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Happy Birthday Martha Stewart! Today’s post is dedicated to my best friend, Martha! I know what you are thinking. Jade, does she know she is your best friend and my answer is yes. When I texted her this morning she was so excited to hear from me. She asked me to send her some crawfish and a zydeco cd.

OK. FINE. She doesn’t know we are “best friends” but if we were I would treat her to the best birthday ever, the CAJUN way. I altered the photo below so she could visualize her birthday with me, however the portrait of her and I is legit. If you want to read my story of the first time I met her and watch my episode from the show click here! ENJOY!

Martha’s Cajun Birthday

martha stewart birthday

♥ I would surprise her with eggs for breakfast. I don’t do poached, sorry Martha. I would put a crap load of bacon grease in a magnalite pot and when it starts to boil I would throw her egg in it. This is known as heart attack eggs here. Let me also say these eggs will be from Wal-Mart not my back yard. I guess I would get “organic” for her. I would serve it with a bowl of hot cajun grits. I swear this delightful dish takes bacon, egg and grits to a whole new level. Calories. None. 

♥After breakfast I would tell her to put some boots, not Hunter. I prefer white boots known here as Cajun Reebok’s. I would take her to watch the sun rise on a 4-wheeler alongside a mosquito infested swamp. What can I say, we have the prettiest sunrises in Louisiana but it comes at a good cost.

♥ After the sunrise tour I would take her to a mud pit and we would wrestle like pigs. Isn’t mud good for the skin? She would know this.

♥ It’s almost noon at this point so I would take her to a random house of her choice and knock on the door. Yes, the saying is true everyone in Louisiana welcomes you with open arms, unless they don’t have any then they would probably wrap their legs around you. Wondering why we are at a random person’s house? DUH, for lunch! Everyone has rice and gravy cooking on a Sunday. I can’t promise her what kind of meat will be in that gravy but hey, Martha is fond of “delicate” meat so she will be good. Worse case scenario, I will tell her it’s chicken.

♥ After lunch she might be sick. Why? Well because once you eat our rice and gravy you will know what I mean. (wink wink)

♥ When she feels better (after a nap on the random person’s sofa) I will call my long time friend Kristy from Swamp People. Yes, they film it right here in Louisiana. She will take us on a luxurious horse back ride to get to a dock. We would then get in a random boat and go find a gator. Remember everything belongs to everyone here, including the boats. At this point in the day Martha will be sweating profusely because it’s HOT here. The heat “might” make her feel ill since she practically ate greasy eggs for breakfast and random meat for lunch.

♥ At the end of the day I would take her to a random house here, preferably one with a swing in the back yard. You know what kind of swing I am talking about, one like this. I would tell her to plop herself in it and I would push her while watching the sunset. Again, she would be eaten alive by mosquitos but it will be totally worth it. Good news is I am immune to them. She would then BEG me not to leave and adopt me.

I have a feeling when she reads this she will have her assistant book her flight asap. I know this birthday sounds GREAT but this is a 17 star trip so no, I can’t treat everyone to this kind of day. I think we can all agree Martha deserves it! Martha if you are reading this and you need to spruce up your french, check out my cajun dictionary here. Check out this fun video where Martha makes an appearance.

Oh Martha, incase you didn’t know I am one of your 12 Months of Martha bloggers! Come check out all of my crafts here.

Don’t forget to connect on social media! Make sure to use use the hashtag #JADERBOMB on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook so I can keep track of all your awesome creations! HAVE A GLITTERY DAY! ♥, Jade

P.S. If you LOVE printables then check out my site where you can download hundreds of FREE printables!


The rest of this week a few crafty bloggers are joining together with  Infarrently Creative’s “Show Your State Pride”  tour to conquer the world, or just every state.  Each day there will be a handful of us sharing something special about our STATE! Make sure to check out Infarrently Creative’s blog on Monday the 23rd for a ridiculously huge link party! Since I am from the crunk state of LOUISIANA I figured I would add a little FINE ART with FOLK ART. These are not for sale! This is completely an inpiration post and it is illegal to sell anything with the blue dog in it! My main goal is to show you how to draw on tiles using Sharpies!

