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2011 Male Gift Guide

I could not wait to share this men’s gift guide with you! I though everything was SO funny and totally for the male figure. I have a lil and I thought he would love all of these things, ((some in due time))…I LOVE this awesome log pillow! That is the funniest thing ever. What about the MUSTACHE band-aids! That is crazy! I think ANYONE would love this coffee mug. Don’t ya think if you saw a person drinking out of this you would think to yourself, “Man I’m scared of them” RIGHT ?!?!?!? LOL. Enjoy Jaderbugs!


Nike running shoes
$90 – nike.com



$98 – neimanmarcus.com



Beer Making Kit
$65 – fredflare.com



Bar Tools Set
$36 – fredflare.com



Rubber iPhone 4 case
$15 – jcrew.com



Men’S Toddland Santa Boxerbrief
$25 – fredflare.com



Fisticup Brass Knuckle Mug
$20 – fredflare.com



Log Pillow
$18 – fredflare.com





The Hungover Cookbook
$11 – fredflare.com



Wacky Bandages
$9.50 – fredflare.com



Farts Around the World
$16 – patinastores.com



Sending you LOT’S of Love Jaderbugs!!!

Women’s 2011 Gift Guide


Happy MONDAY JADERBUGS! I can’t lie to you. I started to make a “wish list” for myself but after a little while I though this would be a fan-tabulous time to share things that everyone woud LOVE to have. There might be only ONE thing in this set that you may like but that is OK! I chose pieces that could change in color but remain ageless. See, the fact is every woman {{at least I think}} wants to feel pretty, confident and stylish. One thing I can’t seem to let go of is loving all of the things that made me happy as a child. It’s pretty amazing being able to walk around with enough confidence to wear all of the things you love. Soem people say “Why do you wear Hello Kitty things”… and I say because I love her anddddd why don’t you???? HAHA. I always tell people how happy she will make them feel!2011 Women's Wish List


Nike activewear
30 – johnlewis.com

Nike shoes              (I LOVE these shoes. I started wearing them years ago and they hardly weigh anything)

Hello kitty wallet       (This purse is AMAZING! It is super huge inside and has a “sorta” sophisticated look to it) haha
$45 – fredflare.com

Leather bag         (Anything that is leather and PINK is something that my eyes love. Great for laptop or everyday things)
$155 – modcloth.com

Michael kors watch     (I mean, what’s not to love about this. It’s a CLASSIC piece and will NEVER grow old)
200 – harveynichols.com

Heart necklace      (I thought this was a cute piece of jewelry. It think it looks so classic and delicate)
$55 – fredflare.com

Ray-Ban ray ban sunglasses    (I die for these babies, that’s it. I think ANYONE could pull these off)
$130 – saksfifthavenue.com

Clear umbrella      (Perfect way to look “GOOD” in the rain)
9.95 – umbrellaheaven.com

Lomography Fisheye 2 Camera     (Great gift to add to a stocking. Add’s a fun flare to your pictures)
$75 – fredflare.com

Bow Tie Bag Clips     (REALLY. That’s all I have to say)
$10 – fredflare.com

Wacky Bandages      (This would make ANY bobo feel
$9.50 – fredflare.com

Stress Relief – Aromatherapy – Bath & Body Works   (I am always FULLY stocked with this stuff!)
$17 – bathandbodyworks.com

Hello Kitty Gold Sequined Coin Purse      (I think the gold sequins adds a little elegance to KITTY)
$20 – fredflare.com

Hot Shot! Camera Ring      (FA REEL)
$12 – fredflare.com

ShopKitson.com – The Online Store For The Famous Kitson Boutique     (I can’t even tell you how fun this is!)
Now, I give you permission to go out and buy one of each for yourself,