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Happy HUMP DAY! I am featuring a post that I did a couple of months ago! Today the Hallmark station aired my episode (which still feels surreal) so I figured I would post the tutorial! I am still in shock I know these people and will be FOREVER grateful!

The Martha Stewart Show on Hallmark Channel
Hi there my little Jaderbugs! What a wild and crazy week! As I sit in here my hotel room in New York I am trying to figure out if some of my tears are tears of joy, or tears of sadness. So I decided to dig a little deeper. I think they are both.
~Tears of joy: I think the {{joy}} tears are from this crazy awesome experience.  I never in my wildest dreams thought I would meet Martha and her AWESOME staff in person {{{ever}}}. But I did, and let me tell you I am still on cloud one million one. Remember on the segment when Martha asked me what number craft the Ombre Photo Mat will be? I told her like one million one. (another tear dropping).
~tears of sadness: I think these babies are because it’s all over. I belong in this environment. It’s just sad how it seems to go so fast. I remember thinking when I was getting my hair and makeup done “Jade, slow your brain down. Savor this moment so you will always remember it”.  So I listened and it worked. I remember how many times my hair was curled, I remember the (ju-ju) mint the makeup artist gave me and how we laughed because it stuck to my cheek and every other little bitty detail.  Ya know it was my first time wearing “fake” eyelashes. Well they were individual ones and boy did they look awesome!
I have to tell you this, when I first got there I was waiting in this little room and it was early. They told me to go there with comfy clothes and no makeup. I was thinking, NOOOO!!! But I followed directions well!!! Anyways, I was sitting in this room and I heard a certain voice getting closer and closer. I was not sure if it was who I thought it was but then again this whole experience felt like a dream so maybe I was hallucinating.  THEN….I saw a set of eyes hit mine. It was her! MARTHA. She was so pretty, and as she passed me in her comfy clothes I made a huge gasping noise.  Apparently my hand went over my heart/chest because my heart skipped a beat. She kept walking and I guess she heard my “GASP” for air and did a very mellow double take and then smiled at me. I tell ya, I just got goosebumbs talking about it. I think my dad was more excited!
Jaderbugs, you have to remember. This is someone who I have been watching and following all of my life. There is not ONE time in my life that I thought I would stop.
When she smiled at me I just started laughing. You know that laugh right? That hysterical, delirious laugh. It just hit me afterwards.
Me and the producers and craft’s team hit it off! They will SURELY be lifelong friends! {{who I will see again soon}}. My whole experience was surreal and I really don’t know where to begin. I promise I will post ALOT of pictures once I get home and organize everything. I have SO much more to share with you!
Let’s craft! Today’s craft will be a little different than you are used to. I normally have pictures (step-by-step) but today I have a video.  I will take a video like this ANYTIME over pictures! This craft was SO MUCH FUN. I only got to do number 16 with MARTHA. NO sweat!
She was SO nice and kind! I was so nervous when she was opening my gift I brought her, but she LOVED it. I gave her my red rose earrings that you can find in my ETSY shop. Everyone else LOVED the earrings too! I didn’t want to leave (even tho I am so happy to see happy faces at home).  I can’t wait to go back and see all my friends the universe sent me!
Thanks to everyone who followed me and my journey. I know this is just the beginning so don’t go anywhere!

How cute are these babies!

8-by-10-inch frame
Lightweight card stock
Paper trimmer
5-by-7-inch photo

Ombre Photo Mat How-To

Choose six pieces of card stock in a color gradient and trim each to 8 by 10 inches.

Arrange the card stock in the order you would like the colors to appear. Begin with the color chosen for the widest mat (the innermost mat, closest to the photo). Using the paper trimmer, measure and cut lines 1 3/4 inches in from each edge, creating a rectangular window in the center of the card stock.

Measure and cut the rest of the mats, decreasing the distance from the edge by 1/4 inch as you work your way to the outermost mat. The outermost mat will be 1/2 inch wide. Tip: When cutting the first line of a 1 3/4-inch mat, start the cutter exactly at the 1 3/4 mark on the ruler of the paper trimmer, and stop 1 3/4 inches before the other edge of the card stock. (The magnifier on the blade shuttle is useful for this.) Turn the paper 90 degrees to make each adjacent cut, stopping 1 3/4 inches before each edge. As you progress, adjust where you start and stop based on the width of the mat you are cutting.

