Do you ever look outside and think to yourself, “Hmmmm what can I do to spruce up this dingy back yard”….


“LOOKED”….. Not anymore thanks to a little paint and new flowers! I know what your thinking. There is NO way painting a pot and putting new flowers in them will completely change the look of a space. I am here to tell you it DOES!  I have these three terra cotta pots ((and I love me some terra cotta)) which I love so much. I love them because they are cute and can be used in almost ANY spot.

Remember when I posted this picture of them?

See how pretty they were when my little herbs were in them!!!!

I am sure you know what happened next. I caused them to wilt soooo much that they could not wilt anymore!
(you get the idea, right!)

I thought maybe if I put them “outside” they would come back to life. This is what happened.

Yep. I know. My thumb is pink, not green. I mean I really really tried but the universe just was not on my side with these babies. After staring at them like this for the longest time I figured I would just “spruce” up the pots. With just a little bit of paint you could go a long way.

While I was at Home Depot the other day I ran across these beauties.

So pretty right!

These are the instructions that came with them!
(if you click on the picture you can make it bigger)

It’s an “ANNUAL” and they are called

FYI: they are on sale for $1.24 at HOME DEPOT

Are you ready to see these pretty suckers! I know I am! I find myself staring at them now. They are so vibrant and bright!

I think now you will agree that with a little paint and new flowers you can spice up any space!

I really did not use any special paint for this project. Just the cheap black and white paint I already had laying around. I always keep cheap paint for projects like this! I know I could of been a perfectionist and used tape for “perfect” lines but that would of taken the fun out of it! I wanted this to be quick and not painful!

Until next time Jaderbugs,

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