Red Velvet Cake Balls – RECIPE

Oh my, CHRISTMAS pie! I hope everyone is sitting all warm (inside of your soul) and cozy with loved ones and laughing and giggling about anything and everything. At-least that is what I WISH! I know today might not have been the best day ever but guess what….even the worst day is great at long as you look at what you HAVE and not what you DON’T have….Right!

I have been melting into the heart’s of my loved ones, that is why I sorta been missing for the last couple of days. But get ready for the new year because I have LOT’S of awesome and fun things coming to you. Can you believe it’s almost 2012…. WHAT THUH!!!!


I seriously feel like I have gained like a billion pounds in the last couple of days eating food over and over and over again. Did I mention SWEETS! Seester and I have been baking and cooking SO much it’s crazy! I never realized how much fun rolling cake around in my hands were! Going get cozy in my cozy chair in my cozy house.



You can absolutely use a cake mix (in a box) for this or make a homemade cake. Either way is YUMMY!!!

Get some baking chocolate. I like this kind but you can use ANY kind you like. {I think ANY chocolate would be good, right!}

You will need a tub of  *Creamy Home-Style Cream Cheese*

The fun part is picking out all of the fun things that will go on top of them. I liked the GOLD because it reminds me of NEW YEAR’S!!! (plus, I love GOLD)

We just had to get *red and gold* since it was the holidays! I love bright and bold colors but there is NOTHING like RED and GREEN. These two colors bring me right back to being a kid.

Get three eggs ( I use the LARGE ones)

Pour the cake mix into a bowl

Add your eggs and oil into the cake mix. Just put however much oil the box says to put

Get a baking dish ( I love using glass)

After you bake your cake crumble the ENTIRE cake into a bowl {use your hands, they work BEST} and then add your cream cheese frosting into the cake mix

Make sure after you mix the cream cheese and cake together you place it in the freezer for a little while to make the mix a little harder (trust me, it makes it SOOOOO much easier to roll balls)

Melt your chocolate in a bowl and while it’s really hot dip your cake balls into it

While they are wet sprinkle them with your sprinkles {{this is my FAV-O-RIT part}}

I must say these babies are so pretty I don’t even want to eat them, even though I did! I hope everyone is full of food, love, laughter and happiness tonight!

Sending you cake that was made with loving hands,

© Copyright jaderbombllc, All rights Reserved. Written For: JADERBOMB

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