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EASTER Tissue Paper POM POM’S-Tutorial

Happy Saturday Jaderbugs! I could not wait to show you this fun and quick tutorial. I am sure you remember my “Tissue Paper Pom Pom’s” that were featured on Martha Stewart, right? If not click on the links I just provided and check um out! You will be shocked to find out just how easy they are. If you have a huge space that you need to dress up these are the perfect thing for it!

Here are some examples:

Tissue Paper Pom-Poms How-To
Homemade Pom Pom’s  

Pom Pom car decoration

Here is a little info on what kind of tissue paper to use (click on the link): Tissue Paper

Now I wanted to make something quick to decorate a mantle with and why not make “mini” tissue paper pom pom’s. I thought it was the easiest thing to use for decoration. On the flip side, it’s super affordable. A pack of tissue paper might cost $1.50 and usually comes with like…about 13 sheets of tissue paper in it. For the small pom pom’s I used one sheet for each one. For the bigs ones, I used about 12 sheets for each one.

 I just had to get these two packs of tissue paper. I thought they were perfect for Easter and SOOOO adorable.

First thing you want to do is take one sheet of paper. Fold it in half and cut at the seam. Do this 3 more times. It’s always good to use a good pair of “sharp” scissors so the paper cuts instantly. I love my Martha Stewart Multi Purpose Scissors.

After you finish the step before this you will take the little stack of tissue paper and fold it like an accordion. You can make the folds big or small, your preference. I like doing big ones because it makes it easier to open them up in the end.

Next you will take some wire of your choice {{ I like to use floral wire}} and wrap it around the center just like this. Make sure you leave a long piece so you can stick it in a bottle.

Here is one of my mantle’s I decorated. See the tissue balls to the right!!!! Remember, to make these you only need ONE sheet per ball.  To make the BIG one you need 12 sheets. Make sure you click on my tutorial I put at the top of the post to see step by step how I did the big ones!

Here is a little something I added to spruce up my mantle. I love CONFETTI!!!! I bought this bag from Wal-Mart and it was only .97 cent’s!!!!

Just grab all of the little clear jars or bottles you can find and fill um up girls!!! You can even use clear wine bottles!!!! Anything to show off these babies!!!

I hope you have a blast doing this craft! Enjoy the rest of your weekend Jaderbugs!!!

Items in this post is brought to you Plaid’s Martha Stewart line of paint, stencils and craft products . I received product for this post. All opinions expressed are 100% mine. You can check out Plaid’s full Martha Stewart product line here


Today you will be making…….

p.s. are you excited!!! oh and i just used the regular sized tissue paper for the big balls! lol
you want to make sure you have atleast 8 sheets on top of each other. i like to do about 12 sheets! makes the balls fluffy
p.s. just remember, these babies don’t have to be “super dooper” strait and perfect. keep in mind we gonna be PULLING them all apart in the end!
p.s. your wire does NOT have to be a “certain” length… just make it long enough to be able to wrap around and have some left to hang with
p.s. just like this.

p.s. you can do round, strait or pointed ends!!!
p.s. be gentle right here… they tend to tear very easy
p.s. it’s starting to come together!!!!

p.s. if you noticed… i used clear tacks to hold them up.  it might look like they show in the picture but I pinky promise they don’t look like that in person..
have fun with this. the ideas are ENDLESS!!!