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How to make a Cutout Night Ligh

I know it’s totally late and you are thinking “hey, what happened to jaderbomb’s craft today”… Right??!?
Well I guess all I can say is, it’s not midnight yet!! LOL
I have to get kinda mushy tonight/today and tell you no matter how hectic my day is I WILL FINISH THIS PROJECT…. After all, I AM doing what I love!  I have been blogging for about 2 years now. My brain is CONSTANTLY thinking of new things to come up with. This has totally been an outlet that has changed my life.  I have a busy life! I know everyone does. Please don’t take this as complaining because I would not have it any other way. I just want to tell you that I am so dedicated to this “project”….. Why is it a project? Well because it’s something I “HAVE” to do [[in my head]] and if I don’t then I have FAILED…..I know. That is a pretty big word. But it is time consuming and I really put alot of pride in my work, so the end result is very important to me!
Just know that even though it’s almost 11 p.m. at night and I am just finding time to myself I will do my blog if it’s the last thing I do. {{ i mean, supper is on the stove cooking for tomorrow night as I finish editing and writing all of this}}
insert tired eyes teeheheh
I can’t really explain the JOY I feel when I am crafting. Is there anyone else who feels like that? It’s like…..breathing.  I can’t remember a day my brain was NOT thinking of crafts!!! It’s kinda fun for me to {{{come up with things that I have not seen before}}}…..and I am sure you enjoy it too!
ok. enough musheeee…LET”S CRAFT….We can’t let Martha down!
p.s. you will need card stock and a hole puncher (used for eyes)
p.s. glossy mod podge is AWESOME even though I would recommend using the glitter one (you know I love glitter)… and you will need a brush!
p.s. this craft bond is glue that you can spray onto things and on the right is a VERY SHARP x-acto knife (you can find these at your local craft store)
p.s. OK… the only thing I am “tweeking” about this Martha Stewart project is THIS  LAMP… It “calls” for a night light but I just wanted to do a lamp.   Boy am I happy!!!
p.s. i printed out both because i just couldn’t pick!! make sure you cut on something that will not harm your knife or whatever is below it! MAKE SURE YOUR KNIFE IS SHARP or you will get jagged edges!
p.s. look how precious they look after you cut them out! sorry if mine were not perfect, i was kinda having difficulties with my “knife not being sharp enough” … the leaves go in the INSIDE of the shade as does the baby koala. You will see it on the template
p.s. even though you are coating with mod podge you need the back to be really secure onto the surface it is going on!
p.s. OMG! these are so cute! I had to turn off the lights and try to get a good picture of how it looks as a “night light”.. I am so pleased! I added a little glitter to the top of my tree to add a little sparkle!

I have to say OVERALL this project was FUN! The only thing that I had to do over and over was cutting out the shapes. They are really tiny and my knife sucked was not the best. PLEASEEEE not to rush in order to finish this craft because you really want clean crisp edges. Once everything is cut out and glued on you want to coat over the image with mod podge.  

Sending you koala’s to ride on your back all night long,

Just incase you are not aware of my countdown I am doing right now you can click HERE to read all about it!!!
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