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DIY Halloween Houses

Today is a perfect example of my motto “Why buy when you can DIY”. It’a almost Halloween and I always dress up my house and studio with DIY Halloween Houses. I love today’s craft because you can keep it when the holiday is over or toss them to avoid clutter. I know you are prolly thinking I am crazy for saying I would toss them but I am pretty over the top like that. It’s one of those things that I wouldn’t want to stuff in the attic. After all it’s not like it’s a Glitterville collectible.  With that said, you can purchase these cardboard houses from Hobby Lobby and they are really inexpensive. I think the large house was around $5 and the other two were $2 and $3 dollars. I hope you enjoy them!

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decorated cardboard boxes for halloween


You can purchase these from Hobby Lobby!paintcardboardhouse

I started by painting the houses with acrylic paint. I lined the roof with baker’s twine and added tissue paper to the front of house. diy halloween house

I used glass beads for the windows. For the curtain I used a paper straw and a piece of tissue paper. I let my godchild help me and I am so happy I did. It’s a fun craft that any kid can do and trust me it will keep them busy! halloweenroof

For the roof I used a little wooden planter and stuffed it with a fluffy boa! You can get these from the craft store also. I say use any fun goodies you have at home and be creative. After all that is where the fun comes in. how to decorate cardboard house

For the fence I cut a strip of Martha Stewart craft paper then added glitter to it. Just have fun with your house! halloween diy houses easy halloween diy houses

I hope you enjoyed these and you create your own magical houses for the holidays. See you in the next post!

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5 thoughts on “DIY Halloween Houses

  1. Bonita Robinson

    What a great idea. We had these for Christmas as a child, but now we can have them for all seadons. Love your ideas.


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