and this is how SUE C’s it…

I wanted to share a story about a person I met months ago. This woman is INCREDIBLE.  If she could inspire one person in this crazy world then I will be happy!!! I have never met a person so kind and loving in my entire life. I asked Sue to send me an email about what she did this weekend so you can get a better understanding of who she is and what she stands for. I’m telling you Jaderbugs, I think she is a real angel. So here you go. Here is Sue’s story:

I love this picture! SUE YOU ROCK! All of your Angels were on YOUR back!!!

 I am walking in the final Susan G. Komen for the Cure Breast Cancer Walk for 2011.  San Diego is the final stop in a series of 14 walks that started in July in Boston, MA! This walk is all about finding a cure for breast cancer for our mothers, grandmothers, nieces, sisters, etc…

However, I walk for all cancers….I walked in this one because it gets the most attention, and in the process I will also be representing, pediatric brain cancer, and melanoma, and of course breast cancer. I walked for the first time in 2009 for my amazing Aunt Bubs, who had been diagnosed at Stage 4 Breast Cancer at the age of 90!! Unfortunately she died one month before I walked!  But…she knew I was walking for her! This year I will once again carry her on my back, and sadly, I will add to that picture, my beautiful niece Taylor Suzanne Gettinger, who died October 22, 2011; and one week later my baby Brother Shawn, who died October 27th of Melonoma.
Taylor was only 19, and had been battling Stage 3 inoperable brain cancer.  Shawn had been diagnosed only 5 months ago, that’s how quickly the melanoma took over his body and life….too much sadness for one family….But….I have taken pictures of all of them, laminated them and will pin them to my back for the whole world to see as I walk my 60 miles over the next three days! No matter what kind of weather we encounter, they will be pinned to my back.
In the past year I have trained weekly for these 60 miles…I have walked daily at work for about 50 mins. per walk, and at times on weekends, logged in training walks up to 15 miles….I also trudge once a week at the beach for a very hearty 5 miles!
Each person is responsible for raising $2300.00 prior to walking.  Thanks to my amazing friends…I accomplished this task over a month ago!!! It is a very emotional journey….especially this year as I walk for three people that I love dearly and cannot believe I have had to lose to cancer….
I walk for my family, I walk for my friend Chazzy, I walk for so many families I have met along the way, who have lost children, siblings, spouses….I walk for my sister in law Belinda…who along with her 4 kids who are 2, 5, 12 and 15…now have to live out their lives with out their amazing Dad and Husband.  I walk for my Sister Kathleen and Brother in law Stinnett, as well as my two amazing nephews Stinnett and Jack, who have to live the rest of their lives without an amazing daughter and sister…Taylor was the bravest person I have ever known…and she refused to ever believe that Cancer, her brain tumor “Gary” would beat her….she literally never talked about dying even up to the last few days of her life!
I will carry her memory forward in the days to come by opening an ART/Photo Gallery by the name of Taylor’s Heart…we will be working in conjunction with a Non-Profit here in San Diego by the name of ART’s:  A Reason to Survive….it will be an amazing adventure and legacy that will keep her heart and memory alive forever and ever…constantly serving other children who are also battling the same fight she fought so couregeously!!!
I will be posting pictures as the days unfold!!! I am excited to start this adventure and look forward to meeting thousands of amazing people along the way!
Blog away my friend…the website will tell you just about anything you might need to know!
Thanks so much,
Love you and hope the day comes we all finally get to meet!!!

Now do you see? I could not ever imagine going through all the things she has gone through. I hope you enjoyed reading about this amazing angel walking around this crazy and chaotic world. I wanted to share a couple of pictures from her 60 mile walk!!!

60 miles… WHATTHA WHAT!

SUE! I am so proud of you and you have filled a special place in my heart. I will always love you for that!

Seriously. This is the best thing ever. I bet the energy during this weekend was cuh-razy!

Can you believe they even had “Martha” pom pom balls decorated along the way! I’m tell you these babies are the best thing ever! If you wanna make some click HERE.


Sending you all the pink tissue paper poms poms to make you smile all day long, your jaderbomb

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