OK. I got this product in the mail from Craft Test Dummies and did a review of it. You know I will tell ya like it is on my blog, right? I review a lot of products and it’s not in my nature to dog any (at least not on the blog)… Some products are “ehhh” ya know…and some are “AYYYYYYY” ya know!!!

ehhhh = I wouldn’t buy it with my own money because ehhhh it ‘s not that great.


Silk Acrylic Glazes….Well this product is AYYYYYYYYYY!!!!
(click on the link above and you can order some)

I could not believe how amazing this glaze was! I tried it on paper and it so shiny but put it on wood and the BOOM CHAKA LAKA. You know how paint on wood works right? You put one coat and it pretty much covers the wood completely. Well this glaze is so cool because you can layer it on top of other colors and it blends so PERFECT! I like that it doesn’t dry super duper fast allowing time to blend certain colors together.

Let’s get started so we can make THIS:


I got to choose my colors that were sent to me and  I was so pleased with the colors I picked! I was sorta unsure because I typically go for BRIGHT, SHINY, BOLD or PINK colors! hahaha

They have a light feel to them. They are almost translucent when you put your first coat on but once you add a few layers the magic happens.

I started by going with the grain of the wood. I just added darker colors near edges and lighter colors every where else. Remember cracks and holes are where the darker shadows are so if you are wanting it to look a little natural keep that in mind.

Remember how I told you earlier to blend your colors together? This is what I meant. Are you drooling yet! The colors are so rich!

My hooks were white and I just spray painted them black.  Now, you might be using different color’s than I used so white might work for you. I bought these hooks at Target. If you don’t have these glazes but you want a similar effect, water down some paint and apply them in light layers. It WILL NOT look completely like this but you could totally get it close.

I promise, these are worth the money and if you used paint first then these you would TOTALLY see the difference!

When you are done with painting, you need to spray it with a sealer. I love Martha Stewart’s Gloss Enamel spray. You can get it at Michael’s or anywhere else her products are sold. It kinda dries with a flat finish so if you want a shiny finish throw some Mod Podge on top of the wood.

 I hope you enjoyed this fun tutorial! Come back tomorrow to see how I made CONFETTI SOAP!

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  1. Jenny Rohrs

    Thanks for the shout-out! I reviewed them, too….and I’m still crushing on them. Glad you like them too. And that is a really cool project….sah-weeet!

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