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Cheap Home Decor

Cheap Home Decor

Howdy buggeroos!!! It’s HUMPDAY and that means we are 2 days away from the weekend!!! 
AND…fall is creeping up on us!! I wanted to share some things with you that are totally awesome!!! Just some fun things to check out before summer is only a memory (until next summer) hehe.
You all know how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE garlands. Really any kind will do. I love to make them or buy them. They just tend to dress up a room in just the “right” way.  They fill spaces that look sad and lonely.  
If you go to www.pearlriver.com you can find some of these garlands and PLENTY more! You can also click on the pictures and I will take you strait to the website! 
p.s. how cute are these! 
p.s seriously! check this website out! you will surely stay for hours just looking away!!
OMG! Check these cats out! Yes, I want them too!!! What I love about them is they go with every holiday! They are just so sleek and simple you just can’t go wrong getting these…. {{for me}}
Now through Sep 8th at midnight you get FREE shipping when you buy online for 99$ or more!!! I don’t know about you but that is sorta like having a coupon!! I’ll take that!
Go to www.crateandbarrel.com to see more!

p.s. you know you just love these little suckers!! And they are good for the planet!!!

Have you ever wanted to put a cute rug outside but you didn’t want it to get wet and smelly… Defeats the whole purpose! Who wants to sit on a smelly rug!! Not me!!
If you go to www.fabhabitat.com you can see alot more!

Oslo - Turquoise & Lemon Yellow
p.s. see! you can’t get this at walmart 🙂

This item is super cool AND, they have tons to choose from!!! It’s these awesome metal mobile’s that you can hang from pretty much anything!!!
The website is www.designpublic.com and lemme tell you that you will be stuck on this page! One more thing!!! If you spend over $99 you get 10% off!!! This week ONLY!! All you have to do is enter the word

Schmitt Design Rift Mobile
p.s. i could absolutely see these babies hanging on a tree in my yard or even over my sink!!! you know you think this is super cool!!

i hope you had fun looking at all these cool things!!!

sending you lots of junk in the trunk love,

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