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DIY: Star Biscuits

Good morning jaderbugs! It’s almost 3 am and I wanted to share this with you before I went to bed! I want to start off by saying how GOOD it feels to write DIY in front of my title. You know it’s been almost 100 days since I did original “jaderbomb” things. I wouldn’t change anything but I can’t lie and say that I don’t miss ME! {{haha}}. Enjoy this little craft with dough. It thought it was so cute! We did this the other morning and little one loved it!

Sorry if my cookie cutter looks “rusty” HAHA! I swear it’s clean. We will call it VINTAGE…{it really is old though}}

After you cut them out place them on a lined baking sheet. I spray pam so make sure those suckers don’t stick!

This is what you will get! How cute! I thought you would be able to add this to your list of “things to do that are fun this holiday season thanks to jaderbomb” list.

Going to dreamland, jaderbomb

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