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God, grant me he power to get out of the shower – Monica Sheehan

Happy Happy Thursday! I could of sworn I just said in a post I can’t wait till Friday. Who would’a thunk it would get here so fast? Surely not me.  I think you know by now I love glitter. I swear, I have inhaled so much in my lifetime I believe it’s running through my veins. How cool would that be if everyone had a different color of glitter inside of them!

I bought this tape dispenser at Target the other day because I truly needed one. I think that is the ONE thing I never bought in my entire life. Can you believe that? Of course it was kinda boring so I figured what better way to “dress” it up!

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Tape Dispenser
Martha Stewart glittering glue
Martha Stewart glitter
Martha Stewart craft brushes
Martha Stewart glittering tray
Mod Podge
*happy thoughts which will create happy designs
(at least that is what jaderbomb thinks) 

 What I did first was apply Mod Podge in certain sections with my craft brush then sprinkle glitter on top. I did this step to get my “background” glitter down. The background is the biggest sections on your tape dispenser. Let it dry. Once it is dry I used my glittering glue to draw my designs. The great thing about this glue is the tip. It is tapered so you can really “draw” things accurately with it. I like to do one color of glitter at a time, let it dry then move onto the next design. I did the pink first, then the purple and last my designs incase you were wondering. That’s it Jaderbugs!  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I can’t WAIT to see you in the next post!

p.s. I have some fun FALL things coming up so make sure and check back in with #teamjaderbomb

Glitter Candles Tutorial

Monday, Monday gotta wake up it’s Mondayyyyy {{singing in my “Friday, Friday}} voice. I have to say I think it is pretty obvious that I LOVE glitter. I have ALWAYS loved glitter but it’s on a whole new level now! I have an addictive personality {go figure} and when I find something that makes my heart beat “really” fast I tend to involve it WAY TOO MUCH in my daily life.  There is only one problem. I somehow glitter everything my little eyes come across now. Maybe it’s the glitter. Yeah, it’s the glitter. I have always used “eh, OK” glitter but I have to be honest, Martha Stewart’s glitter is so powerful. It covers better than my flat sheet covers me at night (and I don’t even have a flat sheet). Now that’s coverage.
You know what I love the most about this craft? The fact that no matter what holiday is coming around you can decorate with candles and glitter. It’s absolutely affordable and believe me when I tell you this! I can’t wait to make bright, bold colors for Christmas! We can’t forget about Easter! Those pastels will be so beautimus.
{{and LENORE, you were RIGHT!!!}}
Let’s get to the craft of the day!

p.s.  These are the three colors that I used for my {{Fall/Halloween}} candles
p.s. Simply coat your candles with mod podge then sprinkle with glitter! Look how pretty they come out!
p.s. I just stuck them in sand and there you have it! How cute! Just think of every holiday you can use these babies for!

Sending you white sand to remind you of the best day ever on the beach,

(me on the show!)

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