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So, I had to test this color to see if it was as beautiful ON the nails as it is IN the bottle. I’ve never had “green” nail polish. You would think with Mardi Gras I would have but, no. Well that was my answer a couple of days ago. NOW, I am in {{major}} love with Revlon’s new green nail polish. I am wondering if my eye sight buds changed in the last 7 years… Ya know, like taste buds do! I don’t even like the color green. How can I love this so much? I EVEN painted my toes!!! (mouth open)  Can’t type too long because I have about…10 minutes to get er dun but I promise to write longer tonight!


It’s really hard to tell what the color looks like perfectly but trust me, it’s so rich looking. I know, who woulda thunk it!

Please forgive my ugly crafting hands! I lie, they are gorgeous….haha! But wat I really want you to look at is the nails. I can’t explain how pretty it is in person. This new shade is so amazing, I didn’t even have to put a clear coat on top. It literally dried that good! It seems to have a great shine to it on it’s own.

Trying to stop staring at my awkwardly but amazing hand pose,

I really like your peaches wanna shake your tree

Jaderbugs! How are ya!!! I fell like it’s been forever but I promise I still love ya! I have been so busy with fun and exciting things (don’t worry I will share as soon as I can) that it’s been keeping my from blogging as much as I should be. I still think about ya every day but I can’t pull the all nighters anymore. Martha wore me out, Shhhh!! HaHa! Wait till you see the felt balls I am making right now! I know you will love it! OH and I will soon be posting a tutorial on how to paint black and white stripes onto a wall! Just wait till you see that, firecracker! I ran {not literally because I am too tired} across these pictures from Christmas and I totally forgot to post them! I know our friends at The Big Peach Antiques would be so sad if I didn’t post SOMETHING from our exciting time there! If you ever pass by an antique store take the time to drop in. You really never know what you will find!

Do you remember last year’s trip to the store? If not you can check it out HERE!

Make sure you also check out their facebook page!

I love this sign above the door. It’s on a cozy little ironing board. I have one (I think it was for my maw maw and paw paw) and I love it. I even got a piece of glass cut to fit the top so I can protect the wood! You could use this to display all kinds of goodies on! Ill take picture of my board so you can see!

I just loved this ash tray. I don’t smoke but if I did I would surely use one of these suckers. It’s so vintage and cute! The real color is a re-donkulous shade of lime green!

Would ya check out this bottle of pepto! The glass is turquoise and so pretty! I would surely drink WAY more pepto if it came in a bottle like this! (hint hint)

Do you remember those BIG LONG MATCHES? Omg, if you do then you have to tell me where you get them! I remember when I was little we used to light our fire place with them! I just love this memory!

We found this REALLY big bow and decided to wear it like a real Georgia peach would wear it… HAHA

Here is seester with her version of the BOW! So much fun, I wish that day would of lasted longer!

Too bad I didn’t get a picture of me sporting a (very old) mink coat, a nasty OLD hat, a beaded purse and a big ole smile. Seester told me to hurry and take the jacket off because there might be bugs hatching in my hair. Yes, it was old. Yes, I think I peed in my pants a little laughing so much. Yes, I will do it again next year!

This store is HUGE and it took us like, um….. 3 hours to get through it! Don’t you worry though, we had gummy rock candy to make our trip better!

Wishing I had a time capsule and 10 extra bags of rocks to eat,

Lookie Here!!!! Some things I got for Christmas!!

Well Jaderbugs~ It’s almost the weekend! What’s everyone’s plans this weekend! Ya kno the big game is going on in New Orleans this weekend!!!! I know it will be crazy!!!! While cleaning off my computer I found a couple of pictures that just made me smile and feel happy inside! It’s some things that seester bought me for Christmas and I am madly in love with them!!!

Before I show some fun and exciting pictures I wanted to share 9 things that I think you need to know to have a wholesome and happy NEW YEAR!!!

Don’t you just LOVE every single one of these!!! I hope they make you smile and make you have a grand outlook with your life!

How cute is this sucker! Seester got me this and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. She sure does know me WELL!!!! It’s a little bag to put tons of different things in. You can use it for makeup, pencils and pens or just JUNK!!! I am not sure where she got it but I will find out from her!

What do you think? Would you like me to do a tutorial on how to make one of these? If you do comment in this post and let me know! Who knows, I might end up putting it in a giveaway for someone to win!! (that is the one I will do, not seesters lol)

She also got me this cure eye mask! Ashy said it is SO cute on me! I will have to ask her where she got it in case you want one!

I had to show you my new phone case! I LOVE it! These two colors are my favorite of all time! I bought it from AT&T and I think it is so bright and fun!

