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Do you ever get so busy with the inside of your house that you sometimes forget about the outside? Don’t get me wrong we do our “home owner” duties like pressure washing the house every summer and mowing the grass. But you know those “little” projects that you somehow look at every day and tell yourself that you will get to it later… Next thing you know it’s 8 years later and you still didn’t get to it. Don’t get me wrong y’all, I might be the only person out there that does this….. However if you are struggling with the
then this post is for you.

When we bought our house I would of loved for the siding to be a different color but why change it out. It was practically brand spanking new and who cares if it is a light shade of yellow. Well, I do. I have been struggling with the front door going with this um… yellow shade for years now. I thought red was the it factor when all along it looked like McDonalds. Speaking of Mc.Donalds did you know they stopped making the chicken selects. Shame on you Micky D. You have disappointed many hungry kids whose parents are too busy to cook a real meal, hehe.

Finally Martha Stewart sent me some black paint, called Francesa. That is the name of her dog. It took me a while before I could paint something. How could it be so hard to find SOMETHING to paint black. One day I was picking the weeds that I barely get too anymore then all of a sudden this magical beam of something was shining down on the front door. I think it was just the sun coming up but we are gonna pretend it was a “sign”. Let’s check out what I did.



We can begin with the picture above. Before we talk about the lovely color we will dissect it a little bit.
1. Yes. The red is a pretty red, just not after 8 years. At least it wasn’t this color.
2.  I know, I know my flowers in the pot are a HOT mess. I swear at one point last year they were blooming beautifully with green plants. Maybe I should of watered them with this.
3. On the flip side, I see something living in the bottom right corner, SCORE.
4. Before you get on me I know the trim looks like I pressure washed it to prepare for a new coat of paint when I really didn’t. This is just years and years of not getting TLC.
5.  I still have that otter box case but I never keep it on my phone. Way too bulky.
6.  Last but not least we will talk about the abandoned wreath up there. I swear I usually have cute things hanging on my ugly door so I really don’t recall putting this up.

All we are really looking at is how the door looks with this color on it. We will now procede on to the picture below.


How-to-makeover-your-front-door-in-30-minutes-jaderbombYes. Everything is practically the same but the wreath is down. I will make your heart happy by telling you it never made it back on the door.

I am just trying to show you that a fresh coat of black paint can change your door’s life. It’s like it had a face lift, minus the trim getting done. So the point is you don’t have to change your siding all you have to do is paint your door. If you have shutters get them babies done too. I hope I gave you some inspiration! See you in the next post Jaderbugs.

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I absolutely KNOW it’s been quite some time since I really enjoyed a craft like I did this one! It was just so much fun! The process of watching the hot glue create hairy strands in the air just makes me smile from ear to ear. I love when a hot glue gun creates those little “strands” that are finer than the finest hair you could imagine.

I wanted to show you a way to take something as simple as a beaded necklace and turn it into a parade of gold pearls, in


Are you ready? Let’s go!

The most important tool you will need is this hot glue gun. It’s very important that you have a GOOD glue gun for this craft. Did you know that a high-temperature glue gun is best used with wood, plastic, metal, ceramics, magnets, leather, paper, fabric and other porous and non-porous materials? Cool to know huh!!!

* Martha Stewart Crafts Glue Gun And Sticks 

I don’t know about you but I love Mardi Gras! I love the colors, the activities and all of the yummy food! The next thing you will need is beads! It really does NOT matter if you use Mardi Gras colors because in the end we are going to be spray painting them. If you don’t have ANY access to beads I will put a link below if you need to order some.


Grab some scissors! These are my Fav-O-Rit ones ever!

* Martha Stewart Scissor, All-Purpose

I had this really old shade that I decided would be PERFECT for this! I already had it painted gold with some beads on the bottom but you can use ANY lamp shade you have laying around!

Cut your bead in half with your scissors. If you don’t have the kind I am using ANY kind will do!

You will glue the beads completely around the lamp shade like this!!! Start on one end and add them one by one until you get to the top like the above picture!

This is what it will look like when you are done! How fun is this! I almost wanted to keep it like this in honor of Mardi Gras! If you are NOT familiar with Mardi Gras click the link below!

* Mardi Gras 2012 

Grab some Metallic gold spray paint! I purchased it from Home Depot!

This is ALMOST done!

This my Jaderbugs is the final look! I wanted to create a “simple” yet elegant lamp shade! Put a little tulle bow on the top and voila! I have TONS’S of different lamp shades to switch out as my mood’s switch! It’s pretty fun, you should try it! Let me know if you like this craft! Don’t forget to post pictures on my Facebook page of your results!

Full of gold paint and happy about it,

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DIY: Pretty in Pink-Vanity Makeover

Knock Knock. Who’s there? Jaderbomb. Jaderbomb who? Jaderbomb .commmmm

Haha, can you tell I am having issues today! That is probably because I have been MIA for a little while. I am totally not used to this “not posting everyday thing”. When did “life”, ya know “the real life” take over so much? Oh I know, it’s always been there but NOW it’s just way more advanced. It’s like I am living in HONORS life. (teehehe)

I could not wait to share this with you. I hesitated because it did not come out like the vision in my head, however I am falling in love with it as each day passes. It’s kind of like a stray dog you take in. In the beginning you like it but once you get to know it you FALL IN LOVE. This PINK vanity is creeping very slowly into my FULL heart. Ashy said it looked like a pepto bismol vanity but she thought it was beautiful. (Oh and she said it could be purple and she would not care, as long as it makes me happy). Insert BIG smile! Plus it has a {{{ sex in the city shabby chic }}} feel to it.

In my head I had this vision of a soft distressed pink vanity but once I started painting it I figured I would leave it BOLD and BEAUTIFUL. So put on some shades and come into my pink world Jaderbugs!

This is the wonderful Pepto Pink I was telling you about. Just for the record Martha Stewart had AMAZING colors and you can check them out at Home Depot (click link to check them out)! They are so smooth. Since I was a little girl I loved PINK and figured I would go ALL OUT with this pink! Ya know, take a chance and do the complete opposite than what your head is telling you to do. It’s the greatest feeling ever!

This is what the vanity looked like before. Boring and Blah. A friend of mine gave me this and I fell in love since the first day. I saw so much potential in it. Ya know Jaderbugs, the good thing with wood is you can ALWAYS change it up. So when I get tired of PINK I will do something new!

If you are painting a piece of furniture you want to lightly sand it to take off that top coat of paint or polyurethane. Sanding it will roughen up the wood and allow your new paint to stick easier.

I told ya! It is PINK!

SEE! I told ya it was pink. I personally love mixing gold and silver but if you don’t like that you can add whatever dressings to your vanity. I have a little fur to soften it up and I thought one of my watches looked great as deco! There is a little gold basket on it which I will be posting about that later on today. Whatduhyuh think! I thought about sanding it all over to make it look all used up and bring out the “vintage” in it. Maybe when I get tired of it I will do that! Don’t worry, I will surely post changes to this sucka if they happen.

 See, Pepto Pink is totally in!!! Check out JENNI KAYNE and REFINERY 29!!!

I have some fun crafts in my studio just beggin for me to take pictures of them and put them up for you, if only they could do them! That would be GREAT! Here is a song that will make you feel as beautiful as this pink vanity makes me feel:

Thinking I will never look at Pepto Bismol the same again,