Hello!…Perfect Gifts for the Adele lover in your life . I have to admit that I am one of the MILLION humans on this earth that absolutely fell head over heels in love with Hello by Adele. It’s great to know that she is back and ready to mend millions of the broken hearts with her amazingly new album , 25.  Now let me be the first to tell you that when I drive in my car I turn this new and overplayed song up really loud and pretend I am in a forest like she was in the video. But when I wake up from the dream I am just on my way to Kroger to get toilet paper and chocolate. Yesterday me and my son were driving and I was belting Hello, and right when I the main verse came on I let it out LOUD with my Sprite Microphone and my clever son decided to press PAUSE on his phone. It was epic and horrible all at the same time. Check it out here, trust me you don’t want to miss out on this doozy.

In today’s post I wanted to do a fun roundup of “Hello” inspired gifts to get for your family and friends for Christmas. Some you can make which will make it nice if you can’t find these gifts in stores! Ready!

Did I mention that Adele just ruined the entire word HELLO for everyone! Anytime someone will tell me “Hello” I will always sing “How are You” in my head. SMH


What’s better than drinking a hot cup-o-java? Having Adele drink it with you! This is a great gift and you can purchase it HERE.


With this on your bed you will surely smile every time you walk in. Don’t we all want our bed to greet us after a long bustling day at work! Get this pillow from the Land of Nod, HERE.


I don’t know about you but I would LOVE to have someone bring me pancakes on this tray! This would be cute to give with gifts in it, right! Hurry and grab it HERE!


Greet your guests with an instant HELLO and I promise you they will feel instantly happy! At least their feet will. Order your own HERE!


Hello from my pony taillllllll. These are almost as cute as Adele’s eyeliner. Get them HERE! I feel like my hair would sing “Hello, can you Washhhh Meeee”… Yessir that is what happens when your hair reaches your waist. You yearn for these babies!


I’m sure Adele has this hanging by her bathroom mirror, huh! This one is for all the ones that do “Fuck you over”… These are mini cards that you can potentially put your cell on the backs and give out to people you meet in random places. Just a little pre-warning. HAHA


We all need signs in our house like this! Perfectly cut out letters screaming HELLO right in yo face! Check out my friends Etsy page to order your very own now! Yeppers, they come in tons of colors!


All you hashtag lovers out there…. I give you #adele on your chest errryy day all day. Cause don’t we all love her this much, get your shirt HERE.


Last but not least you MUST gift someone her entire album. Yo, I haven’t even heard it all yet but it’s about to go down. Order it HERE from the comfort of your bedroom…

Hope you have a very uh-delly holiday! Don’t forget to stalk me below, hehe!







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