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Holy I’m hungry and I want fried chicken for breakfast! The only other thing that would make me as happy as chicken would is sharing how awesome my friends are! Yep you got it! It’s LINKY LOVE THURSDAY Mark, Margot, Cathie and Claudine are about to rock your socks off!Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza made these stinking cute rose sunglasses with their new Mod Melts! I mean the ideas are ENDLESS with these!Mark Montano is about to do something HUGE! He just did a press release on his new show this Fall on PBS… I can’t wait to see it and you need to set your DVR’s NOW! Check out this video to have a better idea!
claudine hellmuth: artist + illustrator has some super amazing cupcake holders and you won’t believe how RETRO they are! Hint: What are cupcakes baked in???Margot Potter is coloring her world and your’s on the DAILY… BUT have you seen all of her amazing tutorial’s on how to Tie Dye? Check out his chic purse she made! You have to see all of them because…..a fairy told me to tell you too…

I hope you enjoy all of the crafts my friends are showing you today! Make sure to head over to their facebook pages and blogs to show them all the love I know you have! Tell them Jaderbomb sent ya! You never know what will happen… 

jade in other news  //I was featured on the Martha Stewart blog today!

//My friend SwellDesigner was featured on BuzzFeed! You have to check her stuff out. She is seriously HILARIOUS!
//My roomie The Graphics Fairy did a superb job on this Butterfly Vase using Craft Attitude sheets!

It’s time to do another  Live Hangout Today! I will be hosting, and Gina from The Shabby Creek Cottage and Karen from the Graphics Fairy-DIY will be joining us also, with 3 cute Handmade Ornament Projects! You can watch it live here at 11:00 AM PST / 2:00 PM EST! If you miss it live, you can still watch it here afterwards, although there may be a bit of a delay in between before it shows up again.

Hope to see everyone there!!!

What the WHAT! I already know what you are doing right now.
Prolly jumping up and down already taking off of work to attend this AMAZING event hosted by Google, and of course all of us bloggers!
It’s going to be so exciting to share this event with you guys!


All of this week, Monday – Friday, over 20 awesome DIY Bloggers will be hosting live Google+ Hangouts on Air, with a Homemade Thanksgiving theme!
That’s right! Full of GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE going on.
Google+ Hangouts on Air, are live Videos that you can watch online, it’s just like watching TV, but you can watch it anywhere Jaderbugs!!
What’s really great is that, if you miss the live broadcasts, you can watch them all afterwards on YouTube, as they magically end up over there when we’re done.


If you are unsure about your Thanksgiving decor then this is the place to be! Included are videos on Crafting, Decorating, Cooking, Setting the perfect Table, and Gardening! I’m hosting one too, with my pals Gina from The Shabby Creek Cottage and Jade from Jaderbomb. I hope you can join us! The Schedule is below, all times are Pacific Standard Time, so make sure you convert them for your own Time Zone!
Homemade Thanksgiving Schedule
*All times PST
Monday – November  5
Five Printable Placecard Options
12:00 pm
Using Natural Elements from Your Own Yard to Create Fall Displays
2:00 pm
Tuesday – November 6
Decorating on the Cheap – 5 Trending Hometalk Projects
11:00 am
 Table Centerpieces
12:00 pm
Creating a Fall Mantel
1:00 PM
Wednesday – November 7
Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids
11:00 AM
Thanksgiving Crafts
1:00 PM
Turkey Cookies with Your Kids
2:00 PM
Embellish with Paint
4:00 PM
Thursday – November 8
A Fall Garden Flag from Dollar Store Items
10:00 AM
Hand Crafted Thanksgiving Home Decor
11:00 AM
Tips and Tricks for Hosting Your Family and Not Going Bonkers!
12:00 PM
Creative Kids’ Thanksgiving Ideas
1:00 PM
Decorating with Natural Elements
3:00 PM
Quick Thanksgiving Crafts
 4:00 PM
Friday – November 9
Thanksgiving Placecards
11:00 AM
Ways to Personalize Your Thanksgiving Table
2:00 PM

So if there is a particular craft video you want to watch just click on the name and it will take you there. The good news is, if there is a video that you missed it is saved strait to You Tube. Just click on the name and it will take you there!  Don’t forget to tune in FRIDAY to see Me, Karen and Gina LIVE!

See ya in the next post

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Howdy Hoo Jaderbugs! Can you believe it’s already almost Thursday? I started thinking earlier about this…what if we worked on Saturday and Sunday and our “weekend” was the entire week! That would be so great, right! The only bad thing is a blogger’s life is spent blogging. So I really wouldn’t have any time off.

Quote of the day: 
Whoever knocks persistently, ends by entering.”

