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I wanted to share something with you today. I truly believe this is something most people “push” aside and that is where the problem starts. Tomorrow is

National STAND UP to BULLYING day…  This means we ALL need to wear


to bring awareness to EVERYONE around us!!!

Let me tell you a little bit about how this started…

“David Shepherd, Travis Price and their teenage friends organized a high-school protest to wear pink in sympathy with a Grade 9 boy who was being bullied…[They] took a stand against bullying when they protested against the harassment of a new Grade 9 student by distributing pink T-shirts to all the boys in their school.  ‘I learned that two people can come up with an idea, run with it, and it can do wonders,’ says Mr. Price, 17, who organized the pink protest. ‘Finally, someone stood up for a weaker kid.’  

So Mr. Shepherd and some other headed off to a discount store and bought 50 pink tank tops. They sent out message to schoolmates that night, and the next morning they hauled the shirts to school in a plastic bag.As they stood in the foyer handing out the shirts, the bullied boy walked in. His face spoke volumes. ‘It looked like a huge weight was lifted off his shoulders,’ Mr. Price recalled. The bullies were never heard from again.”

So you see… We can make a difference.  They have a really cool website called

 If you go to this website you can find out SO much more about what YOU can do. This needs to STOP! I do believe everyone has encountered a BULLY at some point in their life. 

It can be a friend, someone your friend knows, a stranger and even a FAMILY member! Can you believe that! It’s not just happening in schools! It’s happening ALL OVER. Adults have to deal with this too. It’s just not nice! AND IT HURTS! I just want you to know I LOVE YOU and there is ALWAYS someone who can help you!!!


Let’s take a stand and wear pink tomorrow! That’s not hard!

Please post your pictures to my facebook page!!! We want the world to see what WE are doing!!!


Target HAUL: What’s in your target bag!!!

I wanted to quickly get this post in before the day started. You know I LOVE “tar-jay”.  I feel like Walmart and Target are “fuh real” competitors now. For a while Wal-Mart had the best things ever! I walked in one day and thought I was in another store. Then I stepped into Target. I mean, it’s ridiculous. I just wanted to share a couple of things I bought because I believe they are worth sharing.

For example. This chevron print basket. Really Target, who are you? Whoever you are I like it!!!  They also have three other sizes of baskets. This is the smallest one!

Ok. I know I have blogged about this before but that’s how much I love this stuff. I don’t think I will EVER use anything else ever again. This stuff sings to me when I am washing my dishes, (no I don’t have a dish washer)….I never trusted those bad boys anyways. I mean, do they REALLY clean better than your hands???? OH, and they have some other scents you might enjoy like BASIL, GERANIUM, and LAVENDER.

Mrs. Meyers lemon verbena dish soap & hand soap

I love all products that have “ST.IVES” on them. I always blog about the Apricot scrub and then while scanning the shelves the angels made me look on a different shelf…That’s when I saw this. My pores were singing….

ST. IVES Green Tea Scrub. OK this stuff is 1. awesome and 2. smells redonkulously good. If I had so state a 3, it might be that I kinda (secretly) wondered if it tasted good.

These totally match the chevron print basket I got. I think I will do something special with these two babies. Not sure yet but I have a feeling you WILL know when I do it~ AND these babies were on SALE for .88 cents!!! What the!!!!

Now, these beautiful little suckers just made my eyes glimmer and my heart skip a beat. There is something about this color that I have ALWAYS loved. Maybe it makes me feel like I am in the tropics and I have all the windows open listening to Lana Del Rey….that simple.  I could not find the link to link back to these but they are in the section where you buy towels.

I “accidentally” ran across these suckers and I think I may have RAN walked in a orderly fashion to hurry and grab then, all while thinking in my head
“I hope they are my size, I hope they are my size”… they were. Thank you universe.

Xhilaration® Juniors Capri Legging – Assorted Colors

Who woulda ever thunk to make this. Whoever did I love them. I COULD NOT resist this! The possibilities are endless! You can make

~blueberry doughnuts
~banana doughnuts
You get the idea!!!!

