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DIY: Tshirt Light Cover

Good day my little jaderbugs~!!!!
It is Thursday and I am super duper excited!!! I have had a great week and I have alot of crafts coming up that you will LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Fa Reel!!!
So while surfing the world wide web a while back I ran across this craft right HERE.  
I really honestly followed all of the steps perfectly.  But my “rug” didn’t come out as a “rug”.  I was excited the entire time doing it but OHMYGOODNESS once I finished and started taking it apart it shrunk so so so so so bad.  I think when I was weaving in and out of the other t-shirts, I was doing it way tooooo tight!
Funny how the universe works because obviously {she} thought I didn’t need a new rug in my house.  BUT, she did think I needed a new light cover outside! Which I am SO happy it turned out that way because NOW I have this cool little light cover that everyone wants.
So, look out friends, this will be your next birthday present {{teehehehe}}.
I didn’t put step by step instructions only because I used the ones in the link I put ABOVE!! Just click on it and you can follow those steps.  If you want a rug, do the weaves loosely and if you want a “light cover” do the weaves tight!!!
For the warp, cut 1-inch-wide loops from the bodies of one or two tees removing the hem and stopping at the sleeves.
You’ll need a total of 11 loops (to start off with). For the weft, cut at least 50 loops from the remaining shirts. Save the unused sleeves for the basket project.
Stretch one warp loop over the hula hoop, as shown above in the second picture. Add and secure a second loop, perpendicular to the first (above, third picture).  Repeat, filling in the spaces, until all 11 loops are in place (above, fourth picture)
Push together two warp loops at the top of the hula hoop. This creates an odd number (10) of warp spokes in your wheel, which allows the over-under pattern of the weft to alternate with each new row.
Now that you have 10 loops grab an extra t-shirt loop wrap it around the double spoke and loop it back through itself. Begin weaving the t-shirt loop over and under the warp spokes, forming a tight spiral.
 Treat both parts of each warp spoke as a single unit, weaving over or under the two together. As you work, push the weft material (t-shirt) loop toward the center of the hoop and keep it just snug. If you pull the weft tight, the rug will develop lumps or bends. When you reach the end of the piece of weft, add a new loop by threading it through the end of the first and back through itself. Keep repeating this process till you are happy with the size.
It might take a little practice until you get comfortable with it.
Remember, in order to get this “cone” shape you will need to make it tight. So when you are weaving over and under your original 10 loops make sure it’s snug as a bug.
It’s really more important that you make it snug when you first start till about halfway. When you are about halfway through it start making it looser and looser. This will form our SHAPE.
When you are done you will ut the warp spokes off the hoop one at a time and then tie them into a know. This will prevent out cover from unraveling. GOOD LUCK!!!