I wanted to give you a SNEAK PEAK at something I will be using for a craft I am working on! What do you think it is? Comment and tell me!!!! I hated to mess these suckers up because they are SO pretty and fun!

This is the craft I created yesterday. You can get to it HERE. Now any gender can wear this but I am doing another FUN onesie later on tonight which I think is SO CUTE! Again, I will be putting it up for a giveaway so stay tuned!!!

I hope you are having a wonderful day and accomplish everything on your to-do list! I am trying so bad but my list keeps getting longer and longer!!!

Lot’s of giveaway LOVE,

DIY: Mardi Gras Bead Onesie

Happy (almost) Mardi Gras! Living in the SOUTH all of my life I got to experience the best of MARDI GRAS, year after year. I think most people in the world refer to New Orleans when they think of Mardi Gras. Lafayette gives New Orleans a run for it’s money! I grew up knowing that when Mardi Gras comes around it’s time to PARTY. Lemme tell you, people in the SOUTH can drink. Probably too much. I really love Mardi Gras for the Krewes, Balls, Parades and the best parties. 

What Mardi Gras is also known for is the BEADS!!!! I know you heard of what we do, right? It is “known” (fine it’s TRUE) that women AND men will do anything to get a bead, including lifting their shirts. Ya know, it’s like a free peep show, realllly free. Just warning ya now, your picture can appear all over the world in like…5 minutes so make sure if you DO lift your shirt that it is a bead with diamonds in it!! HAHA

During this holiday season you will see EVERYONE walking around with loads and loads of beads around their neck. It’s kinda like bad manners if you don’t have at least ONE bead around your neck. I found some pictures of me and some friends in New Orleans last year on my computer and I got to thinking. I know babies start young here and I wanted to create something that is super easy and ANYONE can do! Ya know, it’s prolly not the safest thing in the world putting loads of bead around an infants neck. JS

Let’s get started because I am ((((aghhhh)))) so excited!!!

Grab some “all in one” get ups!

Of course I used Martha Stewarts new line of paints. I got them from Michaels Arts and Crafts and they are AMAZING!

These are the colors of the paint used for this project. Make sure you note that some are glitter, high gloss and metallic.

Just in case you don’t know, her new line of paint can be used in multiple ways. One way that I love the most it being able to use it on fabric. Grab some fabric medium and follow the directions. It’s super simple and you can put ANYTHING you want on fabric!

Your MAIN tool though is this sucker! Yes! Can you believe it! Just a simple pencil.

I have these little trays I use for paint but if you don’t you can use whatever is laying around. A paper plate works great!

Just dip your eraser into the paint.

I put a piece of paper in between the two layers so the paint wouldn’t bleed through.

Start making dot’s. If you notice I am making a “eraser” bead necklace. How fun!!!! OH wait till you see the end result!!

This is what it should start to look like.

Doesn’t this look like something you could just eat up!

I know you are like… OMG!! This just makes me feel so happy inside. Oh, did I mention it’s a little safer than REAL beads choking a baby’s neck!!!

So this little get up is 18 month’s. I am doing a quick GIVEAWAY. If you want this or know someone who would like it then SIGN UP TO WIN IT! Plus it’s super fun to win things! 

To enter the GIVEAWAY you will need to leave a comment to this post and tell me why you love this onesie, why you love Mardi Gras or your favorite memory of Mardi Gras. If you have NEVER experienced Mardi Gras then just tell me what you like about this cutey patootie outfit! 

Extra entries are and extra way to enter!!!

Following me on Facebook  (extra entry)

Leave a comment on Facebook telling me why you love this outfit!  (extra entry)

Follow me on TWITTER  (extra entry)

Subscribe to my feed on my website www.jaderbomb.com (it’s at the top right and you will enter your email)

Jaderbugs! That is up to 5 entries!!!! GOOD LUCK AGAIN!!! It will end on Saturday!!!

Trying to hurry and finish this post before my computer dies, 

Howdy Hoe Jaderbugs!!! It’s 2012 and I am so excited that I am healthy, happy and hibernating…..it’s sorta cold I tell ya! I got some leopard slippers for Christmas so I actually have a legit “excuse” to wear them. Living in the South you don’t really wear slippers for warmth. Christmas was uh-mazing. I got to spend a lot of time with seester and that is always a bu-last! It’s kind of bitter sweet getting to see her and then parting from her and my babies (god children). If only they didn’t live like…. a BILLION miles away.