Wilton Doughnut Pan – 6 Cavity

So I have looked and looked all over Target’s website for this candle but can’t find it. I really truly think it is NEW and that is why. IT IS A MUST HAVE. They are only around 11 dollars.
I just wanted to show you what I used my little chevron basket for. A cute basket for my new dish towels. I know, they are “bath” wash cloths but I like them for my kitchen.
Super crazy, but they look good wet!! paahahahaha
There you have it Jaderbugs!  A few things that you MUST go buy at TAR-JAY NOW!!! I also bought some red and turquoise chevron plates but forgot to take pictures. NOW, I am being lazy and figured I would just “tell” you about them.
Wishing Chevron gas was as cheap as these Chevron towels,

DIY: Kate Spade inspired CONFETTI CANVAS

So the other day I started looking online for a new iphone case. I wanted a really bright, shiny gold one. You know, like the real “gaudy” gold!!! {{teehee}}

In the process I ran across this:

 I fell in LOVE right away. While staring off into space deciding if I wanted this one  or if I wanted a COMPLETE gold one I noticed a big sheet of gold shiny paper just sitting there. I totally forgot I bought it and I though it would be cool to make some art using the gold paper. How cool would it be to have a BIG oversized Kate Spade Iphone case!! Wanna see what I decided to do!

Is it not so pretty!! Let’s make it now!

Get canvases. I got mine from Hobby Lobby.

This shiny sheet of gold paper is from Hobby Lobby. I am not sure of the name but it’s where are the project paper is. I think it was around 5 bucks for a sheet but the sheet is large!!!!

I used my Martha Stewart punches and you can get them at Michael’s Art’s and Crafts.

1-inch Craft Punch
Pointed Circle 1in Punch

Get your hot glue gun and start glueing them down where you like them. I used Martha’s dual temperature glue gun.

Jaderbugs! This is what it will look like. I had a blast doing this.. If only I could find a gold confetti bed spread!
Happy Mardi Gras!!!
Sending you gold confetti and money to buy everything Kate Spade,

Martha’s Devil’s food CAKE and Betty Crocker Review!

Hey friends! It’s finally Saturday and I am so happy that I got to sleep in. Even though “sleeping in” only consists of sleeping till 7:30 {{{teeheheee}}}.

I woke up super early (kinda cussed at the universe for doing that for a quick second)… then felt all weird about doing that then thanked the UNIVERSE for letting me get all sleepy again. In case you didn’t hear me, “THANK YOU UNIVERSE”… 

Now I am up and wanted to post this lovely cake before my lovely day starts!!!

I found this recipe and thought it would go great with this new product I had to test out!

 Let’g get rolling since we are under a TORNADO watch and my electricity might go out in any second!!!

I am using Martha’s Moist Devil’s Food Cake, you can find it here!!!!

1 1/2 cups (3 sticks) unsalted butter, plus more for pans
3/4 cup Dutch-process cocoa powder, plus more for pans
1/2 cup boiling water
2 1/4 cups sugar
1 tablespoon pure vanilla extract
4 large eggs, lightly beaten
3 cups sifted cake flour (not self-rising)
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup milk

click HERE to get the directions. 

I mixed all of my ingredients together as just like Martha did!!! (hehe) I used my Kitchen Aid mixer, check them out HERE.

I got this Betty Crocker gel mix to try and I finally used it! If you want some you can get it from Wal-Mart or you can order it HERE.

You want to squeeze the entire tube into you batter BEFORE you bake it! (epic fail if you don’t)

After you bake your cake let it cool and frost with whatever icing you like. I frosted the whole cake with whip cream and put it in the freezer. SOOO GOOD!!!

I cut up some walnuts and andes mints for my topping!

OH! Here is one of my plants I got for Valentines Day! Figured I would share with you since it is so delicate and pretty!

Serve with ice cream, I used BLUE BELL MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP. Are you drooling yet?

Yes friends, this is what my plate looked like AFTER this tornado got to it, hehe.

I hope you enjoyed this yummy tutorial and you HAVE to try this mint gel flavoring! SO GOOD!

I hope everyone has a great weekend and be safe if you are celebrating Mardi Gras!!!





If you are planning a Valentines surprise for your love one’s tonight well you still have time to make this! It is cheap and super easy.
If you want to decorate that steak you are cooking, “stake” it in that meat!! {{hahaha}}

Ingredients you will need are:

* Skewers which I bought from walmart and pom poms from Hobby Lobby. The name brand I bought is called “tree house studio”.

They come with 18 pom poms that are cute and shiny.

The bakers twine I used is from Martha Stewart’s line at Michael’s Arts and Crafts.

