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DIY: Last minute Christmas GIFT!

Have you ever searched far and low for that perfect decorative hand towel to hang in your kitchen or give as a gift for Christmas? I know I have! Instead of settling for the same old dish towel that everyone else buys, I figured I would show you how to make a fashionable one that is unique and special. So hold on to your reins because your about to take a ride on a holiday horse!

Southern Houndstooth Holly Berry Dish Towel

Ingredients you will need are:
~1 9/11 sheet of Houndstooth felt (Hobby Lobby $1.50)
~Linen Napkin ( You can get these at your local craft store)
~You could also use any material for this project
~Fusible Webbing
First thing you will do is turn your houndstooth sheet over so your “good” side is facing down. Once you do this you will take a magic marker and free hand or trace the design you want.

When done, lay them out the way you want and make sure everything is cut out like it should be!

You can use a marker or a sewing pencil to trace the templates onto the fusible webbing, which is a material that bonds fabrics together. Make sure you follow the directions because fusible webbing has different directions.
Place fusible webbing between your felt and linen napkin; iron according to webbing directions.

See, I knew you would love it! Just think if you did one with someone’s last name on it! That woud be SO different and special!

Make sure and take pictures of your’s and put them on my Facebook page!!!
I had so much fun making this cute and whimsical last minute gift! Don’t forget to use your imagination because that is what makes {{home-made}} gifts so special!

Love and more love,