Happy Sunday! I have been crafting away lately and I realized I didn’t post anything since Friday! What’s wrong with me! I think I am loosing it (hahahah).

I absolutely love the craft I am posting today. I posted  a “hint” on facebook & twitter, and everyone was exited about it. Wanna know what the hint was? {{matches}}.

I don’t know about you but I LOVE using matches instead of those long donky lighters. Don’t get me wrong, when I need to light something that’s impossible to do with a little match I am happy I have a long donky lighter! Speaking of flames, remember my post I did the other day?

How to cut glass

Well. I am totally STOKED because in 4 days it has gotten over 74K views! WHAT! I know. I am just as excited as you! I think we can top this with this baby! But I need your help Jaderbugs! Let’s get started because today’s a big day! It’s Father’s Day, so Happy Father’s Day to all your “Faja’s” out there. Especially “happy” day to my {faja} and {faja-n-law}.  Yes, you MUST say Faaa-Juhhhhhhh like this! (hahahah)

Seriously. How.cute.is.this.

You will need a few things to make this!


I love using Mod Podge! Do you?

You know I am a HUGE fan of Martha Stewart products! ESPECIALLY her crafting tools! I am using her scissors, paint brush and glue gun today.

 I love, love, love MOD PODGE. It literally can go on top of ANYTHING and work! Check out my friends website MOD PODGE ROCKS!  Her book just came out it’s called Mod Podge Rocks! Stay tuned I will soon be doing a review and givewaye!!! 


How practical is this little crafty-roo!!

I hope you enjoyed this craft because it really is a “practical” thing to do. You know they come in those boxes and if you accidentally leave it outside the box get’s all soggy and soft. Then you can’t light a match because the matches all soggy and soft. This should eliminate most of that problem! And don’t worry, if you are wanting to do this for a “DUDE” just don’t bedazzle the top and make it in a color a “DUDE” would like. {{or if you are a DUDETTE who doesn’t like bedazzled things}}

You can find me in these spots too!!!! {{down below}}



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4 thoughts on “How to make a Match Dispenser

  1. Larslove

    These are very cool looking. I think my favorite part is the must have badazzled top. Loving the blog keep it up

  2. Tolzoh

    When i saw that match light up…I was like, what did she used to paint the container? I had forgotten about the part where something was glued to the bottom 😛

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