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Design your own cell phone case

This weekend I woke up with the “grand” idea to cover my phone case.  What started that idea was the fact that my phone case was FULL of scratches and FULL of paint.  I know, your thinking, “well if you got your real case dirty why would you think you wouldn’t get this furry concoction dirty”.  Fact is I will. If you lived in my shoes a couple days you would see that dirty means GOOD. Dirty means PRODUCTION.  Dirty means, finding ways to constantly “cover” things up.  Ya know, sometimes I hate buying new clothes. It’s so pretty and clean. Those fibers have no idea what it’s like living in the life of an artist.  Well, someone has to do the dirty work {{right eyebrow lifting up REALLY high}}
p.s. if you go to your local craft store you can find every color you could possibly want.  I bough mine at Michael’s Arts and Crafts.
p.s. i like to do a little bit at a time so ensure it is put on well
p.s. just keep on wrapping all over the phone. good thing is if you mess up nobody will ever know because it all blends in.  make sure you don’t cover the spots where your “holes” are.
p.s. when you are almost done you will need to cut the “fur” where your camera lens is.
p.s. tadahhhh.. one BIG ball of love .. YES that is my phone faced down.  funny huh!!!
Sending you balls and balls of hot pink fur,
P.S. Don’t forget to check out my 100 days of Martha Stewart countdown I am doing. It is a REAL fun project I took on! So fun, I am gonna do a new craft later tonight. Oh you ask. When do I have time to do ALL of this and have a REAL life.  Well, when you are all cozy in your beds at like 3 am… I am crafting.  ((teeheheh))
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And I will put a link on my website which is www.jaderbomb.com!!!!