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Easter Egg Banner Tutorial

Howdy my little JaderBugs~!! How are ya! Sorry I been kinda out lately but I had a death in my family and didn’t really have time to blog much.  But I am back and running!!!

  I didn’t want to do the typical egg craft that I see all over so here goes MY EGG CRAFT!!! I think it’s absolutely precious because it’s very crisp and clean looking but has the spunk that I adore.  I used my favorite markers of ALL time, my BIC markers.  Check out my post I put up a while back when BIC sponsored me for a craft party!   So exciting I tell ya~
Also, if you have not seen my {bloopers} video check it out, it’s super funny!!!

I hope you enjoyed this fun “egg” tutorial. Many more to come now that things are starting to get back to normal.

I love ya, mean it!

This post is brought to you by BIC Mark It’s. I received product for this post. All opinions expressed are 100% mine. You can check out BICS full line of products here:


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