I am linking to a crazy talented blogger so you have to check out what she did for her STATE project! Roeshel @ DIY Show Off


I was born and raised in good ole Louisiana. I have traveled to many places throughout my years but I have to be honest, nothing compares to Louisiana. It’s truly like another planet when I compare it to other places. Louisiana is known for many things. One of the hot spots is New Orleans and everyone knows about Mardi Gras! I live close enough that I can hop in my car and hang out for the day then come on home!

Our culture is filled with Mardi Gras, jazz music, crawfish, the Saints, great museums, people dancing at every nook and cranny, food cooking in any home you go to at any time of the day, where everyone is called “sha & baby”, George Rodgrigue, big swamps, Bourbon Street, strong drinks,and strangers who give hugs instead of looking at the ground.  I am a proud girl from this quirky state. I hope you enjoy this fun tutorial!

Sharpie Coasters


Here is  little snippet of George. He is great and I love him. Here are some other fun facts about Louisiana.




I love making sharpie coasters. They are really easy and so much fun!


To make them look more like folk art I added a few fun quotes to them.

When you start clean your tile with glass cleaner then draw away. When you are completely done with your OWN coasters place them in an oven that is not heated. Place oven on 350 degrees and leave them in there for 30 minutes. When the 30 minutes is up do NOT take them out of the oven. Just like we heated them up slowly we have to allow them to cool down slowly. This last step will marry the sharpie with the tile and your image should be on for good. Now, I have to admit lot’s of people say this is dishwasher safe but I have no idea because I don’t have one! I would hand wash them anyway!


I sure hope you enjoyed this tutorial and learning a little bit about my great state. Please do not replicate the blue dog and try to sell as you can get into a lot of trouble!

Make sure to make your way to Tricia @ Simplicity in the South . What a perfect ending to my post right! 

Huge glittery hugs—See you in the next post! Visit me on FacebookTwitter,Pinterest, or Instagram!


Well here goes another dam edition of face it friday. That lovely day of the week where we are all forced to “face things”, well at least only here you are. Can you believe the 4th is over already? I thought my birthday celebrations were big, but holy guacamole-yyy. I didn’t have fireworks at my party. SMH = Shaking My Head.
{Can we say a little conceited “Merica” as Bernie Mac would say} At least my little one told me yesterday that he didn’t want to buy fireworks because they are a waste of money. Let’s face it that’s a SCORE!

let's face it

 On to bigger and better things. Like this shirt I ran across. Now before you freak out let me just say first that I love Brit, for goodness sake she is a Louisianaian just like me. How can I not love her! But let’s face it, how can we ever forget this radical moment in her life? SMH.

 My bestie bought me the best graduation present this year. Stackable mugs, which are rainbow. There is one problem though, every day I try to drink out of as many colors as possible. Yep this would be considered a little “cray cray” but let’s face it after I get through the yellow mug life get’s a little blurry. Maybe I can blame the caffeine for that.

In case you didn’t know I graduated from college in May!  I am still trying to get adjusted to the fact that I don’t have to go back in August but I will prolly just go anyways. I want to go to a large class all semester and see how long it takes for them to figure out that I am not actually enrolled. I am doing Dr. Evil’s laugh right. about. now. Let’s face it>>>>the speech we got for graduation was sorta… well boring?! I think it was so boring all I did was Vine videos while it was going on. One of my fellow graduates tagged me on facebook yesterday and said this is the speech we SHOULD have received. I liked the post and now I am sharing. Please watch, PLEASE!

The picture I decided to share today is from me and the wifey’s walk the other day. I seriously love eucalyptus. I love it so much that I “borrow” fresh pieces from our neighbors tree every once in a while. No, she does not know but I have a feeling deep down she would not mind. After all, her yard is a little “ungroomed” anyways. I am just trying to help!  But let’s face it, it’s much easier to get fresh eucalyptus when someone cut’s down a tree and has it all stacked on the side of the road. FU-REE.  We picked this bunch and walked for 2 more miles with it in tow.
let's face it friday.jpg

Happy Happy Joy Joy >>>>it’s Friday Y’all. Don’t forget to give someone a huge hug today and stop to smell the roses or eucalyptus.

jaderbomb love

Happy Saturday everyone! It’s Festival International here in Lafayette so you know what that means? It mean’s good food, good friends and good music! Last night I fell in love with a certain band. Seriously I always love hearing new bands but this one just won over my heart. I am not sure if it was the fact that they were all so cute, that they were wearing kilts, or that the energy they all had went superb together.  The name of the band is Bodh’aktan. Here is a fun video of them, I hope you enjoy them! Did I mention this was their first trip to the U.S.? If you like them make sure to buy one of their CD’s HERE.




