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I am so excited to share with you my latest post for the I Love to Create Blog.  How to make Bohemian Garden Flags. {Get the link at the bottom of post}

Long hair is considered bohemian, which may be why I grew it, but I keep it long because I love the way it feels, part cloak, part fan, part mane, part security blanket” Marge Piercy 


How to Make Bohemian Flags Jaderbomb

How to Make Bohemian Flags Jaderbomb

I get asked a lot how do I create things or come up with fun new ideas that are not all over Pinterest. Well the thing is I have a rule that I made with myself long before Pinterest came around. I promised that I would always stay true to the things that make me extremely happy. That I would not copy anyone’s special ideas that they create because after all I  have so many in my own head I really need to focus on getting them all out! ((teehee))

I promised that I would not ever compare my blog to anyone else’s {trust me this can be hard at times} because that is them and this is me. Sometimes I get inspired by other’s but you have to focus on YOU and that is when TRUE content will come out. Sometimes it’s not all about how “pretty” your blog looks but how great the CONTENT is.

I will always create things with BOLD bright colors. If something feels fun and MAGICAL when I am creating it then I know I am doing the right thing. What do I do when I have a creative block? I just close my eyes and trust my intuition. I follow my heart and pretend I am making a gift for ME. I trust this unexpected blogging life that the Universe created for me and go for it. When I look at something I create and feel happy inside then I know YOU will too.


I hope everyone has a MAGICAL day!


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Quote of the day: 
“Bigger than life is not difficult for me.  I AM bigger than life.”-Rita Moreno

Well that quote fit me quite perfectly I tell ya! If you ever wonder where I get my quotes from or how I choose them I will tell ya. I have always kept a calendar on my desk where you can tear a page off every day and each day has something new on it. I get them from Barnes and Noble. They usually have a HUGE table to choose from and they range from puzzles, cat’s, dogs, inspirational, sports, funny and anything else you can think of.

Last year Ashy bought me a really great inspirational one.  However this year, I got a really funny one. It’s sorta inspirational but it’s about inspirational WOMEN. I will post a link below to show you the calendar I got because it’s still early in the year and you need this one. Super funny!

Today’s craft is very inspirational. Why you ask? Well because when you water color it relaxes you in a way that you won’t understand unless you do it. I should say enjoying your time doing it will relax you, not if you hurry. It’s magical when you mix two colors together and they blend so easily. For me crafting isn’t just a job, it truly grounds me and gives me a place on this earth.



*Water Color Paint

If you click on the ingredient links you can purchase these items all in one place.






The first thing you will do is get strips of fabric ( use a light color so the water color’s show) and start painting whatever you like on it. I wanted to do some geometric shapes and patterns on mine. I will suggest one thing. When it comes to water color the cheaper ones you buy will not have a lot of color pigment in them. I suggest buying the more expensive one because it will be worth it. Don’t worry even the expensive ones are not that expensive.
FYI: you could also buy the ones with 7 colors and mix your own shades!



Once you paint on your fabric let them dry over night. When dry cut out triangles. I didn’t measure mine because I wanted them to be different sizes.


Once you are done grab your glue gun and some string or twine. Add a little glue to the top of the flag (the back side of your flag) and just place your twine on top of the glue. That’s it!


I just love the way they came out. I figured I would start early with my Valentines decor and I think this is beautiful.


I hope you enjoyed this post and you can look forward to new VALENTINE’S day crafts!

Huge hugs, see ya in the next post!


Quote of the day:
“Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world: Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead

Howdy Hoo Jaderbugs! I am super excited to share with you some super popular food posts from last years Holiday season. I can’t wait to show you the DIY projects I have been working on for this upcoming week because they are some great gift ideas also!


Today I will start off with this super moist delicious cake. Every time I make this my heart get’s excited. Did I mention that my family tears.it.up? Click HERE to see how I made the mini flag bunting for the cake.
{Click HERE to get this Devil’s cake recipe}



The next thing I will show you are my famous red velvet cake balls. Me and seester made these last year for Christmas and let me just tell you we had a blast. The thing I love the most about these cake balls is that you can get your kids involved. If you decide to make them, make like 100 of them because the person eating all of them will never feel like they ate “ALL” of them.

{Click HERE to get these red velvet cake balls recipe}



Now these yummy suckers will turn you into a
Popcorn Snatcher Monster.”
I am serious. When you finish making these and let them sit for about 15 minutes…they have this warm, chewy, sweet goodness to them. It’s actually quite delicate in your mouth. I love that you control how “PEPPERMINTY” you want it!
{Click HERE for the Peppermint Puffs recipe}



Sometimes we spend so much time looking for “special” recipes that we pass up the really SIMPLE (awesome) ones!
This recipe is the perfect recipe to WHIP up in a JIFFY.
{Click HERE for the Peppermint Puffs recipe}



I am so proud of these because they totally happened by accident. Well I sorta was playing around but I locked this recipe in to “jaderbomb” because you “might” see this somewhere later on….
I made sure that is was very easy to make so enjoy!
{Click HERE for the Nutella Pankcake Balls recipe}


 Well Jaderbugs, I hope you enjoyed all of my great recipes from last year! Stay tuned for many new ones this month. The first “GOOEY” one will be up sometime tomorrow!

See ya in the next post!

Make it a DIY kinda day,

Flag Streamers

 Seriously! Nothing pulls a party together like a motif and a vibrant palette. We can’t forget about paper flags! I love putting these babies up for parties. I have even seen some people do them for weddings and baby showers. I promise, you can find something to use these for! Here is the template for the flag. Oh, and the thing I like best about these paper flags is the fact that you can throw them away when you are done. {{or save them}}………Just throwing that out there for ya!

Material you will need: Paper, Scissors and Twine.

You want to get your handy dandy Martha Stewart scoring board. I LOVE THIS PIECE OF PLASTIC!!

After you cut out your template (which I listed above) trace it onto whatever paper you want to use. I wanted a original “red and green” flag!

After you cut out the flag take a couple and make lines in them using the scoring board. I didn’t follow a certain pattern I just kinda put lines wherever I felt like it.

As you can see I didn’t follow a certain pattern. Jaderbomb doesn’t use patterns. HAHA

Get your glue gun. I used my dual temperatured one from Martha Stewart because, well….this is why {{ the dual-temperature glue gun allows you to change the setting to fit your materials. Switch it on high for a stronger bond that is best used with wood, plastic, metal, ceramics, magnets, leather, and fabric. Set it to low for more delicate materials such as lace, foil, ribbon, floral foam and lightweight fabric, or paper}} NOW DO YOU SEE HOW AWESOME THIS BABY IS… MIGHT PUT THIS IN MY NEXT GIVEAWAY!

I love this bakers twine.

Place a bead of glue on the top of your flag and quickly put your twine on top of it.

This is what your end result is {{{yayyyy}}} I LOVE FLAGS! My world I live in is one big party so I am always dressed to the occasion. Have fun with this. You could totally put glitter all over these babies, or stickers, or layers of different colors of flags on top of each other. Yayyyy I wanna make more just talking about it!!!

Wanted to share with you the candle burning in my house right now. YOU have to get this one because it smells SOOOO good! I have many more to try out so stay tuned for my thoughts on them! You can order one HERE! AND THEY ARE 2 FR 25$ RIGHT NOW!

House smelling like a wonderful forest in winter, jaderbomb

Check out Martha’s original craft HERE and you can purchase Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Crafts here!


(me on the show!)
Click HERE to read all about it!!!
Thanks to Martha Stewart crafts for sponsoring me with craft supplies!
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