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DIY Chevron Cork Coasters

chevron-cork coasters

What’s better than corks and chevron? Well maybe a good cold drink, preferably a Margarita. Ya know, my drink might just look better on top of this chevron cork coaster.

What do you think?

I have to admit creating good chevron lines can be a real task is you are tearing little pieces of tape and trying to line them up. You are going to flip when you see this new product that I used for my chevron cork coasters.



*Frog Tape Shape Tape in Chevron 
*Fiskars Amplify Mixed Media Scissors 
*Craft Paint
*Craft Brush
*Cork Sheet
cut chevron cork coasters

You can purchase the pre cut pieces of cork from any store these days and they are typically 12 x 12.  We are going cut measure out 4 x 4 squares with our pencil and ruler. Use your pencil to join the lines together.
diy chevron cork coasters

I am in love with these mixed media scissors by Fiskars. Trust me I use ton’s of scissors and these are by far my favorite. They cut through ANYTHING! Follow your pencil lines and cut all of the squares out. These scissors cut a perfect precise line!frog tape chevron tape for coasters

What? You hate cutting small pieces of tape to create chevron lines? No worries my friend, Frog Tape just came out with this “Shape Tape” and I promise it will save your life! You will have a whole new meaning of chevron after you use this. how to paint chevron cork coasters

The first thing you will do is paint your cork squares whatever color you want. Let them dry then place your shape tape on top. Gently press tape down with fingers then paint your cork square another color. Continue doing this with all of your squares until you complete them. Peel off your tape as soon as you are done then let them dry. chevron cork wall art

They are really magical. There were a few section’s that I had to touch up only because the cork was raised and paint fell through. For the most part you will end up with perfect chevron lines. If you want you could display your corks on the wall like this.

Instant ART!how to make chevron cork coasters

Beautiful!homemade chevron coastersI hope you enjoyed this tutorial. See you tomorrow!


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5 thoughts on “DIY Chevron Cork Coasters

  1. Doreen

    They’ve come out with Chevron tape? Are you serious? I must be dreaming. Your cork coasters are fabulous. Love your blog, Jade!

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  3. Angela

    Very lovely! I’m going to look for that tape very soon. I NEED it in m y crafting arsenal!

    I’ve seen numerous coaster tutorials and each time I find myself curious about their functionality once they’ve been coated with paint and/or sealed with Mod Podge. Are these you have done with just the paint still absorbent, or do drips from a glass pool on top to drip off each time it’s lifted?

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