DIY: Nail Polish Decorations

HIIIIIII all my Jaderbugs!!!! Can you believe it’s 6 days till CHRISTMAS! I wish Santa had a cellphone so I could call him and ask him if he can push Christmas back a week. Shoot’s, I wonder if he would. I mean, I have been a GREAT girl this year..I think he would fulfill my request. Although he might just ask me to help him make toys in return. Ok. I’m good with 6 days.

I saw a nail tutorial on making nails using this technique and I though it would be really cool if we could make ornaments using the same technique. I’m happy and not happy with the way they turned out! I wished I would have used a bigger cup so it would of coated the mug just a littttte bit more. In the end, they came out so CUTE!

When you are doing this craft you sorta feel like a magician because the nail polish just STICKS to the glass immediately.

Get a mug just a little bit bigger than whatever you will be sticking in it.

Get your ornament ( I just used a glass one that was already on my tree) HaHa

Get your nail polish out. I tried SOOOO many different name brands but ORLY works the BEST for this craft. Revlon is my 2nd favorite.

Drop a little bit of nail polish into the water, this is what it will do.

Drop different colors of nail polish into the water.

Then dip your glass ball into the mug. You don’t have to press too hard because as soon as the glass touches the nail paint it will stick SO QUICKLY! It’s bloody amazing!

Check out this design!

See! So pretty!!!!!

I grabbed some of my Martha Stewart tinsel glitter and shook some inside of the ornaments. 

You have to be in love as much as I am in love with these babies! You better get dozens of glass ornaments because this craft is absolutely addicting!!!

Watching “knocked up” and laughing my behind off,







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