Sending you big Festival International hugs!


 Hey everyone! Just a quick shot out to my Jaderbugs! I will TRY my best to post some stuff in the next couple of days but as you can see I am in the middle of this sucka  as we speak. Wanted to let you know incase I can’t post!

Hope everyone is having a great day!

Happy FRIDAY! It’s good ole Memorial weekend! I figured this was the best time to post my famous Dorito Chicken recipe! It’s like being punched in the face with lot’s of yumminess. Seriously. Doritos. Chicken. Who knew how delish this would be. You know everyone in the South bakes everything! I guess I will post my mother in laws FRITO salad next!!! (so good)

Now, I know once you see the ingredients of this baby you will feel like you gained a few LB’S! Just don’t read to much into the it! I swear! It’s one of those things you have to try (every other week)…haha

Plus that is why the SOUTH has the BEST food in the WORLD! Here is proof #1.


If you want to do a bigger batch use 3pounds of chicken and two cans of cream of mushroom. That’s it.


Set oven to 350˙now

2 lbs of boneless chicken breasts
1 bag of Doritos
1 can of cream of mushroom
1 can of corn
1 can of Rotel
1 16 Velveeta cheese block
1 onion
1 bellpepper
1 block of butter

1.  Boil your chicken. When it’s done shred each piece using two forks
2.  While your chicken is boiling saute your onion and bell pepper with your block of butter
3. When your veggies are soft add in your can of cream of mushroom, cook for about 10 min
4.  Once that has cooked add your can of corn and rotel, cook on low for about 10-15 min
5. While your corn and rotel are simmering cut up your cheese into cubes then slowly add them to your mixture! You want to stir the entire time you are adding them until they are fully melted.
6.  Once your cheese is melted add in your shredded chicken. MIX

Get your baking pan out, I use my lasagna dish. Spray pam on it. Coat the bottom of the pan with a little bit of the food you just cooked. Grab a handful of Dorito’s and crumble them good over this mixture. You will continue this process until the pan is full, or you run out of food (heeehehe)

It’s sorta like a lasagna if you think about it! Make sure your LAST step is adding a Dorito layer on top! Like this.

This is what it will look like in it’s LAST step. Cover with aluminum foil and pop it in the oven for 25 minutes. You will be delighted when the aroma of this starts smelling your house!

Make sure you get one of these to “snack” on while your food is cooking!

 Ready to see the finale of this baby!

Yep. That’s all there is to it!

I hope all of you have a SAFE and wonderful weekend!

Crawfish Etouffee Recipe

I just had to share tonight’s dinner with you because it is so fabulous.  After a recent trip to California I felt it was necessary to share the EASIEST CRAWFISH ETOUFFEE recipe with my “Cali” girls since they all wanted me to cook for them.  Now, just know I made it as simple as possible so “anyone” can do it.

Étouffée or etouffee:
 (pronounced: [e.tu.fe] ay-too-fay) is a dish found in both Cajun and creole cuisine typically served with shellfish over rice. It is most popular in New Orleans and in the bayou country of the southernmost half of Louisiana.

 Ya know, Louisiana has some of the BEST food ever. Lafayette actually just won Southern Living’s tastiest town award!  Can you believe that! It’s amazing!
Click HERE if you want to read more about this!

Let’s get started!

 Grab a bell pepper and if you like, an onion.

Start by melting 2 sticks of butter. (I know, I know) Super healthy, right! Have you ever seen Paula Deen?

 Dice your bell pepper and onion and throw them in the mix.

You KNOW I am using my “slap ya mamma” cajun seasoning. Just add a little sprinkle in the pot.

Add 2 pounds of crawfish and sautee for a while until everything becomes wilted… Ya know, a little SOFT!

After sautéing for a bout 15 minutes add a can of Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup.

Add a splash of Louisiana HOT SAUCE. (ya know us cajun’s NEVER measure)
Just add till you feel it’s spicy enough.

