Old Navy Artists Hateful T-Shirts – BACKLASH

How NOT funny Old Navy! To think I used so support all of your clothes and I even did a few blog posts for you! This is so disappointing to me and many others out here for the mere fact that it discourages young children to aspire to be an ARTIST. Here is the LINK to one of the shirts and a screen shot because I have a feeling soon, this shirt will be down as if it never happened.

Old Navy customers are going crazy on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Seriously I am not shocked!

Why would Old Navy think it was ok to sell shirts that say “Young Aspiring Artist” with the word “artist” crossed out and replaced with “astronaut” or “president” instead. What blows my mind even more is that an ARTIST created this disgusting shirt.

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 10.48.24 AM

Am I mad? NO. I am disappointed. YES! I don’t think there is anything funny about this for one and I believe they are sending out a horrible message to our youth. As if being a president is much better than being an Artist. Frankly you couldn’t pay me to even WANT to be the president. As I sit here writing this I am also wondering how many people have already purchased this shirt…Surely it can’t be alot! Maybe a few people who have this wild dream of their kid becoming the president might have thought this was appropriate to purchase.

Maybe they are sending the message out to the world because they feel that financially a person would be better off as anything other than an Artist. Personally I would rather be a starving Artist than anything else.

I wonder if the ARTIST who created this shirt enjoyed making it. I wonder if the ARTIST who got PAID to create this shirt feels good about sending out this message.

Personally I think I should make a few shirts like this, right!


VIA: news.artnet.com

Bad call OLD NAVY, bad call..

VIA: Artsology.com


VIA: Artsology.com

Remember when Old Navy was slapped with this lawsuit??? Let’s all get together and share the shit out of this post! Let’s send out the RIGHT message, that this is NOT OK!

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  1. Meg K

    Love your new Versions! 😀 total non sense & craziness on Old Navy’s behave :-/ thanks for your insightful thoughts!

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