Dreaming of sugar plums, orange mist and vampires

Sometimes I wonder about a lot of things. Like oranges. Why do they spray a mist if you squeeze them? I swear it’s the best thing ever! Plus it smells like crazy good! I filmed a video tonight in my car because I had to tell you something and when I went to view it… NOT THERE. I totally looked like a fool driving and “thinking” I was filming only to find out that I wasn’t! Haha. I think a couple of cars passed me and prolly thought “what in the world is this wanna be vampire doing”… Oh wait you didn’t know I was a vampire. (fine.i’m human). BUT I really wanted to tell you that I finally saw Breaking Dawn and I am even more in love.

I didn’t think Edward could get any hotter until he stepped off of that boat in “BEACH” clothes. I seriously just looked at Ashy and opened my mouth. She laughed. Then I shook my head. I am kinda mad though. WHY in the JOLLY GREEN GIANT would they split this book into two movies. Seriously. I would like to meet whoever decided to do that. It’s like a really bad vampire breakup. I get mad at the blood suckers when I have to wait too long, then I watch the movie over and all of a sudden they are off of the hook. But only for a moment. I figured I would take the color out of these awesome pictures I found hiding in my album. Bring a little darkness to these suckers. I am so in love with them because they all have awesome memories tied to them.

I hope everyone is ready and prepared (sorta haha) for Christmas! I am SO not ready but I will be ready for the registar war in the AM!

Feeling even more vampire-ishy and I wanna be Bella (just for 10 min),

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