 Sprinkle some garlic salt (um…about a teaspoon) to add a twist of garlic in it!

Well lookie here! We have some FABULOUS food to eat! How simple and refreshing. Don’t worry if your belly feels REALLY full, it’s supposed too! You can put this on top of rice, baked potato or a juicy steak! Toast some bread and that will really finish it off.
p.s. don’t forget your sweet tea!

Just “incase” you can’t get crawfish locally you can order some from The Louisiana Cajun Crawfish Co.
I  hope you enjoy making this yummy meal and lemme know how it comes out!

Don’t be afraid to add your own seasonings to to satisfy your taste buds! I typically add WAY more but wanted to keep it simple for ya!

Sending you full bellies full of LOVE,

I received product for this post. All opinions expressed are 100% mine. 

Duncan Hines Angel Food Cake REVIEW

I have always LOVED to bake. My mom was/IS a great baker and I would like to think I have a little bit of her ” baking” genes. {haha}

I love making things from scratch. Not the biggest fan of box mixes.

I ran across a certain box mix the other day and it just made me wonder if it would taste like my “homemade” version.

I guess from what I hear a lot of people use box mixes. I mean I don’t blame you! They are easy and fast. Ya know though, there is something special about getting out that big mixer and an apron. Something about getting flour all over and making a little mess. Maybe it’s the memory I have of flour all over and me and my mom baking. I have this certain picture of me and mom baking in the kitchen. I must have wiped my hands on my {{{you know what}}} and you know my mom got it on film. TWO perfect little hand prints made out of flour. I need to find that picture because I swear for some strange reason I remember that particular day.

Isn’t that funny how you can “not” remember so much but then you can remember things from when you were so little?!?!? CUH-Razy!!!

Let me start this post because momma is tired from working so hard this weekend!

I know cake is cake but do you think this “angel” food cake will be delicious? ?!?!? Let’s SEE!

So here is the box that caught all of my little attention! I swear I wanted to jump through the box and eat all of the blueberries! AND IT’S FAT FREE!!!

Pour all of the mix into a large mixing bowl and add your water. (just make sure you follow the directions on the back of box)

Now this part is important. You can’t mix for very long! This could mess up the whole cake if you don’t follow these directions to a T!!!! {{{I would NOT know}}}haha

I used our wonderful kitchen aid that is from mother in law (thanks it is the best thing ever)! You can get one HERE!!!

RIGHT after you mix your cake mix pour it into your pan and stick it RIGHT in the oven.  Do you remember Martha Stewart’s Blueberry-Lemon Bundt Cake??? If you have not seen this recipe click here to check it out! 

I’m decided to make my OWN topping. I didn’t want to use whip cream so I grabbed a box of Pistachio pudding. Make sure you click on that link to check out all of Jell-O ‘s awesome flavors.  I LOVE THIS STUFF… oh, and some strawberries and blueberries.

Mix your pudding and set aside.

Now doesn’t this look so pretty! I somehow deleted the AWESOME picture I took of this baby in the oven. I swear ashy was laughing the whole time because it was getting SOOOOO big she swore it was going to touch the top of the oven! I was like a mad scientist in the kitchen. I can’t lie. This turned out better than I thought. I wasn’t as soft as my homemade one but the flavor was great! I guess for the future if I need to recommend a cake mix this would be the one!

I hope you had a great weekend and didn’t work everyday like I did! Is it REALLY already MONDAY? Lawd!

Wishing there were a gazillion hours in a day,

* All opinions expressed are 100% mine.  

DIY: Mardi Gras Bead Onesie

Happy (almost) Mardi Gras! Living in the SOUTH all of my life I got to experience the best of MARDI GRAS, year after year. I think most people in the world refer to New Orleans when they think of Mardi Gras. Lafayette gives New Orleans a run for it’s money! I grew up knowing that when Mardi Gras comes around it’s time to PARTY. Lemme tell you, people in the SOUTH can drink. Probably too much. I really love Mardi Gras for the Krewes, Balls, Parades and the best parties. 

