the same steps as we did for the small bag. Pretty simple ey! duck tape fashion crafts
Place one piece on top of the other. If you have any piece that looks too long you can trim it now.
decorative duck tape
Tape up the sides and bottom, trimming the excess when done. For this bag I cut the top straps because I will show you how to make your own straps.  patterned duck tape bags
To make the straps take a strip of duck tape and cut it in half. You can just place these on the back side of a bag you make then attach it to a bar on your stool. Once you get going on these bags they will get easier and easier.

You can spice up your bag by adding a strip of duck tape along the bottom. Take a strip fold the top part down a little then adhere it to the bag with the sticky part.


craft station duck tape caddy
easy crafts with duck tape how to organize crafts DUCK TAPE CADDY TUTORIAL DUCK TAPE CRAFT STATION DIY EASY CRAFT STATION

DIY-PHOTO-CREDIT- Photography: Jaderbomb// DIY tutorial by: Jaderbomb // Craft Supplies: Duck Tape // Sponsored Post for:The Duck Brand


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Happy July 1st! Let’s clear up a few things.

♥Today I am sharing my latest post “HOW TO MAKE A GALAXY SHIRT” on the I Love To Create Blog! You really can’t miss this one because one it’s SUPER cool and two it’s super COOL! It’s like if you could combine the universe and a shirt together. Pah!

♥Having trouble feeling “HAPPY”, check out how I get out of my funky mood when it springs on me like a boomerang.

♥This whole Mercury Retrograde shenanigans is finally over today around 5pm. Not sure what this means, let me tell you. Pretend you are on this big flaming ball (for the last month) and there is NO air or breeze, you are burning but, not burning. Enduring it all while trying to eat a blow pop or an icee. Pretty much impossible right. Still confused? Read this to understand

♥Onto bigger and better things. I won’t tell you because you have to check out the video to see for yourself! OK fine. I will give you a hint, if you love TIE-DYE then you will LOVE this video!


Wait, are you in love yet? If so check out the other T-shirts that my AWESOME friends made!

DIY-PHOTO-CREDIT- Photography: Jaderbomb// DIY tutorial by: Jaderbomb // Tshirt: Gildan // Craft Supplies: Tulip // Model : Haley Auld Sponsored Post for: I Love To Create 


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First of all, happy SUNDAY! I know, I am kinda late with my Thurs-diy roundup. Today I will share nice fantastic summer projects. What can I say I have been chasing and counting stars from one end of my world to the next. It’s kinda crazy how life happens right?!?! Have you seen these roundups yet?

It’s like BAMMMMM.

I wonder if the universe is looking down laughing saying “HAHAH, hey pluto pass the popcorn”… This will be a good one! Better late than never,right. So coming to you live from JBCC (Jaderbomb’s Crafty Corner) is this weeks roundup. Make sure to check all of them out.
9 awesome diy tutorials

 1. Margot Potter shows us how to make a delicious Orange-arita ……..I think I could drink about 48 of these right now! 

2. Mark Montano loves buttons as much as I do!  You have to make these large button steps! It’s always nice to dress up your yard with fun things! 

3. Mark Montano shows us how to make a comfy, cozy beach cover up. You will not guess what he made it out of!

4.  Cathie Filian shows us how to deck out any space for a picnic or any patriotic event! You will flip when you see how cute the decor is!

5.  If you missed my latest post you will go to the Universe and back. Check out the galaxy shirt I made because you won’t believe how I created it! P.S. knots and ties involved!

6. Cathy Attix always creates the best fashionable items. If you love necklaces and macrame then you have to check this out.

7.  Kathy Cano-Murillo shows us how to swim, eat and drink in style with this unique styrofoam pool floatie! The design speaks so loud you might not even need to put a drink in it!

8.  Heather Mann made the cutest patriotic jewelry with things from the hardware store. Seriously from the HARDWARE store. Any guesses on what she made?

9.  Debi Beard made me these cute birthday shoes with faux frosting and sprinkles. Ok, so she didn’t make them for me but if they are an 81/2 you can just mail them to me. I mean they are THAT cute.  Good enough to eat!

I know you will enjoy each and every tutorial in today’s post. What have you been doing lately? Any crafts you are working on?