We did have a blast though. We did a FUN photo shoot and let me tell ya they are HAWT. I’ll post a few of her that I have edited for you to see her. SHE IS A GEM! So beautiful! 

cheese lights 

Enough about me, how has your TUESDAY been?  I hope it has gone a little smoother than mine.  Thank GOD (for real)  I am still happy as ever! Just wait till you see the craft I am posting today.  It will surely  make you smile!

                                                I am using Burlap and a plain white sheet
                        Honestly, I didn’t measure because in this case it really didn’t matter.

But depending on how big your curtain rod is, that will determine how big you need to make the fold.

                                                   See! Nothing perfect. Just Shabby Chic is all.
                You want to make sure this measurement is pretty accurate because you will notice it.

Just sew the end  that is not finished (burlap) to the white sheet. Then fold over and iron.


How’s it coming!!!!

P.S.  How cute for real!!! I also made some fabric flags just for Valentines Day.
     P.S. Just a little something extra for you. These were totally NOT planned but well worth it!

They are under my sink.

Cutsie Pootsie!

I hope you totally enjoyed this craft! I actually made these curtains over a year ago but wanted to “re-share” them with you! I figured valentines day is near and and they were just delicate enough for this holiday! 

Enjoying my night eating turkey bacon and watching cupcake wars,

Southern Living: The South’s TASTIEST TOWN AWARDS

OK everyone, Southern Living is giving different cities in the SOUTH a chance to win the title of “The South’s tastiest town” award.  Wanna know the best thing of all? Lafayette Louisiana is in FIRST PLACE right now! Louisville is right below us but with your vote we can stay on top!

Click on the picture that says VOTE Lafayette to go vote!

Here’s why Lafayette earned its ranking as one of the 10 Tastiest Towns in the South:

There are plenty of new reasons to linger in Lafayette. A new batch of homegrown chefs is delving deep into the region’s robust culinary roots, with stellar takes on Acadiana classics. Consider The French Press, where the vibe is hip vintage and the must-have dish is Sweet Baby Breesus (slider-size biscuits filled with bacon, fried boudin, and Steen’s cane syrup).

At Johnson’s Boucanière, Lori Walls serves homemade smoked meat and boudin, just like her parents did at their store in Eunice, Louisiana. Then there’s homecoming king Donald Link, who just opened his second Cochon here, Cochon Lafayette.

Cast your vote daily from December 22 through January 31 and you’ll help name The South’s Tastiest Town to be announced in the April issue of Southern Living magazine. Plus, you’ll be entered for a chance to win a $2,500 cash prize for a trip to any Tasty Town of your choice. How cool would that be!

Let me know what you think about this! Do you think your town should have been on the list? If so tell me why! If you have EVER been to Lafayette tell me what was the best think you ever ate!  I can’t wait to see who wins! Don’t forget to click on the links to check these awesome places out!

Dreaming of Prejean’s crawfish enchiladas and a ice cold coke in a bottle,

MY TOP 10 of 2011

Can you believe it’s almost 2012. I think it kinda freaks me out a little. I remember 2000 like it was yesterday. Remember how everyone thought the end of the world was gonna take place in 2000. I never believed all of that. Maybe it is the way the human mind thinks. I am actually SO READY for 2012. I KNOW this coming year will be so much better than 2011. I am so excited for the fun and exciting things coming up!  This year is already starting off amazing but that’s ONLY because I make every situation in my life positive. Nothing is meant to take over us, but you have to remember that.  It can be very hard at times but you HAVE to know that you are better than what ANYONE thinks of you!  I actually love wifey’s quote “WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK ABOUT YOU IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS”. Don’t you just love that!  What about the SAINTS! I am so very proud to be from LOUISIANA, lemme tell ya! I can’t wait for them to win the SUPERBOWL again.
Let’s take a look at my top 10 posts of 2011~ Remember these are all based on my viewers and going over all of my statistics!

1. Ombre Photo Mat 

2.DIY: Soap Dispenser

3.DIY: Paper Umbrella Wreath



6.Crayon Stained-Glass Hearts

7.Decorative Paper Lanterns

8.DIY: Anthropologie Coffee Cream Bottles

9.DIY: Homemade Notepad


I hope you enjoyed seeing the top 10 crafts that YOU picked throughout 2011~Can’t wait to see you in my next post!

Had fun going down memory lane tonight!

Top 10 things you need to ring in the NEW YEAR!

 If you ever wondered what you should wear for a “re-donk-ulous”  party then you have to keep reading this blog post! I put together a little set of things that ANYONE can pull off for this BIG party coming up!

* A black turtleneck looks great on everyone, plus black is slenderizing.

* Sequin dress shorts will surely make you stand out, and they make your legs look long when you put them with high heels

* Bright pumps! Find a color that you really like because this will be the “item” to make your whole outfit!

