I had so much planned for today. Make a new craft, or two. That kinda got put on hold but I am totally not complaining. I’ll give you a sneak peak at what “happened” yesterday only because I am way too tired to do anything more than that. Big daddy (my daddy-o) and Ashy were doing a SMALL project in the kitchen. I left. Her dad came over. The men took action.

Did I know what was going on. No.
(Insert a loud, evil laugh right now. A delirious laugh will work)

Let me not confuse you jaderbugs because what happened yesterday has BEEN planned. You know, the kinda plans you talk about FOREVER but never do. It’s always ok because you continue to tell yourself “oneeee dayyy”.

Yesterday was that day when we let the boys be boys. Why should YOU be excited? Well because we have NO choice now but to do the FUN kitchen remodel that we have BEEEENNNN waiting to do. That means. AMAZING DIY’S COMING YOUR WAY!  I swear our dad’s are truly the best.

Mother n law saw my reaction when I walked in the door and said “hey, I have to go to Academy and Ross and WHEREVER else, wanna come with me“…. She always know how to save the day. (love you always and forever for that). We prolly had TOO much fun once we left. {{that means $$$ was spent}}

Ashy said when we left they boys (our dad’s) really cut up! She said on the last piece of wood her dad kicked it like a karate kick and laughed! I think they were more excited about this than us! hahaha

I also posted a great tutorial I did a while back on Angel Food Cake! Try it, because it’s YUMMY-LICIOUS!

Check out the AMAZING original wall paper under everything! This is prolly 70 years old. Maybe older. Can’t wait to save it and do a craft with some of it!

Click HERE to get to the cake post!

Until the next post,

Make it a DIY kinda day! xoxo

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4 thoughts on “the “NOT SO PLANNED” kitchen makeover….and angel food cake

    1. jaderbombllc Post author

      You are so right Marty!! I just keep telling myself, in the end it will be worth it!!! haha

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  2. Conetha Reid

    Love that backsplash. My husband saved our corks forever and told me he had a project in mind. Well, years went by and we no longer go to the liquor store and buy every bottle of wine on sale for <$10. Still have most of the corks but must hunt for them. Bravo, Jaderbomb!

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