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St. Patrick’s Day Banner Tutorial

I wanted to share with you a little banner I made for St. Patrick’s day.
It is super duper simple but super duper cute.
I  pretty much used things I just had around the house and I hope that you can do the same thing. We usually have SO many things we can craft with but forget about them because we buy so much more the next time we go to the store…wait, I think I am just speaking or myself. {{teehehehe}}

This is sorta a “TWO” part tutorial because we will be making 2 different banners but they will go together in the end. Make sense? (crossing fingers)

Some things you will need are:

1.Metallic Gold Paper
2.  Book pages
3.Martha Stewart craft paint
4. Glitter green bells
5.  Martha Stewart dual temperature glue gun
6.  Martha stewart bakers twine in green
7.  Martha Stewart all purpose scissors
8.  Martha Stewart craft brushes
9.  Martha Stewart craft punch

First thing you will do is:

Start punching out holes in your gold paper. I got this from Hobby Lobby. They have TONS of metallic colors!

This is what they will look like!

You will need to put some hot glue on one gold circle and quickly place the bakers twine on top of the glue. You then want to top it off by putting the next circle right on top. It’s kind of like a craft sandwich. Yeah, a craft sandwich.

Grab some book pages and cut out three different sizes of triangles. I cut out 5 of each size.

I used Peridot and Granny Smith from Martha Stewart’s line of craft paint. The peridot is in the glitter pack. It’s soft and subtle.

I used one of the decorative brushes from Martha Stewart’s brushes and just lightly coated my MEDIUM triangle.

Once it is dry and you have brushed both colors on the medium triangle you will use hot glue or double stick tape to place them like this.

This is what it will look like! I added a g0ld dot on the bottom of each triangle just to add that special touch. I also cut out a heart from each round gold circle and placed them in the middle of the small triangle to represent a clover. A three leaf one, teehehe……I used hot glue to apply these. The last thing I did was glue twine along the back of them!

If you notice I added my gold banner of dots at the top and it adds layers of love.

I had a roll of black pom poms and I used that to add a soft touch to it.
I hope you enjoyed this craft and enjoy St.Patty’s day!

This post is brought to you Plaid’s Martha Stewart line of paint and stencils. I received product for this post. All opinions expressed are 100% mine. You can check out Plaid’s full Martha Stewart product line here