* Bright clutches will look like bright sparkles in your hands. For sure a show stopper!

* Have fun with bangles! The more you add the better your wrist will look {trust me}

* Fake black glasses, unless you really wear them then you can buy some Ray Bans that look like this!

* If you haven’t heard of NARS now is the time! LE-GIT-NESS is all I am saying!

* More NARS~ This lipstick is fabulous! Make sure you get the color “carthage”

* I mean, we can’t forget about nails right. Grab a bold “matte” color and slap on some glitter over it. Just think how good your hands will look holding a mug of beer, (haha) or WINEEEEEEEEEE. { I just said that in a longggg deeppp voiceeee, I think you should too!}

I hope all of these things make your night a lil more fun! Don’t forget to smile, hug and make grand memories because in the end NOBODY can take memories.

 *here is a lovely photo from a recent photo shoot with seester, isn’t she just so beautiful*




















Going eat more fruity pebbles rice crispy treats,

Red Velvet Cake Balls – RECIPE

Oh my, CHRISTMAS pie! I hope everyone is sitting all warm (inside of your soul) and cozy with loved ones and laughing and giggling about anything and everything. At-least that is what I WISH! I know today might not have been the best day ever but guess what….even the worst day is great at long as you look at what you HAVE and not what you DON’T have….Right!

I have been melting into the heart’s of my loved ones, that is why I sorta been missing for the last couple of days. But get ready for the new year because I have LOT’S of awesome and fun things coming to you. Can you believe it’s almost 2012…. WHAT THUH!!!!


I seriously feel like I have gained like a billion pounds in the last couple of days eating food over and over and over again. Did I mention SWEETS! Seester and I have been baking and cooking SO much it’s crazy! I never realized how much fun rolling cake around in my hands were! Going get cozy in my cozy chair in my cozy house.



You can absolutely use a cake mix (in a box) for this or make a homemade cake. Either way is YUMMY!!!

Get some baking chocolate. I like this kind but you can use ANY kind you like. {I think ANY chocolate would be good, right!}

You will need a tub of  *Creamy Home-Style Cream Cheese*

The fun part is picking out all of the fun things that will go on top of them. I liked the GOLD because it reminds me of NEW YEAR’S!!! (plus, I love GOLD)

We just had to get *red and gold* since it was the holidays! I love bright and bold colors but there is NOTHING like RED and GREEN. These two colors bring me right back to being a kid.

Get three eggs ( I use the LARGE ones)

Pour the cake mix into a bowl

Add your eggs and oil into the cake mix. Just put however much oil the box says to put

Get a baking dish ( I love using glass)

After you bake your cake crumble the ENTIRE cake into a bowl {use your hands, they work BEST} and then add your cream cheese frosting into the cake mix

Make sure after you mix the cream cheese and cake together you place it in the freezer for a little while to make the mix a little harder (trust me, it makes it SOOOOO much easier to roll balls)

Melt your chocolate in a bowl and while it’s really hot dip your cake balls into it

While they are wet sprinkle them with your sprinkles {{this is my FAV-O-RIT part}}

I must say these babies are so pretty I don’t even want to eat them, even though I did! I hope everyone is full of food, love, laughter and happiness tonight!

Sending you cake that was made with loving hands,

DIY: Last minute Christmas GIFT!

Have you ever searched far and low for that perfect decorative hand towel to hang in your kitchen or give as a gift for Christmas? I know I have! Instead of settling for the same old dish towel that everyone else buys, I figured I would show you how to make a fashionable one that is unique and special. So hold on to your reins because your about to take a ride on a holiday horse!

Southern Houndstooth Holly Berry Dish Towel

Ingredients you will need are:
~1 9/11 sheet of Houndstooth felt (Hobby Lobby $1.50)
~Linen Napkin ( You can get these at your local craft store)
~You could also use any material for this project
~Fusible Webbing
First thing you will do is turn your houndstooth sheet over so your “good” side is facing down. Once you do this you will take a magic marker and free hand or trace the design you want.

When done, lay them out the way you want and make sure everything is cut out like it should be!

You can use a marker or a sewing pencil to trace the templates onto the fusible webbing, which is a material that bonds fabrics together. Make sure you follow the directions because fusible webbing has different directions.
Place fusible webbing between your felt and linen napkin; iron according to webbing directions.

See, I knew you would love it! Just think if you did one with someone’s last name on it! That woud be SO different and special!

Make sure and take pictures of your’s and put them on my Facebook page!!!
I had so much fun making this cute and whimsical last minute gift! Don’t forget to use your imagination because that is what makes {{home-made}} gifts so special!

Love and more love,

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