Well, Well, Well.
I know this is NOT a craft tutorial but I couldn’t help it! I just had to share this picture with you. Incase you ever wonder what goes into a craft, here it is. Yes, I have an AMAZING studio but for some strange reason I am MOST productive outside and squeezing everything I am using onto one chair. I could seriously buy 10 tables but will use the same old chair that’s been around forever!!!

I guess this old chair is like your your old pair of jeans that are completely broken in! RIGHT! I mean you can buy ten new pairs of jeans but you will always get that old pair out instead! Or you can buy a brand NEW pair that were completely over priced and squat down the wrong way then KAPOOSH!!!! Split strait in the crotch! Yep happened to me the other day during a photo shoot!!!!! {{rolling eyes}}.

This chair in the picture {{with all of my things on it}} has been around forever! It’s crazy how a piece of wood can inspire you!

The reason why I am posting this picture is because I thought it was really funny! I guess I do so many crafts that I never realized how many crafts are in one spot in my house! Who woulda thunk it! I love each of the crafts in the picture below and wanted to share them with all of my Jaderbugs!

1.  Tissue Paper Garland
2.   Paint Can Cross
3.  Redneck Night Light
4.  Glitter Wall Art
5.  Fabric Covered Flower Pot
6.  My recent Self- Portrait

I hope you have fun checking out a corner in my homey home! Stay tuned for a new tutorial tomorrow!

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