First thing you want to do is add some hot glue to your pom pom. I am using a dual temperature hot glue gun from Martha Stewart’s line of crafts.

After you add your hot glue to the pom pom you want to immediately put your bamboo skewer into it. I broke my skewers to make them a lot shorter!


When you are done tie a little piece of bakers twine to the skewer and voila! Your little nugget of food decor…

I wonder if anyone will really stick this into meat! HAHA

Sending you lot’s of steak love for your nice night, 

This post is brought to you Plaid’s Martha Stewart line. I received product for this post. All opinions expressed are 100% mine. You can check out Plaid’s fullMartha Stewart product line here.

Well the big ole heart day is finally here

{{insert a big bouncy heart and cheesy smile}}

I just had to share with you a quick tutorial on our breakfast this morning. Yes… I got up super early just to make pink heart pancakes. I love making things my family will always remember.

For the record I am a “traditions” kinda girl.

Let’s get started JADERBUGS!

*I love Aunt Jemima pancake mix & McCormick red food coloring (it is REALLY a good red)

Follow directions on the box for successful pancakes.

I hope you are drooling through the computer because lemme tell you my loved ones LOVED them! I hope each and every one of you a fun filled day full of love! I added some “gold” sprinkles to the pancakes to add some fun to them.

Remember my cake balls I made with the gold sprinkles? If you have not seen them click HERE to check them out!


DIY: Mini Bunting for Cake or Flower Pot

Holy Moly Macadamia Nuts! I never knew I loved these nuts until my first trip to Hawaii! Those are the BEST little suckers ever. Thanks Kiyo and family for sending us the BEST chocolate covered macadamia nuts! That was the best thing we have EVER got in the mail!

{{thank goodness the mail man didn’t eat them}}}


If you are looking for that perfect last minute valentine’s gift I have just the thing for you. I personally love getting and giving greenery as a gift. It’s something that will last a long time if it’s cared for properly . 

You know I love flag bunting! I swear it’s the one thing that will make my toes tingle and my heart smile. Who woulda thunk it!

Let’s hurry along because it’s already nighty night time and you need to see this before the morning!!!

The ingredients you will need are:

Martha Stewart glue gun, 2 wooden skewers, Martha Stewart all purpose scissors, Martha Stewart Baker’s twine, and some little triangles cut out of fabric. You can get all of the Martha Stewart products at Michael’s Art’s and Crafts.

Start by laying out your flags they way you want them. Make sure to put the “good” side facing down so you can glue the twine to the back.

Add a little line of hot glue to the back of the flags. Gently press the twine into the hot glue before it dries.

SERIOUSLY…. How cute is this!!! It’s super simple and definitely adds a whimsical, fun touch to any plant or cake. Have fun with this! This is totally a project you can afford to do for EACH holiday!!! Don’t you just love all of these succulents? I bought ALL of them at Home Depot!

In case you didn’t see my tutorial on how to make this fish bowl terrarium click HERE….

Stay tuned for a post on which plants give off good energy! You don’t want to miss it.

Gotta go finishing preparing for a fun filled Valentine’s DAY,

This post is brought to you Plaid’s Martha Stewart line of paint and stencils. I received product for this post. All opinions expressed are 100% mine. You can check out Plaid’s fullMartha Stewart product line here

Duncan Hines Angel Food Cake REVIEW

I have always LOVED to bake. My mom was/IS a great baker and I would like to think I have a little bit of her ” baking” genes. {haha}

I love making things from scratch. Not the biggest fan of box mixes.

I ran across a certain box mix the other day and it just made me wonder if it would taste like my “homemade” version.

I guess from what I hear a lot of people use box mixes. I mean I don’t blame you! They are easy and fast. Ya know though, there is something special about getting out that big mixer and an apron. Something about getting flour all over and making a little mess. Maybe it’s the memory I have of flour all over and me and my mom baking. I have this certain picture of me and mom baking in the kitchen. I must have wiped my hands on my {{{you know what}}} and you know my mom got it on film. TWO perfect little hand prints made out of flour. I need to find that picture because I swear for some strange reason I remember that particular day.

Isn’t that funny how you can “not” remember so much but then you can remember things from when you were so little?!?!? CUH-Razy!!!

Let me start this post because momma is tired from working so hard this weekend!

I know cake is cake but do you think this “angel” food cake will be delicious? ?!?!? Let’s SEE!

