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(insert blood, sweat, burns, tears, eye rolls and maybe a few ugly words here)

Yes, our cabinets have chalk paint on them. Check out how we did that here.

One might encounter some of these these things while covering a wall with wine corks. A friend had bags full and gave them to me SCORE!!!!!!

I posted sometime last week the hot mess going on in our kitchen. Remember? Check it out here. When the dad’s put our new cabinets in they were  lower than our old ones.  The wall behind the sink was a hot mess when we were done with the installation so we were gonna put glass or tiles until I had a Jaderbomb moment.


Ashy just looked at me with this weird stank eye and then her eyes got big and she said “I LOVE IT”….
{{I was worried for a hot minute}}

Let’s get started. You will need corks (alot), glue gun(s) and lot’s of glue sticks! You can do like me and plug in 3 glue guns!!!! I think that is where I started to insert the burns and bad words. It seemed like every 3 minutes I would lean over and burn my arms. HAHA.It was the best time ever!!!

See the wall. UGLY!

I have the three glue guns all plugged and ready to be overworked!!!

First thing you will do is hot glue four corks together like this!

The picture to the right is me holding two “sticks” together. They are not glued together. Hot glue is the best thing to use for this because it dries really quick.

 So you will glue 4 together. Put a long line of hot glue on the back of all 4. Then stick it on your wall. I started from the bottom and made my way up. I also did play around before to have an idea of how many rows I would need to make it to the top. See the thing is with corks is they are all different sizes. So when you get to the end you might have more space at the top in some spots and other spots might be perfect. If you don’t want to glue 4 together, you can glue ONE on at a time on the wall. Phew, good luck! But play around with the corks because sometimes moving them around will make them fit better.


You really want to try your best to have STRAIT lines. That will make it look clean and crisp in the end.

HAHA!!!! Check out this post on what I use to clean my dishes! It is truly the BEST!

Don’t forget to come back for the COMPLETE reveal! Believe it or not there is MUCH more!!!!  We actually kept the top part of the cabinets because they are REALLY old and we just love them!

There ya have it, and instand cork board! Until next time…

Make it a DIY kinda day,


Target HAUL: What’s in your target bag!!!

I wanted to quickly get this post in before the day started. You know I LOVE “tar-jay”.  I feel like Walmart and Target are “fuh real” competitors now. For a while Wal-Mart had the best things ever! I walked in one day and thought I was in another store. Then I stepped into Target. I mean, it’s ridiculous. I just wanted to share a couple of things I bought because I believe they are worth sharing.

For example. This chevron print basket. Really Target, who are you? Whoever you are I like it!!!  They also have three other sizes of baskets. This is the smallest one!

Ok. I know I have blogged about this before but that’s how much I love this stuff. I don’t think I will EVER use anything else ever again. This stuff sings to me when I am washing my dishes, (no I don’t have a dish washer)….I never trusted those bad boys anyways. I mean, do they REALLY clean better than your hands???? OH, and they have some other scents you might enjoy like BASIL, GERANIUM, and LAVENDER.

Mrs. Meyers lemon verbena dish soap & hand soap

I love all products that have “ST.IVES” on them. I always blog about the Apricot scrub and then while scanning the shelves the angels made me look on a different shelf…That’s when I saw this. My pores were singing….

ST. IVES Green Tea Scrub. OK this stuff is 1. awesome and 2. smells redonkulously good. If I had so state a 3, it might be that I kinda (secretly) wondered if it tasted good.

These totally match the chevron print basket I got. I think I will do something special with these two babies. Not sure yet but I have a feeling you WILL know when I do it~ AND these babies were on SALE for .88 cents!!! What the!!!!

Now, these beautiful little suckers just made my eyes glimmer and my heart skip a beat. There is something about this color that I have ALWAYS loved. Maybe it makes me feel like I am in the tropics and I have all the windows open listening to Lana Del Rey….that simple.  I could not find the link to link back to these but they are in the section where you buy towels.

I “accidentally” ran across these suckers and I think I may have RAN walked in a orderly fashion to hurry and grab then, all while thinking in my head
“I hope they are my size, I hope they are my size”… they were. Thank you universe.

Xhilaration® Juniors Capri Legging – Assorted Colors

Who woulda ever thunk to make this. Whoever did I love them. I COULD NOT resist this! The possibilities are endless! You can make

~blueberry doughnuts
~banana doughnuts
You get the idea!!!!

Wilton Doughnut Pan – 6 Cavity

So I have looked and looked all over Target’s website for this candle but can’t find it. I really truly think it is NEW and that is why. IT IS A MUST HAVE. They are only around 11 dollars.
I just wanted to show you what I used my little chevron basket for. A cute basket for my new dish towels. I know, they are “bath” wash cloths but I like them for my kitchen.
Super crazy, but they look good wet!! paahahahaha
There you have it Jaderbugs!  A few things that you MUST go buy at TAR-JAY NOW!!! I also bought some red and turquoise chevron plates but forgot to take pictures. NOW, I am being lazy and figured I would just “tell” you about them.
Wishing Chevron gas was as cheap as these Chevron towels,

Mrs.Meyers, Cupcakes & Cows

Give Thanks!


Tyler rodan handbag
$80 – zappos.com

Dogeared jewelry
$50 – bloomingdales.com

Napoleon Dynamite Sleep Mask
$10 – fredflare.com

Cowhide Black Rug
320 – habitat.co.uk

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Basil Hand Soap
$4.95 – crateandbarrel.com

Fairy-tail Engagement Dog Collar
$30 – modcloth.com

Cupcake Bath Bomb