So. I have sorta been a little sick the past few days and I have been unable to make a craft from start to finish without wanting to rip my hair out. You know how that is when your sick. Everything. is.  After a little thinking I thought it would be a great time to just feature something that I have in my house.  A post that doesn’t require ANY work! I like that!

I guess I will tell you a short story about “how” this happend. One of my good friends came over the other day while we were cleaning and “re-arranging” things. There was this ONE little spot in the house that needed SOMETHING. Can you believe I was stumped. Yeah, I know. I have brain fart days too! Now my friend is a “coach” and doesn’t really care about “arrangement” of things or decorating. I mean, she might care a litte but it’s not like her brain thinks of these things every day. Just wanted to throw that out because SHE IS THE ONE WHO SAID, “J, I think this would look cute right here with something on top of it”.

 I just looked at her. Gave her the STANK eye and listened. I swear, I couldn’t believe it. Who knew!

So that is the story how this happened. Now, after she gave that advice she shot out and went who knows where outside! I was left to decorate the top, haha.

BTW: Have you seen my “HOW TO CUT GLASS” tutorial? Check it out here!

I also did a fun way to dispense matches HERE!

I think this is the cutest thing ever!

Do you remember my post I did the other day on my PHOTO ROCKS? Click HERE to see it! It is really the best thing to add that whimsical touch. Plus if you are like me, it’s an easy way remember something if you collect rocks!


If you don’t have a camp stool you can use anything with legs and add a tray to the top! Be creative! Use what you have!

You can add whatever makes you smile to this tray. This is just what I added.

Yes, I am a Louisiana girl. I like furs.

I get my rabbit furs from Hobby Lobby. They have a ton of them by the leather section. They are only like 15 bucks! Get your 40$ off coupon and grab a couple! (unless you don’t like it then get some floweres)

Here is a little closeup for all my Jaderbugs! This is practical too!

Moral of the story. Next time you see a coach quickly quiz them with a decorating question.
You might learn a thing or two from them!

Have a great day full of “jaderbugging”….

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