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Pampas Please

Pampas Please

Ever wonder how you could fill up an empty space in your home very quickly? I do. Pampas grass is great for that. It is quite funny because for years I would spot these beautiful plants in random areas but I never took the time to look at one up-close and personal. People, today was that day! I saw a large amount of them and took 5 minutes to go snatch 3 of them and show you how to display them in something as simple as an old glass bottle. So how much did this cost me…nothing at all!!! There is beauty all around us, however if you can’t see the beauty then it will pass you by. It would look great during every season and it’s white in color, light, fluffy, did I say light and fluffy…. Well you get it! So go out there and snatch some Pampas Please!

FYI: When instantly cut it will shed alot. Once home, simply get an aerosol can of hairspray and lightly spray it over the Pampas grass. You don’t need alot, just enough to coat it. This should help it to stay intact longer!

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