Happy 12 month’s of MARTHA! I am so glad you are here and I know you will love the tutorial I am sharing and the giveaway I am doing!  This month’s box of goodies made me smile from ear to ear. I especially loved the floral paisley adhesive silk screens.  Trust me when you use them you will become addicted. I made some fancy apothecary jars using them. Martha always knows what I love.
Let’s get started. 

Oh, if you are not familiar with the 12 months of Martha let me tell you about it.

I will be sharing a new project each month using Martha Stewart Crafts.
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I am super giddy about it and I think you will too. Each month you will get to see new items from the Martha Stewart crafts line that is brand spanking new~

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 How simple, cute and elegant are these apothecary jars?! Seriously, these would look great in any room. I made them for my kitchen and I filled them with coffee, tea and pomegranate powder for my water.


 You will need:


You can purchase all of the above supplies by clicking on the links.


 Don’t you just love these great colors. Someday’s when I feel down I just go in my studio and look through my tubes of paint. They are filled with happiness I tell ya.  For this project I used Geranium and Pool.
(colors of paint)


 When you open your pack of silk screens they will look like the picture above, all connected on one sheet.


If you notice they have white lines separating each design. You should cut along the line to separate them.


 This is how they will look once you cut them.


 Find the image you want to use and gently peel the silk screen off of the paper. I like to start on a corner. Plus if it get’s crinkled it will not mess up the actual image. Once you remove the silk screen place it where you want on the glass.


Once you apply your silk screen to the glass add a bead of paint right above the image.




 Get your squeegee and pull the paint down over the image. I suggest going from the top to the bottom in one stroke. It will make the paint consistent and even. Repeat the step if you have to do it in two layers.


 As soon as you finish, peel the silk screen off of the glass. Very important that you wash it immediately.  If you let the paint dry on the silk screen it will not work properly again. Once you wash it lay it out on a towel to dry.


 Move on to your next jar.


It’s really that simple. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!  I have some great news… I am doing a GIVEAWAY featuring the supplies I used today… HOW AMAZING.  Please enter by putting your information in the Rafflecopter box below. I am excited to see who will win all of these products. Don’t forget to share this fun giveaway with your friends.



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43 thoughts on “How to make Floral Paisley Apothecary Jars with 12 Months of Martha

  1. kelley

    I would love to decorate some jars just like these with the Paisley silk screen! I’ve been needing some creative, cute storage lately!

  2. Meg Karetny

    Just moved into a new home. It’s literally a blank slate, so there’s so much I can do with these for decoration purposes! Thanks for this, I love it!!! 🙂

    1. jaderbombllc Post author

      Meg! These would be great to decorate your home with girl! GOOD LUCK!!!

  3. HC

    I would love to make these fancy apothecary jars for my pantry! I have plain jars full of things I can’t remember what they are! These would also make my kitchen look so awesome!

  4. Evey

    LOVE your jars, lady! <3 I would LOOOVE to decorate some fun wine glasses with those stencils! Thank you for the chance!


  5. Carrie

    I’ve made some jars and love them but this would make them rock even more.

  6. Kelly

    I would make something for my sister! Maybe those jars? They are beautiful!

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  8. Jennifer

    I’d love to get some fabric paint and make some of my own fabric for messenger bags!

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    1. jaderbombllc Post author

      Tanya, I would love to see something on a mirror! Link up to me when you do it!

    1. jaderbombllc Post author

      Donna! That is perfect! Thanks for visiting the blog! Jade

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  11. Kimberly Listrud

    I would love to make some drinking glasses to use for informal vases. Great giveaway! So excited I found your site through Stumble Upon with your cutting glass DIY. <3 Thank you!

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