I know I posted earlier today but I just had to share with you this really cool idea. One of my friends texted me the other day to tell me an idea he had using scraps of wrapping paper.
Below is how regular tissue paper looks inside of a box….. BORING!!!

I already own a paper shredder so this was very convenient for me. The one below is from walmart and I only paid $10 for it! It’s only the top part of the shredder, so you have to get a trash can to put underneath it. Very affordable~
Remember if you don’t own a paper shredder you can still do this craft. You will put 2 or 3 pieces together and tear with your hands or use scissors to cut strips. Just create!

I wrap all of my presents with brown paper bags and decorate them myself. I figured I would add a little POP in the inside of the box since the outside is very bare. I have tons of colored paper all over my studio so I grabbed a couple of bright sheets to shred. If you don’t have colored paper remember you can use wrapping paper or anything else lying around. I tried doing construction paper and that worked great also.

Below is what it will look like if you use a shredder.

Just wanted to show you how it looks when you start adding more than one color!!!

How beautiful is this! You know you would love opening a present with all of this tucked away inside.

You can also use wrapping paper .

This is what it will look like!!! SO FUN~~

I hope you enjoyed this!
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2 thoughts on “SHRED IT

  1. Kristine

    What a great idea! We all gave those odd pieces left that won't fit any present. Can't wait to use this one!

  2. Jaderbomb

    Thanks!!! It is really fun and super fun!! Saves on buying tissue paper!! Merry Christmas

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