The picture at the top is fun right. I think is super fannn-cyyyyyy (say that with your lip cocked to the side and a victorian voice). I don’t have a  CAT but if I did it would look like this. Top hat and all!

Did I share the news with you that I am now a contributing editor for The Graphics Fairy-Crafts. How coolio is that! She has the best graphics ever! I really had fun getting creative with this one and if you want to see the FULL TUTORIAL on how I made this from beginning to end then head on over to Karen’s blog to see it!



Did you get to see my fun Chevron Halloween printable? It’s FREE! They come in three different looks so get them now and start crafting with them. Something that would be really cute is to print it out, put a round picture in the black circle and frame it. Perfect for the Fall season, and Halloween.

A “dubleeeooo” for you.

Click HERE to see all of them


Even though it’s the 5th of the month, you still have plenty of time to start this fun photo game I started. Don’t worry, if you start on the 19th it doesn’t mean you have to post all the days prior. Just start, be happy, have fun and share with your friends. It’s a fun way to stop and click. Kinda centers you actually.

Click HERE to get the info on it or just save this picture! Don’t forget to use the hashtag


I hope everyone sleeps well and I will see ya in the next post

So it’s Simmer down Sunday and it’s time to break out the instagram pictures of the week! This week has been {cray-cray}.
The one good thing that came out yesterday on the blog was my new  photo game:

I SPY with my CAMERA eye 

 STOP and CLICK. It’s a simple way to SEE things we are “normally” too busy to see. Ready to play?

Follow me on INSTAGRAM


+Jaderbomb and the University of Louisiana football team
+ Cute little owl’s at Michaels Arts and Crafts (me and glitterville have this in common, haha)
+My kitchen wall with my Peggy Bundy painting
+My favorite Pens
+The amazing crossword puzzle that had “JADE” in it
+Everyone needs a “binder” cookbook with an equal right’s sticker on it!
+Making my homemade detergent while Hurricane Isaac came over
+Who does NOT love leopard fingernails?
+New pumpkin harvest blue moon
+I love when I see a “half moon” in my coffee mug
+The lovely weather before Mr. Isaac came over

+Day 2 on I SPY with my CAMERA EYE
+My “rare” find of the week. And old bath and body works bar of soap
+Just wanted to share another CLOSE up of a “Louisiana girl’s” recipe book
+My New York shoes, only my “fairy” understands this
+My fun trophy flower pots that I made this week, check them out HERE
+My antique milk glass that broke while hanging something on the wall. stay tuned

+I had to share this picture again. I mean the sky has hearts in it 😉
+I love when my Ashy sends me morning sky pictures
+dear, isaac. why are you so beautiful?
+are you in love yet?
+Making my Ashy her birthday cake…we even had a special guest, Isaac. haha
+I am totally digging clouds lately. Are you?

Here is the list for the month of SEPTEMBER! Have you started yet? It’s easy!

Sign up with Instagram. Take a picture everyday. Share on facebook and twitter.

It’s really that simple. The cool thing is you can link up your facebook and twitter through your instagram account. It’s like 3 in 1.

The most important thing is tag each with this:


That’s it Jaderbugs! Click HERE to read more about my photo game!

See you in the next post!


With all of the excitement and  preparation for Blog Her 12 I forgot to post this baby! I am telling you my mind is going bonkers lately! We have this canister in our bathroom that I keep bath salts in. I am ALWAYS changing the scent of the salts so I wanted to put something on the canister that displayed what was in it. I didn’t want anything PERMANENT so after a little bit of thinking I though this would be cool.

Do you realize how much you can do with these labels! They are perfect for canisters in your kitchen, notebooks or gifts! How cute would it be if you would make these labels and put them on your christmas gifts you give out. You can write the name of person it is for! If you do something like that but your scared it would get wiped off, spray it with hairspray after. It will seal the chalk!

Let’s get started!


I got my address labels from Office Depot .  They are fun and bright! Check out what else I made using these labels here!

First thing you want to do is start painting your labels. I just painted the entire sheet. It is worth it in the end! After they dry, just peel the off and stick them where you want them! Yep, Jaderbugs… It’s that easy!!!

This is what my face looks like before it sees NEW YORK! I know, it doesn’t look that excited but it IS!

Guess who I will be seeing while I am there…..I will give you a few names so you can feel as excited as I am!!!!

1. Martha Stewart
2.  Katie Couric
3. Margaret Cho

I know, I am just as excited as YOU! I will be doing LIVE tweeting using hash tag #blogher12
Can’t wait to see my Graphic Fairy!

See ya in the city that doesn’t sleep [living my dreams everyday],

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