\\ I recently announced that I was going to be working with Michaels as one of their “Michaels Makers” which pretty much means I am blogging for them. Check out my FIRST post I did for them. All I am gonna tell you is SHABBY CHIC…

\\ I also can officially talk about my partnership with Fiskars! Make sure to read all about it here!

\\ We all know that Orange is the New Black is back on. I mean, season 2. Me and some friends did a fun #oitnb roundup and created things based off of the show! Check it out because it’s funny!

Well! Today is the perfect day to share some exciting news with you along with my first project as a Michael’s Maker. This is a huge deal and I am tickled pink that I was offered this amazing opportunity to work with a brand that already owns my pocketbook (hehe). Being a part of this program will give me the chance to share exciting news about Michael’s and the crafts that they sell in the store.

Did I mention there are 29 other stellar bloggers creating each month with me! I know, pinch me.


The news I am sharing today will knock you out of your seat. For real!

You can now shop ONLINE at Michael’s . Word to your mother, right! Now I will never have to get on the road and politely run anyone over in desperation for the new packet of glass glitter. Ready for a little secret undercover info, Michael’s now has project ideas and one click shopping for all of the products that go with each project. Yep, all in one spot. Just for you! No more seeking various sites to find that certain q-tip that makes the gilding adhere better.


While sifting through the projects on the Michael’s site I ran across these precious “Antique Chalky Finish Mason Jars” and fell in love. I viewed the actual project and became excited all over again when I noticed at the bottom i could add all of the items in my cart with just one click. That easy! This will come in handy for those that might not have a Michael’s store near them or if your store doesn’t carry all of the things you need!

Next on my project list is the Floral Pom Pom Garland, White Party Box Favors, and these Honey Jars

Let’s get started and I will show you how easy these mason jars are to make! ANTIQUE CHALKBOARD MASON JARS You will need: Mason Jars | Chalky Finish Paint | Chalk Markers | Twine | Chalk Board Tags | Foam Brushes | Sand Paper


I love the milky look to these chalky finishes. I was really pleased with how smooth they went on my mason jars. I think I will need one of each color now!  AMERICANA DECOR CHALK FINISH mason jar crafts Take off all your lids and place them on a clean surface. We will be painting these as well.  MASON JAR DIYS Start by painting your mason jar. You will add one coat but make sure it’s dry before adding another. Great news, this chalky finish dries super fast so by the time you get to your third jar your first one will be dry!

PINK CHALK PAINT Have fun with your colors and mix them up if you want. Remember you will be sanding some of the paint away so having other colors show up a little will add to that vintage look you are going for.

CHALK PAINT DIY Get your sand paper and lightly sand your jars and lids. Don’t worry, if you sand off too much you can apply more chalky finish paint.  SAND CHALK PAINT MICHAELS MAKERS Time to play with our chalkboard tags! Did I mention how much I am in love with these. I want to put them on everything. Remember they are already coated with a chalk finish so all you have to do is write on them with your chalk markers! CHALK BOARD NAME TAGS When you are finished putting the lids back on you can add your labels by wrapping the twine around the lid a few times then passing the twine through the tag then tie in the back. That simple, y’all! VINTAGE JARS HOW TO MAKE VINTAGE MASON JARS antique mason jars VINTAGE MASON JARS chalk board tags mason jar crafts vintage I hope you enjoyed the craft tutorial I shared and the exciting news from Michael’s! Let me know in the comment section what’s your favorite one step project on the site! We would LOVE to know!


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 “How to make Patriotic Candles” can be really easy and today I am showing you a preview of the candles I created for Fiskars! <—— Make sure to check out my page on their site! It’s a one stop shop to everything I create using Fiskars products!

(Make sure to click on the link above to get the FULL tutorial on everything I made in the pictures below)

I am absolutely in love with this tutorial I am sharing today. It’s bright, whimsical and fun! The great thing about is you can re-create this for an adult party or a kids party. Sometimes it’s easier to go to the party store and purchase all of your decorations but let’s face it, you are limited to what they have. This is the perfect way to get super involved in the party you are throwing and use the colors you want! Have fun!

P.S.Make sure to check out the new Fiskars Duck Edition scissors.


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Don’t forget to connect on social media!Make sure to use use the hashtag #JADERBOMB on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook so I can keep track of all your awesome creations! HAVE A GLITTERY DAY! ♥, Jade


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