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Frida Kahlo Dog Costume

Halloween is my favorite holiday and in today’s challenge post I will show you how to make a Frida Kahlo Dog Costume. Now I know what you are thinking…How on earth can we make this happen. It’s quite simple you give your dog a tranquilizer (not really) and pray they don’t shake off the flower crown and bite off the shirt. Lucky for me my dog Ceaux Ceaux is a true model. She simply LOVES dressing up and sitting still for hours while I snap photos of her. She even has a blog, check it out here!

I have been a Michaels Maker for 2 years now so make sure and check out all my projects I have made so far!

_01190_MAKERS_0929_lfrida kahlo dog costume

The good thing about this project is you can use all the supplies for yourself if you don’t want to dress up your pet!

Here are the supplies you will need for your flower crown. flower headband suppliesfrida kahlo flower crown tutorial

Step 1: Cut a piece of white bandana that fits across the top of your dogs head
Step 2: Cut 4 strands of yarn, make sure they hang off both sides of bandana
Step 3: Hot glue the yarn to the bandana
Step 4: Take the pieces that hang off, fold them up and hot glue to the top
Step 5: Cut your flowers off of stem and hot glue them all over the top of yarn
Step 6: Take your elastic headband and hot glue to the underneath of bandana

This makes it easy to keep on your dogs head. If the elastic is too big just cut it and tie a knot until it fits.

Supplies for your gold chain.

Frida Kahlo Costume

how to make a gold necklace

Step 1: Cut three pieces of your yarn, thread or whatever material you choose
Step 2: Tie a knot at one end
Step 3: Braid it
Step 4: Repeat all the steps until you have 3 separate braided pieces
Step 5. Braid all three together to make it chunky
Step 6: Tie off each end and leave a piece handing off to tie bow with

How gorgeous are these flowers! I love flower crowns! Somedays I like to wear them for fun!

frida kahlo flower crown

Pink Flower Crafts

flower crown tutorial

Whether you’re into spooky sights, playful pumpkins or giggling ghouls, the Michaels.com Halloween project page has tons of ideas for DIY Halloween costumes and décor.

easy dog costumes

I think we can all agree that she is a hot mess. What is crazy is the more I stare at it the more I laugh, and LOUD! I mean, she really looks like Frida! funny dog costumes

I created her eyebrows by brushing on black eyeshadow and I also applied blush to her cute cheeks. STOP THE MADNESS! mexican costumes silly dog costumes

Michaels has great products and inspiration to help transform your yard, classroom or living room into a spooktacular space this year! Still haven’t decided what you’re going to be? Check out the other 49 DIY costumes from the Michaels Makers and you might just find the perfect one for you, your kiddos or your beloved pet this Halloween– they’re to die for!

I hope you enjoyed this project cause I sure did! Let me know what you think in the comment section!!! See you in the next post, xoxo Jade


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11 thoughts on “Frida Kahlo Dog Costume

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  2. Ashley @ Lil Blue Boo

    Oh my gosh, stop the madness! This cracked me up! I love the photo with her eyes closed. I love Frida so this is my favorite costume of the year….blush and unibrow on the dog made me spit out my drink.

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  7. Claire

    Hi there! We can’t wait to try this out for our dog, named after Frida Kahlo! What did you use for the dress? We are having trouble finding something that will work for a larger dog…

    1. jaderbombllc Post author

      Hey Claire! I actually ordered a Mexican shirt on ebay in Large and cut it and added velcro on the bottom where I cut it. Easy to take on and off! I hope this helps! Would love to see your dog’s costume!XOXO, Jade

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