What Mardi Gras is also known for is the BEADS!!!! I know you heard of what we do, right? It is “known” (fine it’s TRUE) that women AND men will do anything to get a bead, including lifting their shirts. Ya know, it’s like a free peep show, realllly free. Just warning ya now, your picture can appear all over the world in like…5 minutes so make sure if you DO lift your shirt that it is a bead with diamonds in it!! HAHA

During this holiday season you will see EVERYONE walking around with loads and loads of beads around their neck. It’s kinda like bad manners if you don’t have at least ONE bead around your neck. I found some pictures of me and some friends in New Orleans last year on my computer and I got to thinking. I know babies start young here and I wanted to create something that is super easy and ANYONE can do! Ya know, it’s prolly not the safest thing in the world putting loads of bead around an infants neck. JS

Let’s get started because I am ((((aghhhh)))) so excited!!!

Grab some “all in one” get ups!

Of course I used Martha Stewarts new line of paints. I got them from Michaels Arts and Crafts and they are AMAZING!

These are the colors of the paint used for this project. Make sure you note that some are glitter, high gloss and metallic.

Just in case you don’t know, her new line of paint can be used in multiple ways. One way that I love the most it being able to use it on fabric. Grab some fabric medium and follow the directions. It’s super simple and you can put ANYTHING you want on fabric!

Your MAIN tool though is this sucker! Yes! Can you believe it! Just a simple pencil.

I have these little trays I use for paint but if you don’t you can use whatever is laying around. A paper plate works great!

Just dip your eraser into the paint.

I put a piece of paper in between the two layers so the paint wouldn’t bleed through.

Start making dot’s. If you notice I am making a “eraser” bead necklace. How fun!!!! OH wait till you see the end result!!

This is what it should start to look like.

Doesn’t this look like something you could just eat up!

I know you are like… OMG!! This just makes me feel so happy inside. Oh, did I mention it’s a little safer than REAL beads choking a baby’s neck!!!

So this little get up is 18 month’s. I am doing a quick GIVEAWAY. If you want this or know someone who would like it then SIGN UP TO WIN IT! Plus it’s super fun to win things! 

To enter the GIVEAWAY you will need to leave a comment to this post and tell me why you love this onesie, why you love Mardi Gras or your favorite memory of Mardi Gras. If you have NEVER experienced Mardi Gras then just tell me what you like about this cutey patootie outfit! 

Extra entries are and extra way to enter!!!

Following me on Facebook  (extra entry)

Leave a comment on Facebook telling me why you love this outfit!  (extra entry)

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Subscribe to my feed on my website www.jaderbomb.com (it’s at the top right and you will enter your email)

Jaderbugs! That is up to 5 entries!!!! GOOD LUCK AGAIN!!! It will end on Saturday!!!

Trying to hurry and finish this post before my computer dies, 

Southern Living: The South’s TASTIEST TOWN AWARDS

OK everyone, Southern Living is giving different cities in the SOUTH a chance to win the title of “The South’s tastiest town” award.  Wanna know the best thing of all? Lafayette Louisiana is in FIRST PLACE right now! Louisville is right below us but with your vote we can stay on top!

Click on the picture that says VOTE Lafayette to go vote!

Here’s why Lafayette earned its ranking as one of the 10 Tastiest Towns in the South:

There are plenty of new reasons to linger in Lafayette. A new batch of homegrown chefs is delving deep into the region’s robust culinary roots, with stellar takes on Acadiana classics. Consider The French Press, where the vibe is hip vintage and the must-have dish is Sweet Baby Breesus (slider-size biscuits filled with bacon, fried boudin, and Steen’s cane syrup).

At Johnson’s Boucanière, Lori Walls serves homemade smoked meat and boudin, just like her parents did at their store in Eunice, Louisiana. Then there’s homecoming king Donald Link, who just opened his second Cochon here, Cochon Lafayette.

Cast your vote daily from December 22 through January 31 and you’ll help name The South’s Tastiest Town to be announced in the April issue of Southern Living magazine. Plus, you’ll be entered for a chance to win a $2,500 cash prize for a trip to any Tasty Town of your choice. How cool would that be!

Let me know what you think about this! Do you think your town should have been on the list? If so tell me why! If you have EVER been to Lafayette tell me what was the best think you ever ate!  I can’t wait to see who wins! Don’t forget to click on the links to check these awesome places out!

Dreaming of Prejean’s crawfish enchiladas and a ice cold coke in a bottle,

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