DIY: Tissue Paper Sconces

I know this picture is HUGE but how can you minimize something as pretty as this!!! “winking”

Do you ever run across things in your house that you just “can’t” get rid of. You don’t really want it, but you just don’t know what to do with it! Well that is what happened to me the other day! I have these wonderful rod iron sconces (that I used to LOVE) but I just don’t “LOVE” them as much as I used to. They were stuck in another room in our house that holds all the great things we just can’t get rid of!

Would that be considered HOARDING? {{insert big laugh}}

I love love love woking with tissue paper! One reason is it’s super affordable! You can do SO much with it and you can practically get it in every shade of color ever made!


Yep. This is all you will need! I got my tissue paper squares at Michael’s Art’s and Craft’s but you could get them at any craft store. I wanna say they were almost 3 bucks!

Get your Mod Podge and your brush out! Go to town applying the tissue paper all over the glass! If you did NOT purchase pre cut squares you can cut them yourself, or just tear pieces and keep the rugged edge on them. I bought my Mod Podge and Martha Stewart brushes at Michael’s also!

Pay attention to colors. You can achieve a wider variety of colors if you over lap colors. I have attached a color wheel at the bottom of this post so you can “know” what colors to overlap!

It’s coming along!!! I put the final product at the top of this post. I hope you really have fun with this and you can do this over ANYTHING you want. It’s super pretty when in sunlight!

I have come to realize I love color. The brighter the better. Here are some curtains in my house that I made and I will attach a link below!

Here is the link to my curtains! Check out my craft booth here, I used my curtains in my booth!!!

I hope you all have a GREAT day!!!!!

Thanks Women’s Day Magazine for liking this on Pinterest!

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10 thoughts on “DIY: Tissue Paper Sconces

  1. Janice

    Do you think I could do this on my ceiling fan light cover? I hate it lol! I have thought about do this but was scared about the light part.

    1. jaderbombllc Post author

      Janice: ABSOLUTELY! It would be PERFECT on a light cover!

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  4. Elle

    This is so fun and colorful! Aside from that, it’s very easy to do! The color coordination really helped in the overall look.

  5. Candle Supply

    Fantastic Jade, really well put together. You are so talented 🙂

    Do you have other tutorials like this. I’ve also re-pinned this to our pinterest account.



  6. DIYaddict

    Cute idea, but glass heats up if the light is left on for any extended period of time. I’d worry that the mod podge would melt or that this would pose a potential fire hazard?

    1. jaderbombllc Post author

      DIY Addict: I totally agree with you but the good news is all you need is a little tea light for this one. Not enough heat to mess with anything:)

  7. laseana

    Do you put mod podge then tissue paper then mod podge or just tissue paper then mod podge

    1. jaderbombllc Post author

      Laseana: I apply a little Mod Podge to the glass then place the tissue square on top. Apply coat of Mod Podge on top of tissue also.

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