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 Howdy Hoo Jaderbugs! It is ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!! Can you believe it!!!! I can’t believe it…(haha)  Now I totally get when my parents used to say “it goes by so fast you almost miss it”. I love this season though. Watching movies {{of course Christmas ones}}, drinking warm drinks that make your belly feel nice and cozy, wrapping presents, listening to fun jazzy Christmas music and BAKING. I don’t know if you remember the peppermint popcorn I posted the other day. If you have not seen it click HERE to get to it! They came out SOOO good! I brought some to my Dr’s office today because they are so awesome and they deserve a nice treat (with a coke). They all loved them and loved the fact that they were pink. Remember if you want them to be a certain color all you have to do is put a little food coloring in the melted almond bark. Just think, green, yellow, blue or purple popcorn. EEEKKK I am getting excited all over again.

You will need: Peppermints, Oreo’s, half a pack of Almond Bark and 2 bags of Popcorn.

I got the Oreo’s with red cream in the inside! Makes it a little more festive! Make sure you put your peppermints in the processor to get them into a powder form.

First I chopped my oreo’s up with a knife then put them through a food processor to really crush them up.  Melt your almond bark and pour a little over the popcorn and sprinkle with oreos and crushed peppermints.

Lay it all out on a piece of wax paper and there you have it jaderbugs!

Some GOOD OLE OREO PUFFS! Boy do they taste YUMMERS! If you want to call them something else you can because I just made up putting oreos in it and came up with that funky name!

I hope you have fun making yummy and fun treats for all of the people you love,

JaderBUGS! I can’t wait till you get to eat this fluffy peppermint popcorn. When I started to make this I though “Hmmmm this might just be TOO sweet”… and then when it hit my mouth. I.Was.Wrong. It totally sent my mouth into PANIC attack. I have to warn you though, if you taste it when it’s still wet it will not taste like it is supposed to. You totally have to let it set till dry. I had so much fun making this because I love being able to use my hands to mix things instead of big spoons or mixers. You get to feel all of the {{gooeyness}} and then you have NO choice but to lick ALL of your fingers…Let’s get started before I drool on my computer!

You will need popcorn, peppermints and almond bark.

Pop your popcorn and place them in a bowl (this is the bowl you will be mixing everything in) and then you need to crush your peppermints. I used a food processor and it was like MAGIC!

SEE. MAGIC. It turned it into a powder form. Did I tell you how GOOD this powder was? Just think you could put this over ice-cream… YUMMERS.

Yummmmm…. I swear I didn’t eat all of it!! (just some of it).

After you pop your popcorn and crush your peppermints you will need to melt your almond bark. I always cut my bark into little pieces because it melt’s a lot faster and prevents you from burning it. Trust me I have burnt ENOUGH chocolate! NOT FUN. I only used half of the almond bark for 2 bags of popcorn.

As soon as you melt it drizzle some over your popcorn and then sprinkle peppermint dust over it. Mix with your hands. REPEAT until you feel you are happy with it.

When you are done lay all of your popcorn out on wax paper. Let it dry completely. When it is dry you can break them up and EAT THEM!!

Oh MY WORD. This looks like little puffs of perfection. RIGHT! AND THEY ARE PINK! I hope you enjoy making this and let your kids help out. It’s a great thing for them to do and they will NEVER forget it!

Sending you all of the pink popcorn in the world,