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Howdy Jaderbugs! I am so excited to share this tutorial with you today. I will be showing you some of Fiskars’ amazing boarder punches which I already know will make you go “Ohhhh and Ahhh” over. I simply love the lace paper punches the most. Let’s get started!


Let’s get started.  The things you will need are:

1. Glass Bottles
2.  Tape
3.  Scrapbook paper
4. Fiskar’s Boarder Punches

I will be using the Lacy Doubles Interchangeable Border Punch Cartridge for this tutorial.

Fiskar's boarder punch-jaderbomb.com

Fiskar's boarder punch-jaderbomb.com

When you are ready to start using your punch you will notice there is a picture of the design on the front of the cartridge. Look at my arrows because this is where you want to start your paper. It’s pretty easy once you do it one or two times. Make sure when press down that you do it one good time to ensure the blades go completely through the paper.

Fiskar's boarder punch-jaderbomb.com

 I decided to do both sides to make it look really fancy. By the way, I just used different size strips of paper that I had for this project.

Fiskar's boarder punch-jaderbomb.com

This is how it will look when you complete both sides. I love the accuracy of this product. I simply wrapped my strips of laced paper around my bottles and secured them in the back with a piece of tape.

Fiskar's boarder punch-jaderbomb.com

 I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I know once you do one you will  have a HUGE collection of interchangeable punches in your craft space. Be creative because you can do so much with these punches.



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