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DIY: Glittered Envelope with Martha Stewart Glitter

 Jaderbugs… I have been super swamped lately! Don’t get me wrong… It’s the only way I know how to live but phew. I’m giving myself a run for my own money!

It’s 1 in the morning and I JUST have a minute to post this. LONG day ahead of me!

I hope you enjoy this quick but FUN tutorial!

Isn’t it SO cute!

You will need double stick tape, envelope, Martha Stewart gold leaf glitter, wax seal, and a lot of love.

These are the colors I used. They are SO pretty.

Put a strip of double stick tape along the top and snip the sides.

Sprinkle whatever color you want to use on top of the double stick tape.

Read the directions before burning your wax. I like to turn my wax almost upside down and make it turn black in some spots!

See the little black in it. Make sure you press your stamp in the wax before it melts.

So you see! It’s SUPER DUPER easy and I am positive whoever gets this will LOVE it!

I hope you enjoyed the extra picture I put for you!!! Happy Early Mardi Gras and Valentines day

Me and kitty wishes you a wonderful weekend,

This post is brought to you Plaid’s Martha Stewart line of paint and stencils. I received product for this post. All opinions expressed are 100% mine. You can check out Plaid’s fullMartha Stewart product line here


Today you will be making…….

p.s. are you excited!!! oh and i just used the regular sized tissue paper for the big balls! lol
you want to make sure you have atleast 8 sheets on top of each other. i like to do about 12 sheets! makes the balls fluffy
p.s. just remember, these babies don’t have to be “super dooper” strait and perfect. keep in mind we gonna be PULLING them all apart in the end!
p.s. your wire does NOT have to be a “certain” length… just make it long enough to be able to wrap around and have some left to hang with
p.s. just like this.

p.s. you can do round, strait or pointed ends!!!
p.s. be gentle right here… they tend to tear very easy
p.s. it’s starting to come together!!!!

p.s. if you noticed… i used clear tacks to hold them up.  it might look like they show in the picture but I pinky promise they don’t look like that in person..
have fun with this. the ideas are ENDLESS!!!