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DIY- Ink Blown Art

Quote of the day:

“Animals outline their territories with their excretions, humans outline their territories by ink excretions on paper. ” Robert Anton Wilson

Happy Monday Jaderbugs! I hope everyone had a ridiculously good weekend. Here in Louisiana it was rainy and gloomy. But that didn’t stop the crafting I tell ya. I have always been a fan of line drawings. They capture things that paint couldn’t ever capture which is why I am so excited to share this craft with you today. The thing I love the most about this craft is ANYONE can do it. It’s super simple and they turn out fabulous. Who would of ever thunk it?

You can have some ideas of things you want to create before you start or you can just go with the flow. I had a few images in mind that I wanted to create. You can lightly draw on your card stock with a pencil so you have a simple guideline to follow.



*Card Stock
*India Ink
*Small Straw or Big Straw

Purchase all of the items I used by clicking on the links in the ingredient section.

Let’s get started!!


Here are all of the things you will need. If you use a small straw know that it will give you FINE lines, if you use a big straw it will give you THICK lines. I used a small one.


This is the india ink I used. I purchased it at Hobby Lobby.


The first  thing you will do drop a little drop of India ink on your card stock.


This is what it will look like.


Grab your straw and start blowing. The harder you blow the more you will see the ink blow in every direction. If you wiggle the straw back and forth while you blow the lines will really take off.


The picture above is “supposed” to be a woman with her hair all around her. Do ya see it?


Do you see Holly Hobbie in the picture? My Holly Hobbie is reading a book. I love her.


This is the trash can that Ash used to have. I found this one on Etsy, you can buy it HERE.

I love this because it’s completely affordable and it will spruce up ANY space!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Don’t forget to make it a DIY kinda day,


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