So here is the box that caught all of my little attention! I swear I wanted to jump through the box and eat all of the blueberries! AND IT’S FAT FREE!!!

Pour all of the mix into a large mixing bowl and add your water. (just make sure you follow the directions on the back of box)

Now this part is important. You can’t mix for very long! This could mess up the whole cake if you don’t follow these directions to a T!!!! {{{I would NOT know}}}haha

I used our wonderful kitchen aid that is from mother in law (thanks it is the best thing ever)! You can get one HERE!!!

RIGHT after you mix your cake mix pour it into your pan and stick it RIGHT in the oven.  Do you remember Martha Stewart’s Blueberry-Lemon Bundt Cake??? If you have not seen this recipe click here to check it out! 

I’m decided to make my OWN topping. I didn’t want to use whip cream so I grabbed a box of Pistachio pudding. Make sure you click on that link to check out all of Jell-O ‘s awesome flavors.  I LOVE THIS STUFF… oh, and some strawberries and blueberries.

Mix your pudding and set aside.

Now doesn’t this look so pretty! I somehow deleted the AWESOME picture I took of this baby in the oven. I swear ashy was laughing the whole time because it was getting SOOOOO big she swore it was going to touch the top of the oven! I was like a mad scientist in the kitchen. I can’t lie. This turned out better than I thought. I wasn’t as soft as my homemade one but the flavor was great! I guess for the future if I need to recommend a cake mix this would be the one!

I hope you had a great weekend and didn’t work everyday like I did! Is it REALLY already MONDAY? Lawd!

Wishing there were a gazillion hours in a day,

* All opinions expressed are 100% mine.  

DIY: Glittered Envelope with Martha Stewart Glitter

 Jaderbugs… I have been super swamped lately! Don’t get me wrong… It’s the only way I know how to live but phew. I’m giving myself a run for my own money!

It’s 1 in the morning and I JUST have a minute to post this. LONG day ahead of me!

I hope you enjoy this quick but FUN tutorial!

Isn’t it SO cute!

You will need double stick tape, envelope, Martha Stewart gold leaf glitter, wax seal, and a lot of love.

These are the colors I used. They are SO pretty.

Put a strip of double stick tape along the top and snip the sides.

Sprinkle whatever color you want to use on top of the double stick tape.

Read the directions before burning your wax. I like to turn my wax almost upside down and make it turn black in some spots!

See the little black in it. Make sure you press your stamp in the wax before it melts.

So you see! It’s SUPER DUPER easy and I am positive whoever gets this will LOVE it!

I hope you enjoyed the extra picture I put for you!!! Happy Early Mardi Gras and Valentines day

Me and kitty wishes you a wonderful weekend,

This post is brought to you Plaid’s Martha Stewart line of paint and stencils. I received product for this post. All opinions expressed are 100% mine. You can check out Plaid’s fullMartha Stewart product line here

Happy Tuesday Jaderbugs!

It was a beautiful day today. The sun was shining. I was OFF. I rearranged our living room. I DANCED my BUTT off while doing this. I ate a bowl of fruity pebbles.

I wish I could do all of these things EVERY day.  I am ready for a new and wonderful day and I am trying to figure out what my theme song will be. After I rearranged the living room I realized we needed more “greenery”. What was a girl to do? Time to get out the plants that even I can’t kill. Just joking, (not really).

Let’s start making out terrarium!

You will need: a fish bowl, succulents (i get mine from Home Depot) and they are super cheap there, moss (i LOVE super moss), rocks and potting soil (the kind for these types of plants).

Line the bottom of your bowl with rocks or glass beads. Anything to make the draining process better.

Fill up your bowl with your cactus potting mix by Miracle Gro.

Well whatduhya know! We are almost done!

Look how pretty this is! It reminds me of the moss plant I got from Moss Rocks! Remember, he was on the Martha Stewart show after my segment! You HAVE to check out his stuff! UH-Maz-ING! OH I just realized it is in the picture at the top of this post! Look how cute it is! Thanks again David!

After you put every thing in it’s new home you can clean your plants using a small brush.  Make sure you lightly water until soil is moist. Don’t forget to place in a spot that gets plenty of sunlight and you can water it once a week!

There you have it jaderbugs! These suckers usually last pretty long if you don’t tend to them that much, haha. My little moss rock has been going strong since I got it.

{{sorry Trista}}

Sending you big warm waxy hugs,

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