Once all the mats are cut, stack them in order and insert into the frame. Center and secure photo behind mats; secure back of frame in place.

Paper Trimmer available from Martha Stewart Crafts. Card stock available from Paper Presentation. “Ribba” 8-by-10-inch frames available from Ikea.


Howdy roo Jaderbugs! It’s Saturday and I have so much stuff to do my brain is like
“oh my lawdddddd who do you think I am”…
and I am like…
“hellooo your my brain your supposed to work overtime”…..
and then out of anger my brain is like….
” well how bout this.. “I’m off for the night, good luck finding a new brain”
There you have it. It’s going to be that kind of day!

But lemme tell you about this tutorial. So you know I love “MARTHA STEWART” (((really Jaderbomb,we know))). All of her punches are fabulous. I swear they punch out PERFECTLY and you would think they would go bad after um, 500 punches but NO! I think it actually get’s better! It’s springtime and I thought it was the right time to do a butterfly craft! This would look great in a little girl’s room. There is something whimsical and magical about a butterfly. I always seem to “relate” to them.
{{real or fake}}

Let’s get started.

Monarch Butterfly Large Double Punch
Scissor All Purpose

Do you see how perfect!!

Once you get them all punched out you need to bend them all in half. This will make them look like they are flying!

There you have it! You very own BURST of BUTTERFLIES!!!! The great thing about this project is that you can make all of the butterflies one certain color or you can use your favorite two colors. It’s all up to you! You can use glitter paper, paper with designs on them, or construction paper! This makes it very affordable.

 If you really want you can punch out of loose leaf paper and color them or use markers to add details! See, there are SO MANY things you can do with these magical babies!

Sending you butterflies from all over the world,


Women’s 2011 Gift Guide


Happy MONDAY JADERBUGS! I can’t lie to you. I started to make a “wish list” for myself but after a little while I though this would be a fan-tabulous time to share things that everyone woud LOVE to have. There might be only ONE thing in this set that you may like but that is OK! I chose pieces that could change in color but remain ageless. See, the fact is every woman {{at least I think}} wants to feel pretty, confident and stylish. One thing I can’t seem to let go of is loving all of the things that made me happy as a child. It’s pretty amazing being able to walk around with enough confidence to wear all of the things you love. Soem people say “Why do you wear Hello Kitty things”… and I say because I love her anddddd why don’t you???? HAHA. I always tell people how happy she will make them feel!2011 Women's Wish List


Nike activewear
30 – johnlewis.com

Nike shoes              (I LOVE these shoes. I started wearing them years ago and they hardly weigh anything)

Hello kitty wallet       (This purse is AMAZING! It is super huge inside and has a “sorta” sophisticated look to it) haha
$45 – fredflare.com

Leather bag         (Anything that is leather and PINK is something that my eyes love. Great for laptop or everyday things)
$155 – modcloth.com

Michael kors watch     (I mean, what’s not to love about this. It’s a CLASSIC piece and will NEVER grow old)
200 – harveynichols.com

Heart necklace      (I thought this was a cute piece of jewelry. It think it looks so classic and delicate)
$55 – fredflare.com

Ray-Ban ray ban sunglasses    (I die for these babies, that’s it. I think ANYONE could pull these off)
$130 – saksfifthavenue.com

Clear umbrella      (Perfect way to look “GOOD” in the rain)
9.95 – umbrellaheaven.com

Lomography Fisheye 2 Camera     (Great gift to add to a stocking. Add’s a fun flare to your pictures)
$75 – fredflare.com

Bow Tie Bag Clips     (REALLY. That’s all I have to say)
$10 – fredflare.com

Wacky Bandages      (This would make ANY bobo feel
$9.50 – fredflare.com

Stress Relief – Aromatherapy – Bath & Body Works   (I am always FULLY stocked with this stuff!)
$17 – bathandbodyworks.com

Hello Kitty Gold Sequined Coin Purse      (I think the gold sequins adds a little elegance to KITTY)
$20 – fredflare.com

