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Huge love to Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery for sponsoring today’s post on Organization – Back to school organization.

Getting Organized

Getting organized can sometimes seem like a major task especially when you have a thousand other things to do. I decided to organize a section in my office for a command center. I believe every house needs one of these. You will be surprised at how relaxed you will feel knowing everything has a spot and you don’t have to search for hours looking for that letter or note from school. Since I have three office spaces in my house things can sometimes get crazy. This main command center is working perfectly so far and I am excited to share with you how I accomplished this.

My best friend Martha Stewart sent me some great things from her home office line from Staples. I had so much fun getting organized and her products makes everything look crisp and clean, which is a huge plus in my book.

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This is how my desk looks right now.
Below is what it looked like just just hours before I got my package in the mail from Martha!
Amazeballs, right!

staying organized

Don’t judge.

getting any space organizedmartha stewart binders

The one thing I was super excited to get was this binder that you can fill with ton’s of great things. The yearly calendar has to be my favorite thing because without that I would not know which way is up and down. Check out some of the cool things you can buy separately for the binder.

*Zipper Pouch
Small-Format Paper Dividers
*Project Planner Filler Paper 

getting your notebook organizedDSC_0604

If you are not a binder fan you can get this super chic disk bound notebook  (yes I wrote binders in the picture, I’m human y’all and I made ton’s of mistakes). You can get the same items that go in the binder for this disc bound notebook also. You can also buy larger disks to enlarge your notebook.

*Discbound Expansion Discs, 12/Pack
 Discbound 2013 Calendar Insert
Discbound Notebook Dividers, Classic, 8-Tab Set
 Discbound Planner Pockets, 3/Pack

organize your life

Now we are getting into the pretty stuff! I love a good calendar but desk accessories are my favorite. All these are stack and fit and they all fit together. You can make a tier out of them or use them individually as single containers. Check them all out here. There is so much to choose from.

office supplies that work

I can’t do without a Task Pad. This particular one goes in the disc bound notebook but I like it loose on my desk. I put a magnet on the back so I can stick it on the fridge, which is great for a grocery list.

martha stewart office supplies

There is one thing that makes my family happy and that is when pens, pencils and highlighters are organized and not mixed together. These products really saved us.

martha stewart home office

All of the stack and fit look like this.

cute office supplies

This is a great example of how they fit together.

back to school organization

I love the  Stack+Fit™ Shagreen Inboxes like the one above. It serves as a base and you can stack ton’s of things above it like these trays.

being organized

It’s always good to have a nice candle to bring zen to your room. I love my little moss rock. I got this the last time I was on the show with Martha. I know it’s dead but it serves a purpose believe it or not. Just remember to put things in your space that bring happiness and make you smile. You want to create a space that makes everyone happy.

cute cork boards

 I saved my favorite for the end. I love my cork board and the fantastic shape it comes in. Just one more thing to tie all of your goodies together.

organize your supplies

I will be doing a post soon on my studio but I wanted to share with you a tip on how I store my paint bottles and glitter. This is nice and makes it easy to grab that perfect shade quickly.

martha stewart organize book

Something that could also help you stay organized is this book. I can’t wait to get my entire house organized like the pictures in here.

how to stay organized

Just remember you don’t have to change a whole room to get this. These products will change your whole perspective of getting organized.

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Big ole glittery hugs from my command center to yours,



Huge love to Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery for sponsoring today’s post on Organization – Back to school organization.




These are a few of my Favorite Things

i’m in love with…

leopard ducktape….

hello kitty earplugs

Scentsy Warmer, with a Santa Fe design…

white chedder puffs…omg, with a coke… (got these suckers at walmart)

this amazing video…

and little one taking really cool pictures with my camera.

i hope everyone takes the time to find happiness in little things…