How to redu outdoor furniture

OK! So I just had to share this with all my jaderbugs because it is so fantastic!!! I totally had this old chair from my mom and this little dingy outdoor table from a friend and they have been “hidden” for quite some time because they were {not pretty to look at}.  I just could not figure out if I was ready to throw them or {{{spruce them up}}}.  I picked option #2!!!! Once you see the end result then you will see why I chose to keep them.  People, anyone could do this.  Seer-e-us-leee!!!!
All you need is different colors of paint.  I used some cheap acrylic paint from Michaels Arts & Crafts! I think they were like .99 cents! Fuh-Reel~
I just want to say that I went in no particular order while painting these! I just let myself go!
So next time you have something that looks dingy or boring just add some color to it and it will give it a whole new look!
OH! and don’t forget to add polyurethane to it when it is completely dry.  This will make the wood last a little longer and give it a great coating so the paint won’t chip off!
Happy Crafting 🙂
p.s. if you have a piece of furniture that already had paint on it make sure and sand it down just a little to get loose paint off then just paint right over!
p.s. seriously.  how cute is this!!!
p.s. if you know me then you know that i always have to add glitter into the mix! i bought a little bottle of black acrylic paint that already had paint in it!!! i put a coat on top when the paint dried.
p.s now couldn’t you see yourself drinking a nice cup of coffee on this chair!!! trust me, i think it makes the coffee better for some reason
Until next time:
peace, love, jaderbomb
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4 thoughts on “How to redu outdoor furniture

  1. Jessy@FairytaleFrosting

    AWESOME. Found you on Tip Junkie. These are so cool. And its true, glitter really does make everything better!

  2. Jaderbomb

    Jessy: HIIII!!!! So glad you found me! It's the UNIVERSE!! Glad someone agrees with me on the "glitter" situation!

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