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Howdy Hoo Jaderbugs! It’s one of those days. I am sitting here not sure “what” to do when I have “all” of the time in the world. Well not really all of the time in the world but let’s face it…when there is a major Hurricane going on and you can’t leave your house for a couple of days it kinda puts you in a cray cray mood. I apologize if at ANY point I don’t make any sense.  I really have not made anything today so I figured it would be a great time to go back and take a look at some of my  FALL crafts that I did last year. I always enjoy doing this because sometimes I forget what I have done. It’s funny because I have changed so much from ONE year ago. From my techniques, pictures, editing, settings and tons of other things. I remember when I did ALL of these crafts. It was in the MIDDLE of my 100 days of Martha countdown. Maybe that is why I didn’t have the “best” pictures like I do now. I was stuck in my studio crafting like a FOOL late at night with NO natural light. But all together you can still get the idea of the craft! I hope you have fun with these and get ton’s of inspiration. Stay tuned later on for a Halloween throwback post! That one will be FUN.
On the bright side. We still have electricity. That my dear is a HUGE +.

Let’s all take a trip down FALL lane.

I had so much fun doing this craft. I think it’s perfect for the fall holidays. It has a soft glow to it when the light is on and the pretty green makes it feel “fall-ish”.
Click HERE to see the full tutorial.

One thing that I like to share on my blog is ways to SAVE moolah! Yeah, you could absolutely go out and buy tons of glittered candles, or you can make your own for half of the price. On the bright side. You can pick out your own glitter colors.

Click HERE to see the full tutorial.

I know this looks a little “Halloween-ish” but if you visually take off the spider we can throw it in the FALL category. You can use any color tissue paper and it’s actually great for any occasion.

Click HERE to see the full tutorial.

I remember doing these and thinking to myself how amazing they were. When I think of Fall I think of butterflies. I imagine them zooming all around the pretty fall flowers. This craft is a hit for adults and children. You can dress up a wall with these, put them on a gift box, hang them from fishing string or just glue them onto a picture frame.

 Click HERE to see the full tutorial.

Yes! You too can make homemade confetti using your Martha Stewart punches. I think this year I will make a pile of different punches. You could even put these in little bags for your sock drawer, hang them in your car or give them as a gift! Anyone will love these.

Click HERE for the full tutorial.

Last but not least. When I think of FALL I think of these smells: pumpkins, cinnamon, harvest, leaves and cloves. What better way to enhance the air you breathe! You can even create a design on the pumpkin with the cloves!

Click HERE for the full tutorial.

Click here to order the materials I used for the crafts:

Martha Stewart Crafts Knife
Martha Stewart Crafts Paper
Martha Stewart Glitter
Martha Stewart craft punch


I hope you had fun looking back on some cool crafts I did last year! Make sure and come back later for your  FREE FLEUR DE LIS PRINTABLE!
Hurricane Isaac is OVER and Jaderbomb is back.

See ya in the next post,

Pumpkin Pie Potpourri-Tutorial

Hey there all you little Jaderbugs! How is your week{end} going! I HOPE good because today is FRIDAY!!!!
I used to get excited about the weekends when they only consisted of getting up late in the mornings and watching cartoons. Drinking coffee milk and more coffee milk. 
I really meant to post this alot earlier but had some unexpected things take place and here I am finally home and making SURE I post for all of my jaderbugs! 
I hope you enjoy it because “lemme” tell you this baby smells GOOD! Let’s get started! 

p.s. I just used cloves and nutmeg.
p.s. just cut the lid of. put holes in pumkin.
p.s.  After cleaning the pumpkin add some ground nutmeg

sending you all cheese and doodads!!! jaderbomb

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(me on the show!)

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