Hot Shot! Camera Ring      (FA REEL)
$12 – fredflare.com

ShopKitson.com – The Online Store For The Famous Kitson Boutique     (I can’t even tell you how fun this is!)
Now, I give you permission to go out and buy one of each for yourself,

Martha Stewart Countdown #100 Lucky Plant Gift

WOW! I am sitting at my computer right now crying so much. I am not sad or upset. I am just overwhelmed with what I just accomplished. I never thought any of this would happen to me. WHY would it? Well because I believe in myself for one and the rest comes with faith. {{thanks UNIVERSE}}

If you know me then you know I believe in the Universe more than I believe in myself. This countdown took on a big role in my life. I literally felt like I woke up thinking about Martha Stewart and I went to bed thinking of Martha Stewart. If I wasn’t doing this countdown one might would think I was OBSESSED.. HAHA. OK. Maybe I am just a little. I remember when I was standing right next to her, before the camera’s started rolling. I looked at her and it took me a minute to realize what was happening. I kinda wanted to frantically hug her or maybe just touch her cheek. I wanted to see if it was real. But I touched her hand and she kinda hugged me on the show so that was REAL ENOUGH!!!

I know you might of thought I would go out with a BANG. What I mean is, everyone is asking me “What will your 100th craft be”…It’s actually very simple and delicate. I thought it was perfect because a “JADE” plant is considered a “lucky plant. Did you know that? I have them all over my house and I have one in particular that I bought at the beginning of the countdown. You can get them at walmart! I got it because, well I guess I thought I NEEDED luck to do what I just promised to do. I remember when I told Ashy what I was doing. She just looked at me and said, “WHAT”. Really she said, {{are you flipping nuts woman}}.. HAHA. She turned into my biggest supporter. THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU FOR THAT! 

Remember my post that I did announcing to the world about the Martha countdown? Let me share a couple of things I wrote in it:

Sometimes I pretend I am her. Have you ever seen her hands? She is just magnificent I tell ya. She makes every craft seem like walking on water. She is the craft god. I just wanna feel like I have walked in Martha’s shoes for a period in time.

Can you believe all of my energy led me to this. I had NO idea when I wrote THIS  post that 3 weeks later I would be standing next to her. FA REALLLL!! Thank you UNIVERSE again.  I made so many friends when I went to New York and I am so glad they are in my life. I have learned how to “REALLY” network and be the consistent crafter that I am!  Well here it is people. My 100th craft.

Wish someone an auspicious new year with a jade plant, Crassula ovata. This easy-care succulent is said to bring prosperity. 

To wrap the pot, place it on a square sheet of decorative paper.

Bring up two opposite corners, and secure to the pot with double-sided tape. 

Fold the other two flaps as shown; tape. 

Tie gold cord around the pot, and add a tag with a message.Well Jaderbugs, it’s been amazing and wonderful. I couldn’t of done it without you and your excitement about each and every craft I do! I will forever remember this STRESSFUL wonderful experience. HaHa. Don’t worry! I am not going anywhere. I was a craft blogger long before this project and I will be one long after! GUESS WHAT? You will NOW start getting all of my ORIGINAL JADERBOMB CRAFTS BACK!!! I AM SO EXCITED…

Martha, if you are reading this…thank you for recognizing me as a true crafter. You changed my life before I went on the show and now I will forever carry this memory with me. I will NEVER forget what you said on the show:

“There’s dedication and then there’s DEDICATION.”  -Martha Stewart

Floating on CLOUD 1 million,

Check out Martha’s original craft HERE and you can purchase Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Crafts here!

CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO (me on the show!)


Click HERE to read all about it!!!

Thanks to Martha Stewart crafts for sponsoring me with craft supplies!

Homeade Doorbells

Deck the doorknobs with jolly kid-made bells. It’s a great activity for days when it’s too wet or chilly to play outside and — between your craft bin and the refrigerator — you probably have all the supplies on hand: an egg carton, paint, glitter, glue, and yarn.

(and you jaderbugs know how much I love GLITTERRR (singing) again)

NINETYYYYYYYY 99999999999999999999999999… (SINGING LOUD in a MANLY voice)

Get your egg carton. Paper works best!

