Bandana Curtains Tutorial

Good Morning my little JaderBUGS!!! How was your weekend?  Mine was great! It was full of ice, cold weather, {a little sun} and the superbowl.  How many of you REALLY watched the superbowl?! {shhhh i really didn’t.  i just edited pictures and “pretended” to watch}.  But I did watch the commercials and halftime…… Fergie is the………sprinkles to my ice cream.  ANYWAYS.  Today you will be making a super easy and super fun craft.  My good friend just moved into her new house and needed some of these to dress up her life. Curtains.  I know. Your thinking NAH I will just go buy some. Why? When you can make these little suckers.  Lets get started!!
Sewing Machine/ Needle and Thread
Curtain Rod
Empty window 
P.S.  You can get any bandana you have lying around because once you iron it it will look brand new.  And the cool thing about old ones is they have a vintagy little look to them.  strait cuteness. 

P.S.  I used pinking sheers but you can use any scissors you have.  I didn’t feel like sewing completely down each edge so this seemed like the easiest thing to do.  I really didn’t measure the top part, I just eyeballed it.   

P.S.  I think when you iron after it just cleans it up a little.  Makes it look FARESH

P.S.  This part is super easy.  You are just putting good sides of bandana facing each other and sewing the edge.  In case you are wondering we are just putting them together so we can have longer strips.   
P.S.  After you sew the 2 strips together open it up and iron the crease.  Repeat! 
P.S.  I just wanted to show you what the fabric will look like using those pinking sheers… Cutsie huh! 
P.S.  OMGJB!!! {ohmygodjaderbomb} YOU DID IT!!! She just needed something to hide a little opening and what better than bandana’s!!!! 

P.S.  I just wanted to show you the ones I did over her kitchen sink.  So simple. So cheap. So cute.  Have fun with this project!!!

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5 thoughts on “Bandana Curtains Tutorial

  1. Katie

    Jade, I love to look at your blogs. I always check it out when I see your posts! 🙂

  2. marygrace

    Cute! The buttons on the right side of your blog are adoooooorable, by the way!

  3. Jaderbomb

    Hey Katie! Glad you are enjoying them!!!

    MaryGrace!!!!!! OMG I totally miss ya!!! LOL Love the new shoes!!!!! And I can send you the buttons if you would like them!!!! 🙂

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