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The Simple Secret to making a Fairy Garden! 

Happy almost Spring you guys!!! Can you believe it’s almost that time of the year already! I know personally living in the South I look forward to Spring and Summer because all of our trees get green and our grass grows way too much but anyways, let’s just say I am super stoked to see beautiful greenery. 

When I was little girl I used to love little containers that I could fill all my goodies with.  Especially ones with glass where i could see strait through them. Let’s get started so I can show you how to make  cute fairy garden. Let’s get started!
fairy garden


First thing you will need is this container which I purchased at Michaels craft store. I love how shabby chic it looks! wooden fairy garden

Now if you are anything like me then you can think of a billion things you could put in this container. Fun collectibles or trinkets! Click below to get a great deal on one. 

Purchase this planter for a great price here!

fake moss projects

Next thing you will need to make your garden is moss. Above are two types that I like to use in my fairy houses. 

Purchase your square Moss sheets and Moss Rocks at a great price right now! planting box

I am in love with the pointed peak at the top of this one. It kind of reminds me of an old little Southern  church. diy green house

First thing we will do is add a layer off faux moss onto the bottom of the house. fake moss

Take the full sheet, fold it in half then cut down he middle with scissors. You can get all of these items from Michaels and you can order this moss from the link above. how to make a fairy garden

One cut you can place half of the sheet of moss at the bottom of the house. Keep in mind you will have the other half to use for another project. I love laying out this flat sheet of moss and putting little collectibles on them for my friends and family to see. wax plants

Michaels has a huge selection of Pre-Made Succulent in Wood Slice By Ashland, Click here to get these at a great sale price available now! I personally love these because they NEVER die! (hehe)

wax plant projects

Michaels has a huge selection to choose from and with Bohemian projects trending like crazy right now I think these are a must to put all over your house!summer projects

Look how cute these are. They come in a class container and it literally looks like it has real dirt in them. outdoor projects

You can also get these little wooden boxes to place them in if you want them to look a little more elegant. These would be great for weddings!
wax plant diy projects

michaels projects

michaels makers

I just had to get this fox to add in my little container. She’s cute isn’t she! Order one today by clicking on the link below. 
fox ideas

Purchase cute fox for a great price here!kid projects

Once you are ready you can start putting all of your faux wax succulent plants in your house. You could also use real dirt and real flowers if you don’t want to use the faux succulents. green house ideas

I love these moss rocks. You can add these anywhere they will bring a little life inside any room in your house or outside. moss rocks

diy summer crafts

diy projects

I hope you enjoyed this post and I would love to hear what was your favorite part of the project in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family!!!!

Looking for more organization inspiration? Make sure you visit Michaels’ blog, The Glue String, to see the rest of the Michaels Makers’ organization project ideas.

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I know exactly what you are thinking right now. You want your own set of trophies. Right? I didn’t realize how much I needed these babies in my life until I saw them all standing next to each other. The other day I went to the Dollar Store and my eyes saw these beauties. Well, they were not this “beautiful” on the shelf (they were actually kinda ugly) but my brain knew exactly what they WERE going to look like.  There are so many days I wish my brain would chill out for about 19 minutes and then there are days when I am saying, “thank you brain, thank you“. I wonder if my brain knows that I am proud of it?

Quote of the day: "If fate means you to lose, give um a good fight anyhow." -William McFee, British writer

I like to use wax plants for a project like this because they are very easy to manage. I get my wax plants from Wal-Mart but I am sure any nursery will have them.  Another option is getting an air plant. Seriously. ANYONE can grow this. I mean, if you kill it then maybe you should inbox me.. hahah

You can also get all of the ingredients I used below, just click on the link and you can order everything from one spot: Air Plants  Potting Mix Krylon Spray Paint (use whatever color you want) I used BLUE OCEAN BREEZE GLOSS  Plastic Trophies (these are a little different but they will work the same way)

 Go outside where you have room to breathe and spray away. Make sure you don’t spray next to people, vehicles, or your house. The overspray can really mess up some stuff. (yes, I truly experienced this many times)

I flipped over an old plastic pot that I had and sprayed these suckers. It’s easy using something like a pot because I was able to turn it around and spray other parts of the trophies.

This is what they will look like once you spray them and they are FULLY coated. make sure when you flip them back to the right side that you spray from the top. You want the inside to look coated as much as possible.  Yay, we are almost done!

 Halliluuuyerrrr we made it to the finish line. Boy, I’m pooped (hehe)


At least I won first place in the finger pushing contest! I think these are so precious and you can use them for so many things like: Weddings Birthdays Dinner parties A gift Graduation decor

You get it right? They are just amazing. Did you ever get a trophy? What was it for?

See you in the next post Jaderbugs


DIY: Mini Bunting for Cake or Flower Pot

Holy Moly Macadamia Nuts! I never knew I loved these nuts until my first trip to Hawaii! Those are the BEST little suckers ever. Thanks Kiyo and family for sending us the BEST chocolate covered macadamia nuts! That was the best thing we have EVER got in the mail!

{{thank goodness the mail man didn’t eat them}}}


If you are looking for that perfect last minute valentine’s gift I have just the thing for you. I personally love getting and giving greenery as a gift. It’s something that will last a long time if it’s cared for properly . 

You know I love flag bunting! I swear it’s the one thing that will make my toes tingle and my heart smile. Who woulda thunk it!

Let’s hurry along because it’s already nighty night time and you need to see this before the morning!!!

The ingredients you will need are:

Martha Stewart glue gun, 2 wooden skewers, Martha Stewart all purpose scissors, Martha Stewart Baker’s twine, and some little triangles cut out of fabric. You can get all of the Martha Stewart products at Michael’s Art’s and Crafts.

Start by laying out your flags they way you want them. Make sure to put the “good” side facing down so you can glue the twine to the back.

Add a little line of hot glue to the back of the flags. Gently press the twine into the hot glue before it dries.

SERIOUSLY…. How cute is this!!! It’s super simple and definitely adds a whimsical, fun touch to any plant or cake. Have fun with this! This is totally a project you can afford to do for EACH holiday!!! Don’t you just love all of these succulents? I bought ALL of them at Home Depot!

In case you didn’t see my tutorial on how to make this fish bowl terrarium click HERE….

Stay tuned for a post on which plants give off good energy! You don’t want to miss it.

Gotta go finishing preparing for a fun filled Valentine’s DAY,

This post is brought to you Plaid’s Martha Stewart line of paint and stencils. I received product for this post. All opinions expressed are 100% mine. You can check out Plaid’s fullMartha Stewart product line here