 Cut the cone-shape pieces that separate the eggs out of a cardboard carton (one egg carton will produce five bells).

I just used a roll of colorful yarn. Heart this!

Colors I used for my craft. You can get it HERE.

Colors I used for my craft. You can get it HERE.

Paint each divider, using acrylic or poster paint. Let dry; apply glue along the edge of the divider, all over the outside, or wherever you like, and sprinkle with glitter.

These are the glitter colors I used!! ORDER SOME HERE!! Don’t forget to use THESE!

Thread an embroidery needle with yarn. Poke a hole through a bell’s crown, and pull yarn through partway.

Slide a bell onto the yarn.

 Tie a knot above the jingle bell and one a little higher. Like this!

Tie several bells around a doorknob, staggering the lengths of the yarn.

OK. Fa real! I am in LOVE. I know I say that about every craft that has GLITTER on it!!! Can you believe this is 99!!!

I got 99 problems and a _____ ain’t one,

Check out Martha’s original craft HERE and you can purchase Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Crafts here!

CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO  (me on the show!)


Click HERE to read all about it!!!

Thanks to Martha Stewart crafts for sponsoring me with craft supplies!


Candy Cane Reindeer

Turning a plain candy cane into a cute reindeer is a simple Good Thing to get you and your family in the holiday spirit. I mean, nothing REALLY say’s christmas like a good ole Reindeer in your soft drink. To top it off we have “killer” antlers. Fa reel, I mean deadly. Rememebr? My trusty rusty wire? HAHA!

Tools and Materials
Reindeer template
Candy cane
Brown felt or Brown paper (which is what jaderbomb used)
ScissorsHot glue gun
Brown or red craft pom-pom
Black felt
Hole punch
Rustic floral wire (remember? Trusty Rusty Wire) HAHA

Here are some other AWESOME reindeer crafts: 

Reindeer Pop-Up Card   Making Figures: Reindeer  Reindeer Holiday Coasters

Here are some reindeer materials for you party!!!

Martha Stewart Reindeer Cello Treat Bags 8-Pack   Martha Stewart Craft Deer Family Window Cling

Martha Stewart Reindeer Figurines 

Reindeer Facts

Reindeer have different functions in different cultures. The larger-than-life holiday identity of reindeer likely originated from their ability to pull a heavy sleigh around their arctic homes.  Today, reindeer are mainly used in the United States and around the world to demonstrate the link between humans and animals and the environment. Their antlers are made up of the fastest growing tissue in the animal kingdom, growing up to an inch a day. Made of bone, reindeer antlers can grow within only a few weeks of birth. WOW. Reindeer are the only species of deer where both sexes have antlers, although only male reindeer develop a brow shovel, which they use to clear snow and ice off of grass.

Check above for the template. I was already giddy and happy when I saw this template.

Place template on brown felt or brown paper and trace face and ears; cut them out.

Make eyes by punching two dots out of black felt using a hole punch. Glue black dots to face. Let dry for 15 minutes.

Apply face and ears to candy cane using nontoxic glue. Attach craft pom-pom for the nose using nontoxic glue. If making a Rudolph candy cane, use a red pom-pom; otherwise, use brown.

She’s coming togetherrrrrererererrer (i was singing that) haha

Look FOLKS it’s out HANDY DANDY TRUSTY RUSTY WIRE!!!  Twist rustic floral wire to make antlers. Attach antlers by twisting around top of candy cane. Twist one small piece onto each side of the main antlers to make branches.


LAWD! If you these these are not scrumptious looking then you CUH-RAZY! I can’t believe this is 98! It’s the year I GRADUATED {{teehehehe I shouldn’t of said that}} Check Martha out here!

Check out Martha’s original craft HERE and you can purchase Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Crafts here!

CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO  (me on the show!)


 Click HERE to read all about it!!!

Thanks to Martha Stewart crafts for sponsoring me with craft supplies!
Special thanks to Jim Knox of Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo for sharing these interesting reindeer facts. See more of Jim Knox on “Jim Knox’s Wild Zoofari,” a live-action wildlife series airing on PBS that teaches kids about wildlife conservation. The reindeer seen on today’s show are from Santa’s Workshop, a theme park in North Pole, New York.