Vintage Apothecary

Wanna know what’s better than scouring old antique shops looking for vintage apothecary brown bottles? Making them with a good ole 6-pack of beer in 1 hour.

That is just how I like to roll, yo.

1. I don’t have the time to really dig through boxes of someones trash. Unless I am in GA at my sisters house.

2. I am not paying 20 bucks for a real “vintage” bottle.

you will need


See the ingredients are fairy simple.

– Beer bottles (and yes you will now start begging your friends to keep all of their trashy empty bottles now)

– Martha Stewart etching cream

– Martha Stewart oval stickers 

Did you see the glass dome I just made? I used this fabulous brown cream on it.


This bottle is clean in the beginning but we are about to dirty this baby up, or just make it look dirty.


Make sure you lather this cream on the bottle. The thicker,the better. Don’t put a thin coat and expect it to work. Not gonna happen.

Since we are creating a vintage apothecary bottle we need to keep in mind that the “dirty” sections are spaced out. Don’t coat the entire bottle at once. We want to put the cream in different areas.


Let your etching cream chill on the bottle for about 15-20 minutes. Rinse it off, then repeat the same steps.

This time put your etching cream in different spots and start overlapping the cream on spots you previously did.

vintage-glass make-vintage-glass-jaderbomb

I had left over daisies from this post so I figured I would put them to use once more.

I’m so cheap.

vintage-bottle-craft-jaderbomb vintage-etched-glass-jaderbomb


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
P.S. If your friends don’t drink then that means one thing. It’s time you start throwing some back! If you have not seen my 12 months of Martha make sure to check it out.

See you in the next post!


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