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When Nature Calls

When Nature Calls

On a recent trip to my father’s house I took a stroll and ran across a couple of things that some may pass by without even noticing. I though this was the perfect time to post some things from nature that you could incorporate within your personal space.

Most would see these hanging in a tree and pass by it. Next time, grab a big handful and let them sit out in the sun for a day or two and when they are completely dry, there you have it!!!! Next all you have to do is sprinkle drops of your favorite essential oil and voila!!! Homemade Potpourri ….

While on my walk I ran across these Cattails! There is something so interesting about these littleWhe fellows. Maybe it’s the fact that they simply remind me of a corn-dog! I know you all love corn-dogs!!

So next time you pass some of these up take a second and pick a few! They look delicious in a pretty vase or anything else your “taste-buds” find tasty!!!

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